Vivo X60 Pro Plus - This is getting Ridiculous! 😂

Publicerades den 25 mar 2021
Unboxing and my top 10 interesting things about the Vivo X60 Pro+, including cameras, performance, and more...but mostly cameras lol
Thanks to Vivo for sponsoring this video!
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  • Once you've watched the video, what's your favourite feature / anything you'd love to see come to other phones? 😁 To check out my OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Comparison:

    • I'm waiting for that day ehen you will announce that your voice has been accepted for Google Assistant. BTW I signed the petition amd I urge all those who think it's worthwhile

    • Idk maybe the portrait

    • 👇👇👍👍🆙🆙🆙🎶🎶💤💤💤😴😴😴

    • I wish phones would come with an adjustable shutter speed again. I had the ZTE GRAND X MAX 2 that came with that feature and would take some really good night star pics. I could even get milky way shots. (Someone stole it and cannot find any new phones with that feature) I'm in the U.S. and cannot find that phone any longer.

    • Sir can you please made the video on vivo x60 pro plus vs mi 11ultra

  • You got a nice size 😍❤

  • dear Aaron can you please make a comparison with mi 11 ultra / s21 ultra iphone 12 pro max or at least with mi 11 ultra? camera only and mostly at night.. because all phones is the same at good light. i bet this think kills everething at good light too.. not because of the effects only but mostly of the hdr algorithm. Amazing phone and i am looking for a real comparison that only youu can bring to us. Thanks for everething keep up the amazing videos.

  • Your voice sounds like JARVIS that's cool

  • never gonna give you, never gonna let you down

  • What's getting ridiculous is you rickrolling us in every video

  • 4:39 what kind of flower are those ?? they look gorgeous

    • that say that about a plant in the UK haha it has to be middle of spring

  • I hope Arun will make a camera comparison video between this phone, the Samsung's s21 ultra, and Xiaomi's Mi 11 ultra (just like what he did last year with Huawei, Apple, and Samsung's flagships).

  • All features of this phone look fantastic. Maybe you forgot to mentioned it is not for sale in the US? I kind of got excited looking for it but it seems it is only for sale in some asian countries.

  • I wonder how many takes it took you to successfully grab the phone at the beginning 😅

  • #thatswhatshesaid xd

  • Please compare the camera with Galaxy s21 ultra. I think Vivo X60 Pro Plus is the best camera now.

  • Crazy that you still have to order abroad when you're in Mzansi.

  • Mrwhosetheboss: That’s what she said Also Mrwhosetheboss: That’s what she said Also Also Mrwhosetheboss: That’s what she said

  • I was waiting for the icing on the 🍰 cake to hit you like the meat did 😒😂

  • @mrwhosetheboss - where can I actually buy one from?

  • Bro you are actually so good.. not going into it but good going man

  • Interested...optical lens Zeiss.

  • Based on yr review, and after doing some additional research, went out and bought the X60 Pro as the Pro Plus isn't available in Malaysia. The device is lightweight but comfortable in my hand. Love the camera for the photo and video quality. Feature I like is can uninstall factory pre-installed apps. Other makes, eg Samsung, only allows you to shut the app off but doesn't allow proper uninstall. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • How's the display

  • since u have alot of phones , donate one to me , my phone is really old and broken😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arun in 2023: This is the new *"Vivo X70 SE Pro Plus X Max FE Ultra S"*

  • Nice User vivo in here thank you!!👍🏻

  • I don't have money to buy these products but still i love to watch your video, i feel a bit good simple as that , writing from my heart but by hands ( i meant typing ) ❤

  • "Your camera has a nice phone "

  • I love how his cat looked back at him when he made the comment about cat hair everywhere lol.

  • Has this phone launched in the UK? Anyone know where I can purchase this phone?

  • at $1800, I don't think I'll be getting one.

  • NGL, if I was in the market for a new phone, I'd buy this

  • Price?

  • I think camera on Vivo x60 pro better than S21 for video recorder and use night mode on camera but for take a photo on S21 better than X60 pro for pixel and contrast very clear.

  • Plz make a comparison video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 with mi 11 ultra ....s21 ultra ....Huawei p40 pro +

  • 00:57 little bit unfocused...😝

  • 3:22 - Milo 🥺

  • camera Battle with i phone 12 pro max

  • That was nice for photography 🤓

  • That's What She Said XD

  • If you ever want to give away that can give it to me.

