Apple is not what it used to be.

Publicerades den 22 nov 2020
From the original iPhone to the iPhone 12 now,, Apple has changed. The Apple you know is probably not what Apple is now...Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • You know what's funny, I'm never first 😭 V curious what you think to this one, and if you agree on the shift I've seen in Apple!

    • We all know that most of you vloggers base your opinions on Google and we know they own a lot of SEnewss this is were the bias against iPhones come from but no matter what you say if you out sales of iPhone against Samsung iPhone wins Everytime....js

    • 69001 like, and YES YES, Xiaomi and Samsung are the best!

    • I agree with most of the points made in this video but lets not forget that Apple is also the same company that purposefully make technically stupid design choices within their machines that speed up planned obsolescence on their computers and are going hard on trying to stop the right to repair and making it increasingly difficult for independent repair shops to fix their products, forcing customers to pay ridiculously absurd prices to repair their products at authorized apple repair shops. The planned obsolescence seems to be less of an issue on their most recent phones but still, I find it Strange how most people don't know about this.

    • ;)

    • 😟


  • I miss the old apple

  • Apple before: We give you a phone with touchscreen and everything you need! Apple now: Letˋs slowly remove features each year and sell it seperatly!

  • Another apple sponsored video 👍

  • Yeah Apple is getting cheaper but the "cheap" iphones are trash.

  • Yeah, doing that they've also removed the charger brick along with earbuds. 😂 Hence the $100 difference which you can't buy them. So in fact, they're increased the price.

  • Which phone of Sony overpriced iPhone?

  • Not competing just they make sure every one knows is faster lol

  • Iphone12 still feels outdated😂😂😂😂

  • It felt weird looking at all those Apple employees all high fiving all the customers.

  • Wow so weird! This is the first time I’m holding onto my phone for longer then the contract. 🤓

  • Not keen on Apple. Too intrusive. Most people don't know that in the last 2 years Mac Viruses have increased to over 200% that of PC! Many people believe you can't hack a Mac lol.

  • They’re true master plan is to remove everything, let the others copy it and then bring everything back. It’s not flawless, but it is good.

  • The way you talkin makes me wanna sell you my wife.

  • Apple is in panic mode the rest has passed them and Steve Jobs is long gone to push them to the next level

  • Good analysis.

  • I am a first time macbook user and that too purchased one with m1 chipset. Getting still used to it but can already tell that there is a huge difference btw others. I am just thinking how much output can I get when I become completely accustomed to it.

  • The switch to iPhone ad campaign really pissed me off, its like "no, fuck off" Saying that I might switch anyway in a few months when my contracts up

  • Did you really just complain your iPhone is not expensive enough?)

    • Dude, I just finished watching the video and want just want to say - good job, as well as any other video you make. I really enjoyed that you made analysis and provided us with reasons behind the actions and not just "Apple sucks now" (although I'm using an Android)

  • He called sony shony

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  • Microsoft now has more beautiful design than apple

  • unlike other indians (like me) he can speak good english

  • Every German minecrafter: start: BASTIGHG MUWIC OMG XDDDD LOL PEPEGA SLILE :D

  • - 'Lower prices', but production/hardware quality is getting worse and worse - lower prices in america - higher prices on every other market - accessories strategy of apple -> bulding cheaper products that break more often so you have to get service (to prevent enormous fees, buy apple care) - no data recovery options and denying the fact that data recovery is possible -> apples answer: buy more iCloud volume - macbook air is failing to cool the system properly due to cheaper manufacturing strategies(passive cooling) -> macbook AIR!! ...seriously - locking in strategy -> compatability of their products(beside airpods and macs) is not existent, so if you buy their products you have to stay on their platform - USB-C compatabilty only with licenced accessories - USB = UNIVERSAL serial bus - very universal when it comes to apples approach, yes! #sarcasm - apple finally building smartphones and macs with comparable(android, PC) hardware for a decent price - with a non compatible platform and hardware(system) specific software, they should be able to leave competitors completely behind...which they are not. - apple has been sweeping their lack of customer care under the rug for years and is still doing it by successfully ignoring financially damaged customers, unsatisfied customers, and even shitstorms on american media - apple is systematically making their products irreparable for third party service companies, so that customers have to get service from apple = expensive - apple is making their hardware components irreplaceable on multiple platforms - e.g. iPhone 12: camera, battery, logic board, ... => you have to use apples services = expensive - apple is still systematically ripping of their customers when it comes to hardware maintanance @ apple genius bars, telling customers they would have to change so many components that they could also 'just buy a new one'. => for christ's sake, please stop buying apple products

  • "Not Ultra Expensive". In germany it's a whole months paycheque still🤣

  • That’s good that Apple is getting cheaper that means people can actually buy a god damn Apple phone

  • 11:14 i like this point. thoughtful

  • Apple has been falling behind in both design and function for a few years now.

