The 2020 Voice Assistant Battle.

Publicerades den 10 jun 2020
Full comparison of Google Assistant vs Siri vs Bixby vs Amazon Alexa - Voice Assistants in 2020 - Do they suck?
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  • i ask google asis are you beter than siri and said hard to compare and i said agian im saingweird things right

  • Cortana: I guess i dont exist anymore...

  • 4:04 das heißt Play Store nicht App Store 🤦

  • Samsung is better

  • Google assistant is like always smart..

  • where is Cortana?

  • Me: how much screen time i have? Samsung: 3462746827463

  • I have a Samsung phone but I have Google Assistant

  • IMO google is the best one it’s more advanced and can do more

  • Well bixby is the bing of voice assistance

  • you forgot Cortana

  • I like google

  • I,m a BTS ARMY

  • I tried the question “recommend me a vacation spot” on siri and it worked but it doesn’t work in the video and there are a few more and i added them to the score and siri and google tied just to let people know.😊

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  • Not me happy that I have Bixby and Google Assistant

  • Mad respect for saying BTS stuff in there

  • Me who has google assistant:Y E S

  • bixbi is not pretty useful

  • Alexa talk to Bixby ok bixby, hello fuck you!

  • why did it feel like they were actually competing like sentient beings XD

  • ok now we know google and google assistant are the best

  • Can you give the link to download bixby

  • I have an Samsung and ive always liked using Google assistant over bixby!

  • My question: what kind of phone have alexa?

  • Siri is better 100 percent pls but I still like you Siri almost won pls respect me

  • its like there having a Q and A Battle


  • Bonzi buddy is superior

  • R.I.P arun

  • where is cortana?

  • App store Say to samsung. You so dumb

  • 5= 1=

  • Bixby showing a map as if saying "Oh that's your question? Okay, here's the map for you to locate the fucks I give with that question. You can't locate it? Exactly."

  • Wow

  • I'll wait for someone to call it jarvis

  • I only trust Apple! I think the others saves ur data’s and use them to know u better!

  • Mrwhosetheboss: Can you give me the directions? Google: No Siri: No Alexa: No Bixby: No

  • The bad thing is that Alice is not translated to english

  • I have bixbi AND google assistant

  • 0:17 rejected

  • Obama:hey alexa how much peopole are they in china Alexa: there are 123445 in japan

  • Never trusted these AI Voice Assistants! I never once ON my Bixby in my Samsung! Bad enough with All these Hangs that were very Disruptive! Have to ON/OFF the Smartphone to Clear the Hangs or worse , have to Downloaded All important Data before doing the Scary Format to Clear the Malwares that Unabled most of our Apps! Please Samsung ,We just needed a Good Safe & Solid Smartphone without much Hardware or Software problems for Work & for Leisure! Not much customers like the Foldable or Transparent but Troublesome & Expensive to Produce & to Buy phones! Thank You Very Much! 🕯

  • my whole face lit up when he mentioned BTS

  • arun: do u love me google assistan: our love is just as friends arun:😭😭😭

  • I really thought that SIRI would win

  • Siri doesn't know what Sendanywhere as it's an android app and that is not fair as how would Siri know what it is?

  • The device section is not fair for Alexa since Alexa isn't built in

  • I have Google Assistant!!!

  • good thing i've stayed on android

  • Not me having Samsung and Google instead of Bixby Very proud lol 😌

  • *sad cortana noises*

  • I use Google assistant on my Samsung tho

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  • Him: Play BTS DNA Bixby: * instanly plays the song *

  • The assistant speed is depended on the wifi speed and the device speed.

  • Me having Google

  • Call here. Ref. Rfer

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  • One nice thing about bixby is you can open it on splitscreen etc. Siri is the best at responding to my "hey siri". Hey google ok google and hi bixby I might as well be talking to my self most of the time. Alexa I avoid. I don't think Amazon knows or cares how to secure it.

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  • *Google can even see gets threw pics* Somethings wrong i can feel it

  • Maybe that “sendanywhere” or what ever it was wasn’t compatible

  • BTS

  • Any question about bts exist : Apply : nope 😒

  • 2:17 My Heart Starts Pumping faster❤❤❤

  • I need to use a apple phone

  • Siri actually works when I ask her to play a song so thats +1 tbh

  • "Play song on youtube" Oh Yeah? Hey Google, send an iMessage... oh you can't? Same fucking thing. It's unfair comparing youtube controls when google assistant has access to google ecosystem including youtube, same as imessage or facetime on iphone.

  • iphones are very bad

  • i have samsung and i have google asistant

  • samsung is best

  • me:google whos your friend? google assistant:my engineiers are my friend to help you :>

  • google is the best if smartphones alexa is the best for smart houses PERIODT .

  • When I heard about BTS my ears are getting more concern

  • me: WTH HOW DOES A PHONE DO THIS Google: My goals are beyond your understanding

  • At 1:04 Alexa hears it as 2 by 5. But if it hears it properly then it will do it. BTW try using thier smart speakers next time.

  • wow

  • This guy is very posh!

  • alexa is not made for phones still it performs well but bixby is a shame

  • omg i asked google assistant if it had a pet and it said "No, but my friend, Desktop Computer, has a pet mouse" LOL

  • 0:19 i don't have a girlfriend or even friend's in general but i know that feeling

  • I'll buy Amazon Alexa

  • for people who have google ask them "can you sing" and "can you beatbox" and keep asking can you sing to google she has deffrent songs for you

  • I knew that google assistant was the one that's gonna win you can even use Harry Potter spells on it

  • Bro thats cheating, samsubg doesn't have app store 4:02

  • 2:07 Armyyy u there!?

  • My phone is samsung colabrative with google so my phone is samsung but has google assistant

  • they forgot cortona our android users lol

  • Btw I think Google is the smallest phone here S10e : F--k off

  • Is this just me or is this video a slideshow?

  • waddup with the framerate

  • Human language: turn off wifi voice assistant: suicide


  • The thing with samsung devices is that they have both google and bixby

  • no one: me: became very attentive when he said "play dna by bts"

  • why iron man rdj

  • Siri is honestly better than what people give her credit for, and with Shortcuts you can manually fill in the gaps if you want but obviously it is still not perfect.

  • let's be honest, Google Assistant and Siri are the only serious assistants

  • Google wins 😎😎