  • Is there any vid where he doesn’t say “that’s what she said”? 😂😂

  • Bro do u sell those mobile u open bro

  • I thought the Sony phone was the camera king!

  • Good!! Is not huge!! I hate big phones!!

  • Vivo just put a clip of this unboxing on their ad

  • Wondering how many times that phone got dropped in the intro before you caught it lol

  • How many phones did you drop to make that perfect catch?

  • Honestly that camera is amazing even though it takes up half the phone

  • I did think those fingerprint options looked familiar and remind me of Oppo. Reading the comments I can see why

  • someone took his wafers packet hehehee

  • Vivo x60 pro plus camera comparison video...plzz

  • the astro mode is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • We not gonna talk about the person grabbing the quorn while he talking?

  • 1:18 That's we she said

  • Hello mrwhosetheboss please give me a phone for my youngest child because he like a phone

  • I'm currently running a OnePlus device I'm curious what is the app that you're using for benchmark measurements?

  • is this phone have wireless 40 watt or 50 watt charging like Mi 11 or one plus 9 pro, they price are the same???

  • 5:30 sneaky rick roll

  • He is CHANGED ❤️😍

  • the customisation reminds me of wanam xposed

  • I mean, case, and headphones really are things I'd consider 'features'. The headphones in particular though are a feature I wouldn't want. I have headphones, superior headphones, I bet most other people do. All their included headphones will do is drive up the price and provide me with...e-waste.

  • What about vivo x60

  • No IP68 ratings.

  • Compare this with mi 11 ultra

  • Please do Comparision Video on Vivo X60 vs Oneplus 9R.

  • Like the honesty upfront regarding it being a sponsored video

  • I wish i have phone like that 😞

  • 7:40 my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. duh if u didn't understand the joke there is cyberpunk :(

  • i am late for commenting but i need a full review of this phone

  • Brooo that phone is so cool mann i need it for the astro mode

  • Great presentation and review of the camera which is my main interest. Looks like just about the best available camera on a phone. I would love to have seen a macro shot or two and maybe try zooming in on the moon for what it's worth. I have of course subscribed and about to check out some of your other vids. Oh p.s. I like the "smaller" size of the body as I don't want to have to carry my phone around in an O.A.P. shopping trolley which seems to be the way they are going.

  • A great video

  • @Mrwhosetheboss Samsung did these features right? (~300) or is it lower that this

  • The camera of vivo is amazing, plus the performance of phone doesn't wear out easily. I love vivo. I got iPhone 12 but I am still doing most of the things on my vivo

  • Your Cat is everything 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • if only Vivo allow custom Rom !!! i have a vivo Nex S and it's still rock but custom Rom will make it last another 2-3 years at least !!!!

  • Lo quiero 😭😭😭😩

  • 2:45 So funny 😹

  • We need camera comrassion wit s21 ultra

  • Did you just, Rick Roll me?

  • Where are your new videos Arun? I'm sorry I took so long to comment. I was blown away and nervous. I like the tech and seeing you review it. I need my boss.

  • Finaly something that can work as a nokia 14 years ago

  • This guy is 🔥🔥

  • Not kidding but I just got a Vivo x60 series ad before the video 😂

  • Hasselblad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I wish to have this phone one day

  • A camera comparison between S21 Ultra, Vivo X60 Pro+ and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra please

  • Good good not too big. Few more years and I will have to buy a backback for a phone.

  • I'm waiting for that day when you will announce that your voice has been accepted for Google Assistant. BTW I signed the petition amd I urge all those who think it's worthwhile

  • Oh so uhm, the only way Samsung can get Arun appreciate their innovations is to arrange a paid advertisement. Okay...

  • wow idea ase

  • Within few years vivo oppo camera will become no. 1 camera phone in world


  • If this wasn't a sponsered video, Arun would have said that the customizetions are good but not many people even use half of these animation.

  • I think my next phone will be a Vivo, i have a Xiaomi and there is a evident lack of quality in the Xiaomi. Vivo seems to pack a lot more quality in every tier of their portfolio.

  • Think I'll invest in this phone

  • samsung s21 ultra got competition now

  • how can I buy the Vivo? I live in Sweden...

  • Me : ooo nice phone ! The Samsung s21 ad: soo does that mean u will buy our phone ?

  • @Mrwhosetheboss would you do a camera comparison with the Vivo X60 Pro Plus vs. the Samsung S21 Ultra vs. the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra? That would be so great as i think this three are at the moment the best camera smartphones on the market and all current flagships!

  • Please review the new poco f3