  • Great video! The question is, if we try to use vpn for anonymous, how do we know in that case the vpn app is not doing the same thing behind the scenes and sell personal data to marketers?

  • So their biggest problem (not playing well with others) is now worse than ever?

  • When Samsung releases an ad Arun like this has to stop but when Apple releases one he's like ios is the best

  • There's a much simpler explanation (but you're not allowed to talk about it, sshhh). With the ever-increasing inequality of wealth and income, average people don't have money to spend anymore. So if companies want to extract money from the mass of people they now need to sell cheaper products. There aren't so many middle class that can afford luxury items. Billionaires got richer during the pandemic. Once the billionaires have all the money, what's the economy gonna do?

  • I agree with most of the points made in this video but lets not forget that Apple is also the same company that purposefully make technically stupid design choices within their machines that speed up planned obsolescence on their computers and are going hard on trying to stop the right to repair and making it increasingly difficult for independent repair shops to fix their products, forcing customers to pay ridiculously absurd prices to repair their products at authorized apple repair shops. The planned obsolescence seems to be less of an issue on their most recent phones but still, I find it Strange how most people don't know about this.

  • Honestly I just find that people don't care what phone they have as much. As long as it can handle their texting app of choice, play music and have a good camera, consumers are basically happy.

  • Apple is the past Samsung is the future

  • I agree that Mac is better than windows

  • Disclaimer: No apple fanboys were harmed during this video.

  • Good channel and nice content, I am busy cutting myself out of Apple as I have noticed how they “trap” you and I don’t want to feel like I am trapped so stopped buying Apple rat traps and now moving away. VERY difficult.

  • 4:24 Dave at the Apple store broke my laptop. Terrible customer service. Dave2D: Wait, what? When I did that?

  • I'm ditching apple. The costly repair just did it for me.

  • Apple should not try to insult PC chipsets. AMD will destroy them with their ryzen lineup and nvidia will never lose the GPU market.

  • Apple is changing because of the hard recent competition. The market is not like what it has used to be like. Anyway, Apple is still amazing. As I always, recommend, if somebody plans to get a new premium flagship smartphone, Iphone is always the best available choice out there and perhaps the only one; however, when considering other options like affordable flagships or flagship killers, then I would recommend an android device. The reason for that is the customer services that Apple provides besides the long-term update support. I see it does not make any sense for somebody to through his/her money over a premium android for only Two years of update support.

  • Apple making the "finest luxury products " wasn't always theirthing, apple since its inception had affordable everyone models and maxed out to the wall models. A lisa and apple IIE, Their original Mac was affordable for what it was, they mad Mac lines and Quadra lines, g3/g4 towers and I macs. Macbook macbook pro This is their business model, and Also stupid Cable formats is their thing. At least they are better with that

  • I switched to apple for the first time in my life after using android for 10 years

  • "We can do those things 2" shows widgets are you kidding me it took apple 10 years to add wigets to home screen

  • I actually switched from a galaxy s10 to an iPhone 11 and i can say .. im glad i switched 🤟🏻

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  • I disagree best budget? Hell no! Apple still sells with a base model of 64gigs. Its actually expensive for a 64gig phone. Others are 128gig with expanded memory

  • I want a iPhone mini pro ,who else want one too?

  • They have a diff ceo . Hope they keep doing better

  • They are diff ? but they stopping mini again ....

  • So apple lets u know they are bending you over now compared to android, Right.... 🧐🤔

  • 8:30 how i met your mother You're an exclusive guy !!!!

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  • Neither of android. Everything changes

  • 10:11 is what apple means by cutting edge tech

  • apple says that its chip and all are better than android, but snapdragon is the best and sd888 was rated better than the a14, and one of the exynos chips too

  • I love his videos. He's so good

  • Great clip at 7.45 of the isheep fans all giving high fives in shop. F ing morons! It's all become very boring!

