What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

Publicerades den 18 feb 2021
You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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  • Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: senewss.info/slow/jLi0g5l0Y5jDktA/video

    • its been week plszz upload new videos of review

    • @Yen Hua Ang ya I agree with you but I don't care a 8k blablabla I just want a brighter so we can see the phone.

    • Please post a video today at 13:00 PM UKT and a video tomorrow at 11:10 AM UKT!

    • Can you please post a video today at 1:00 PM GMT? I've been waiting for your next video! And please post a new video tomorrow at 11:10AM GMT as well!

    • Can you please make your videos 8K Ultra HD(4320p) so that we can view your videos clearer?

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  • I use xiaomi products in Australia I love them my 70 year old father is on his 4 Mi Band he’s on the latest one now the just work. I can ask Sri to turn on my tv with xiaomi IR blaster it’s really cool. You can get electric scooters here in Australia they are great

  • Xiaomi smartphones are really good if you buy a 4 or 6gb ram variant....also miui is being more heavy

  • ... you turn us on with your very best smart phone .....nice

  • Another cult society

  • Asian or East Asian?

  • I was keeping track of the countdown; last I checked I was in 28 and all of a sudden it became top5. Time Travel.

  • Looks like a paid promotion

  • The problem with xiaomi is its full of pathetic disgusting adds and bloatware

  • Fun fact: we all got Rick rolled

  • You've been drinking too much of the Chinese cool aid!

  • Xiaomi is N3 worldwide Crap Le ia 4th place worldwide poor loser company which sells made in china sell like apple product

  • Xiaomi makes phones with bigger lifespan than Samsung or iPhone, screen works fine, no redness, cause green and blue pixels started dying, battery works fine, so no sudden shut downs at 15%, charger (looking at iPhone) connectable, it does not refuse its own accessory over time and that is the advantage that you refuse to see or you are not seeing for real, maybe because of lack of user experience, but i am not mad, cause i judge by user experience and Lenovo deserves to get bankrupt

  • That transparent TV is far ahead of its time....imagaine car windscreens using that technology.....you can have digital information on the windscreen itself like an HUD.....windows in smart homes...you can use it to dim sunlight by turning on the black pixels and give the room a certain colour hue by turning on that colour pixel......can be used as a top layer of display on a phone to hide a camera under the screen and do away with those pesky notches....

  • It seems like alot of cool phones. But i cant get one cause its in the us T_T

  • Here in tokyo . Xiaomi smartphone price also not so cheap. # expensive for peasant

  • Who's watching on a xiaomi phone?

  • Strange enough, but Xiaomi start to expand really after Huawei was pushed away from the market... coincidence??? hummmm who knows !$!#!@#

  • A tesco sandwich, Have you ever had a greggs sausage roll?

  • there is also the giiker cube, a bluetooth rubiks speed cube that connects to your phone. it lets you race against other people, and can teach you to solve it. the Giiker cube is the first of its kind

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  • 2:00 Is this a subtle ad to Spotify? cause I just was like this is the music in the Spotify ad.

  • We can do some more videos for Samsung

  • Xiaominions!😄😄😄

  • "Ukraine"? Yes we are able to calc the money... ;-)

  • MI copy apple Still lots of growth potential for the company, great video.

  • This video actually made me subscribe... My next phone is definitely going to be a MI. Great company.

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  • It's so funny where he fell down the chair

  • Suomi mainittu perkele, torille

  • Watching this on my MI note phone. I'm so proud of my baby!!

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  • 4:30 i actually laughed haha

  • How much mi paid??

  • Glad I'm a MI fan

  • This was great Aaron! Loved how you drew me into 13 minutes of a tech video 😂😂😂

  • Simply said. Xiaomi is Chinese. Apple is American.

  • Wait, their dog's name is Moremoney?..

  • This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥

  • Best Xiaomi add! 👏

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  • Good thing you aren't in USA or else you would get sued for copying MKBHD's cheeky 10 mill sub reveal

  • tehy doesnt have science / inmvent costs... just "borrow it" quicker, better than other chinese corps..

  • thats cheap for 3.5mil

  • just marketing.. money is the main reason ... as all corps

  • Comment using my K20 😏🤩

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  • With their new redmi k40 Its actually the best price to Performance to buy

  • Is Something Wrong Boss. Didn't Uploaded Any Video Since 18 February. 😐 Can't Wait For New Video.

  • I am still mindblown by how their products are so cheap, are such of good quality (for the price) and look as good. Really underrated company. Their electric scooters are rly cool too, mine has been rocking since day 1 without a single problem!

  • Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Hi Arun sir please gift me one phone please 🙏🙏🥺🥺🙏🙏

  • Please gift me one phone

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  • I want to make Xiaomi popular in Ghana. I'm currently using Redmi note 8, and boy I love it. Is really hard to find in Ghana tho

    • Ayy redmi note phones look awful, you can buy redmi k40 pro ( that's also cheap)

  • They might have ideas but they can't surprise a Samsung and a iPhone user these 2 are only companies working and doing actually better things

    • @Ahmad Khan iam already using a Mi 10 ultra and I ain't disappointed

    • @GreatGamerHi it will be launched but u will be sad when u use it

    • No lol they have have the best cameras. But the problem is that they are still not launched in us

  • God I love this company

  • If Xiaomi comes outwit a competitor to samsung dex, they'll have a new customer in me for sure.

  • As soon as samsung came out on too a lot of their innovation slowed down on their best selling devices and moved towards supplemental devices like the fold im typing this on. it gave xiaomi the perfect opportunity to sweep in and take chances with standing out.

  • 3:04 me (guessing): "23 million" MrWTB: "23 Million"

  • Hi Arun, I know this is offtopic about your video but I hope that you could send this to Samsung please: Could you please ask samsung to go back to the s5 headphone design because they are the most comfortable and the only ones that fit my ears and other people? PLEASE!! :'( I will explain in my story with their earphones: I have both the Samsung galaxy note 10 AKG's earphone and the samsung galaxy s5's earphone ... They sound better on the note 10 but I must hold them or they will fall (I tried all the note 10's eartips and all their fit also hurts my ears too) because my ears are so tiny and the s5 smallest eartip is the only thing that fits me (but the s5 medium eartip does not fit me and I am mentioning this so, you know my ears' fit). The big circular design of the note 10 (as well as S8, s9, s7) have that part of the circular curve that part of it gets inside the ear which is the problem (it makes it a requirement for bigger ears to fit in it because it is wider). Conclusion: Samsung did not have to change the design at all since the s5 earphones. I cannot find any earphone that fits me ever since the s5 newer models :'((.

    • @GreatGamerHi It will not work unless when someone with a big platform reach them. I do not think Samsung will listen to one person complaining. Companies would rather have big platforms against them to listen. There was someone who filed to law against Apple for slowing down phones (killing their batteries) from their software update and he won the case. However, Apple did not change that. That is why when you request something, it is better to have many audience complaining as much as possible. I definitely believe when Arun or any other big guy tech makes a video about it, it will work.

    • You can mail Samsung

  • *You didn't mention they have the only hidden front screen technology. The camera stay buried underneath the screen.*

  • You should review Realme x7 pro

    • He doesn't review mid range phones

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  • Started by 8 Guys in a room with powerful connections. Fixed that for you.

  • The chinese symbol says small not heart I think you get it wrong

  • I would pay for a plate number that is difficult to memorize (just in case I hit and run)


    • Its just a meme and I thought arun might like it ;)

    • @GreatGamerHi Ik windows but this video didnt mention any windows here btw

    • @ExtreamEarth90X dosent know windows?

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  • Trade with communist china is like feeding a poisonous snake.

  • Great content as always

  • Sir can you please do a full review on Samsung galaxy f62 please sir begging you 🙏

  • where's the thumbnail?

  • Truman Show” is now live.

  • They make great smartphones 😎

  • I LOVE ❤️MI❤️

  • All thanks to *SMARTPASS5* ON ¡G for helping to unlock my iPhone XR successfully without delay. And ever since my iPhone XR have been in good condition.

  • All thanks to *SMARTPASS5* ON ¡G for helping to unlock my iPhone XR successfully without delay. And ever since my iPhone XR have been in good condition.

  • That Mic Clarity is top notch

  • Well, I want to switch from Oppo to Xiaomi.

  • How much did xiaomi paid you?

  • when I subbed it was MI-raculous

  • Hey boss (Arun) can you please make a review on micromax in note 1 please 🙏🙏

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  • I'm a cuber, and I'm kinda dissapointed he never mentioned the Giiker Cube from Xiaomi.

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  • Xiao mi toothbrush 😅

  • Have a feeling Mrwhosetheboss is running out of Ideas. Someone please release a gadget or mobile soon !!

  • Mrwhostheboss thanks for all the great insights and videos. Good job, I really enjoy and learn from them.

  • You know, just as when I was planning to even consider a Xiaomi phone, I hear news about the US blacklisting them hence rendering them less useful (removal of GMS like Huawei)... I've been using my Huawei p10 for 4 years now. Has some issues with Samsung battery and camera in the past and iPhone is way too expensive for what it packs....