OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

Publicerades den 23 mar 2021
Unboxing + Review of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro - inc. camera test, battery, specs and features. Full camera comparison vs S21 Ultra tomorrow!
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  • Tried a new editing style for this one! Did you find it engaging? 🤔 To see my (brutal) video on Honest Smartphone commercials:

  • Nice shirt

  • I love your videos and your t shirt

  • "biggest jump from a normal to a pro" black shark 3 and 3 pro

  • I have a 1plus 9

  • Love your videos man

  • Bro your voice just wow 🖤

  • Sir namaskar

  • Why do you review China made Spy phones?

  • Which phone is best for gaming,camera and hitting issue??? 1. Oneplus 9 pro 2. Oneplus 9 3. Oneplus 8 pro 4. Oneplus 8t 5. Oneplus 8 And 6. Oneplus 7t pro McLaren edition Please suggest me?🙏

  • 6:14😂😂😂 I hope everyone noticed the first time.

  • At least good cameras and lenses are strating to reapear on phones. Missed the quality that nokia had with their cameras using zeiss and tessar tehnology. Remember my Nokia N82 and even if it did have 5mpx, photos were way better. Hoping to see real flashes on phones. The xenon flash was great.

  • can u send me a phnoe bcz i need one.... 😁🤞

  • Should have been Hassleglood, but otherwise, good

  • Does Mrwhosetheboss play genshin impact? I see a weeb here :)

  • Going caseless is like going in a escort raw...Very risky

  • Pls continue featuring cats in your videos, they are an essential part of quality tech reviews 😻

  • I can't believe that Apple was the one to introduce 120hz in the iPad in 2017

  • Do you know if it is easier to edit 8k 30fps or 4K 120fps? Editing software matters too

  • Review quality has increased.

  • how are you not verified yet? i mean.. the quality of your video is great

  • Does OnePlus 9 support Video Output, USB Type C to HDMI?

  • Iam very poor one plus give me

  • nope :) theyre not they're getting over priced

  • The twins with different specs.

  • Got rick rolled again... Damn

  • You have to wonder how many takes he had to do to get the phone dropping part just right.

  • I was with Huawei for a couple of years - Mate 20 Pro. Hands down, best pictures i’ve taken with a phone. I think Leica with Huawei smokes OnePlus with Hasselblad. Just sayin’

  • His T-Shirt is exciting than phones, 'cause it's about CAT!!

  • Oneplus = Oppo. Its the same company.

  • You still have to tell us why u named it mrwhosetheboss when you reach 10M don't forget

  • Give me that pro❤️

  • ot: i like the shirt Mrwhosetheboss. :)

  • Hey also if u don’t mind can u add aus Amazon links

  • Worst devices one plus ever made and worst flagship of the year.

  • Unboxing therapy always got sponsored by the tech company Sorry for this SEnewss channel

  • The one plus 9 series is very much boring,where as the vivo x60 series is more better😂

  • Can't believe you didn't mention about OIS 😞

  • Hi

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  • Didn't liked much not very excited on OnePlus anymore

  • So I love Huawei since my p30 Pro but since they have died I need something new, I want something similar, any suggestions?!

  • I want to see how these phones withstand a sledge hammer.

  • how you catch these phones this is insane

  • What do ya think bout the OnePlus 9R?

  • 1.2k dislikes from oppo fans I see

    • Hey why are you looking at me like that hm

  • You should gift ur camera to pewdiepie...

  • This is so bad like I absolutely don't think its worth it at all

  • Watching your video... kind of satisfaction.... Wish you all the best Brother.. 👍👍👍

  • 8:22 bottom right corner thank me later :)

  • Plz make one comparison of one plus 9 pro and vivo X60 pro plus

  • Best review guy. Go ahead!!

  • can we appreciate the effort 1:32

  • Am I the only one who didn't get a clear case with my purchase?

  • I am tired of just the camera focus on this phone. For someone who does not care about camera, it makes it so difficult to buy phones. Can hou just review it based on its performance by comparing it to 8 pro and samsung s21 ultra. Please do not include camera at all. Just the performance and display and other stuff. Just not the camera at all

  • Sir can you please made the video on vivo x60 pro plus vs mi 11ultra

  • So, no one saw Rick astley in the background? 8:22 behind the One plus Pro? Come on now! Arun just rickrolled us without us even knowing. 🤣

  • Hey I am your big fan from india..I want to buy a letest smart phone so which one better one plus 9 pro or vivo x 60 pro plus or one plus 8 pro..please suggest...


  • Pramod 😂😂😂

  • Is it worth an upgrade from 8 to 9? Please answer.

  • Hi sir Am from Philippines I need your help Just old phone for my duaghter Because she need phone to study she is now kinder she need phone for online classes Thank you and god bless

    • @Angelo Son Have a look at Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

    • @namcicle Poco M3 or Realme 7 i can't afford that May wife is study on college Am only have a job

    • These are some affordable smartphone options: Poco M3 Infinix Note 8 Realme 7

  • he is set to tell you that its worth buying Oneplus 9 PRO. to make this video credible he had to say some minor negatives about the cameras but "cameras are up there"...

  • Dope shirt🔥

  • whoever believes that a reviewer is getting the phone 3 weeks before its release yet he can be honest reviewing it its technically idiot...

  • Their design isbjust awfull for me. Mi is the king

  • *empty walet crys*

  • i find that is too much..too much editing

  • You should have said if someone subscribed it would make you “Hasselglad”

  • Where can I get that T-shirt

  • 5:19 hmm I see what you did there

  • Poco x3 pro is best value price for 2021

    •'s a 2020 smartphone, so probably one of the best of 2020, but I'm eating for things in 2021

  • We all want 7 million special: cat review

  • My 9 pro didn't come with a case.😕

  • Op

  • Op

  • Who's here after the title change? 👀

  • I hope the punchhole camera trend dies out...

  • I'm a OnePlus Nord user sooo wowowowowowow

  • 11:39 Source: Mrwhostheuncle XD

  • A phone that can beat iPhone

  • Great video boss, thanks


  • Dude you've got your subscribers.... Let your videos do the talking. Cool it on asking for a sub....I skip every time you ask. You don't need to do that anymore.

  • why u rickrolling me

  • We got rickrolled very well in this video

  • sir batter one plus 9 or 9 pro plus please sir give the idea

  • Please review the OnePlus watch

  • I want that shirt

  • More than a week now ; when is battery drain test coming?

  • What's crazy is Im actually a customer who purchased both phones at the same time online and didn't receive a package anything near what he is presenting here...

  • 8:22 he secretly rickrolled us

  • s21 ultra vs mi 11 ultra camera comparison

  • Need best tws ear buds video...?? Very much confused to buy

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  • 99% people just watch this video

  • Love from Kashmir ❤️

  • Arun sir video was so exciting we enjoyed your explanation.You are awesome sir🔥🔥🔥

  • If OnePlus wants to charge as much as Apple they better get their camera right. Not to mention the updates.

  • 7:25 hehe