  • I've always been on Android, however, with the spat against FB, the push about privacy, and the way Google is so woke, I am considering Apple for the first time

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  • If i think of Apple=Much Money and less Value

  • In simple terms... Apple is no more a luxury symbol 😂😂😂RIP apple users

  • He did say that correct i use the iphone 7 for 6 years while most of my friend hav changed like 3 phones and still mine is ready for whole 2 years lol

  • Apple in 2030: The iphone is the best, if you buy a samsung or xiaomi phone, your broke

  • "Cutting edge design" showing that huge horrible notch, You have to be joking

    • Well they have to fit in the face ID into the phone and they put it in the notch. I personally hate punchhole cameras I prefer notches like Apple uses them. The design of the notch is just personal preference, if a big notch is a reason not to buy a phone, then don't buy it

  • Steve Jobs would tear the present Apple in shreds

  • we have 4 iphones. 2 macbook airs, imac, and 2 ipads in my house. They products are great and work well but are a very closed system. No xbox on my phone, playing games on an imac isnt so great. I get a very 80's-90's ibm vibe from them. The hardware is great and the software runs well but they are much less dynamic than they used to be. No ability to repair or get a repair done on anything and they have the "just get a new one" attitude.

  • On social media, on apple's SEnewss channel, it isn't just keynotes, there were actually loads of lost ads that apple have deleted so that it looks like to viewers that there is only one of each product category, the latest one.

  • Outdated design, the ridiculous notch. 64gb's of base storage in 2021, what, huh? The same 60hz display? 🍎, 3yrs behind Android, just saying!

  • 12:18 You can clearly see his mac is at 4% and he is still using it

  • BUT..they are as boring as shit and lock you to..errrrrrr iTunes. Having said that Samsung has made the horrible decision to ditch the SD card...people will be going to Apple more.

  • This video has so many contradictory thoughts.

  • Incredible video. MrWhosetheBoss is a total pro.

  • Ipads are also cheaper and air and pro and mini and just ipad

  • The problem is steve jobs is no more

  • Steve Jobs would be disappointed 😞

  • I love apple buy how can not get the not ten plus its way better and I hate that 😒 apple isn't the same I wish Steve Jobs was still here

  • apple is normal not the others

  • The titan has awoken

  • I think you also have to look at the leadership at the top of the company. I like Tim Cook and I think he is doing a great job. But one has to step back and say what would Steve Jobs think. Or look at the company and say what would Steve Jobs say. Same thing with the products. From what I understand Jony Ives the Chief Design Officer at Apple under Steve Jobs and than under Tim Cook for a while till he left the company. I noticed after he left the company that some of the products that Apple made were not designed as they were in the past. I think that might be part of the issue for Apple. If you look at the newest iphone it is currently February 2021 when I post this and Apple released a new iPhone in 2020 that the design looks like that of the iPhone 4. So I think they are running out of design ideas and going back to there former designs. I bet if they brought back Jony Ives you would see a huge change in the design and quality of their products. I am an Apple user and I am going to stay an Apple user no matter what happens. This is my own personal opinion of the company.

  • Love the presenter’s clear and soothing voice! 🔥

  • Well Apple knows what they're doing. I switched to Apple via the new ipad pro. And the rumors of the iphone 13 and the macbook pros is looking more impressive than android phones.

  • Cutting edge design LOL! It just looks like a bigger iPhone4 or 5. They were cutting edge in 2010.

  • These phone prices are blooming to such an extend that people start making the choice between buying a second hand car or a new phone..... i remember when the flagship model was 600 euros

  • Apple is cheap ..notch phone .. fool people pay big amount for 2018's tech phone 2021

  • He’s not wrong actually.

  • they become friendlier and more affordabl, because they have lost the upper segment of the market. Late with wireless charging, with amoled screen , with 120 hertz, with usb 3.1 etc

  • I still have an iphone 6-😬

  • Apple? Getting Cheaper?

  • Apple haven’t really released a groundbreaking product since the iPod and the original iPhone IPHONE 4-4s-5-5s-6-6s 7-7s 8-8+Max 10 or iPhone 10x good looking but unreliable.10s 10s Max iPhones 11-11Pro Max now 12 and it’s siblings.All not really groundbreaking.Apples big mistake was not keeping a updated version of ITunes it kept you in the Apple eco system,now it’s gone you don’t need to keep in the system.I have an IMac Pro a IPad Pro and a android phone .At one time I couldn’t imagine not having an iPhone now I find having the combo more interesting.

  • Samsung is not what it is used to be☹

  • 1:21 HE SAID MY NAME lol technically he did

  • We need arun's voice for google assistance.

  • Honestly, it doesn't take that much to beat Windows.

  • Apple will always have their brick designs with thich borders and ugly notches compared to androids punchole cameras

  • Apple died after 5s

  • Apple has been the same shit for 10+ years.