Unboxing the forgotten Samsung Phone.

Publicerades den 16 jun 2020
Unboxing a $1000 Mystery Samsung Flagship Phone that we completely forgot about, as well as 2 other groundbreaking, but forgotten smartphones.
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  • "If I did what people wanted, I would produce faster horses." Henry Ford (Yes, he said something like that.)

  • Instead of serenata it should be called sayonara because in japanese sayonara means goodbye

  • Samsung phones eh?

  • The S20 Ultra doesn't make better photos. It just saturates them more. And with the added comment of it using AI to enhance the pics... yeah. It's just a cheap trick.

  • God

  • I bought another sharp aquos after I broke my first one, the display was way ahead for the time

  • I'm still using my nokia 808 as my camera

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is the phone forgateen by Samsung

  • First Samsung copied apple and now apple copies Samsung, noice

  • 7:20 omg😂

  • Sharp crystal really looks good man

  • Simeon... Really... Wonder if that's where Rockstar Games got Simeon Yetarian from

  • Not gonna lie, that Sharp phone it’s absolutely lit!

  • The page is not secure u have to put in front of URL

  • God, I had the Aquos Crystal and I hated it. It was my dream phone and it was honestly gorgeous! But it wasn't great. It wasn't really unlockable, nor jailbreakable, and honestly with its inability to use SD cards for apps was really bad.

  • The Samsung looks like a baby monitor 😂 Sharp could have had Sonys customers with that design..similar to Sony but without the bezels. That said i would never have bought one because sharp generally has cheaper less good devices when compared to the competitors.. Im talking tvs and hifis etc, they were always not as good as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Kenwood.. Maybe they could have changed their image but they blew it so now if they ever do smartphone globally i will assume that they will give up on it or not support it for very long. The pureview was replaced with a windows phone equivalent which could have been mentioned.

  • Sharp exec crying while watching this late night in the office

  • "Serenata"- that sounds like something Hyundai would name their car

  • When a comment gets a bunch of likes *edit thank you so much for al the likes omg

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  • Not sure if my comment will be read, one more worthy mention is the honor 8x that had 2k display, something that even Samsung's highest priced mobile still doesn't offer.......

  • The only thing that nokia 808's camara was lacking was ai processing which didn't quite existed in 2012 so you can't make fun of it

    • The old days of smartphone camera is all about hardware physics. That is why it still can produce true-to-life photo with realistic details and colours. The problem with AI processing is that they always tend to get the colour and details wrong, especially for Quad/Nona Bayer camera sensors.

  • Nokia takes better photo then my phone redmi note 4

  • I really wanted nokia's symbian to stick around and evolve into a smartphone os

  • 0:22 sus

  • What happened to note 6 and note 7 never heard of them 🤔 😕

  • What about the Nokia N8's camera?

  • @Mrwhosetheboss We as Nintendo DS Gamers were already looking forward to having a Touch Screen Phone since 2005 though 😌

  • Some heavy words man

  • This guy always talk against Samsung

  • This always talk against Samsung

  • I owned that sharp phone a while ago on god

  • 4:45. Nice

  • Sharp 2gb ram and 801 snapdragon

  • 41 megapixels WOW IMPRESSIVE 👏👏

  • just imagine the world where apple didnt existed......... we would still have phones which have buttons and which are tini tiny

  • Missed opportunity that hurts ...i wish nokia will get back its mojo

  • give me your voice

  • There might be an alternate dimension where sharp didn’t quit and sharp is the biggest phone creators and pretty much all phones have practically no bezel, and are all square.

  • 808 was actually very popular, if you didnt hear about it, you were not into innovative phones in 2012 thats all

  • this is one the only channels which i subbed after the first ever video i watched. You are so good at keeping me paying attention, and not constantly clicking the arrow key to skip 5 seconds or checking the time bar at the bottom. GREAT WORK!! keep it up

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  • I am lucky I found a sharp phone shop next to to i mall

  • Wow this was deeeeeeep . 🤯👍

  • Apple copied a Qtek phone and patendet it. But nobody ever noticed this. Apple stole every thing that already existed!

  • Very interesting video

  • Nokia was the one who started it all

    • And it still can give modern flagship smartphone camera a serious fight when it comes to detail and colour realism.

  • Seranata looked like it really sucked, though...

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  • Amen on the 3 years nokia had

  • Sharp Aquos series still exists in Japan and they also release a mini version and after many generations, it didn’t get better as you assumed about Crystal. Not bad phones but not great either.

  • Hi I watch a lot of your videos and they're all very interesting and informative, but I would like to ask you a question and hope you have the time to answer. I'm looking for a new phone but I don't want to spend ideally any more than £250 not a big camera user and not a big music listener but I want a large screen, wireless charging and a reasonable amount of memory for my apps. I like Samsung but I'm willing to change for a phone that fits me. I'm just wondering if you could suggest one as you must know practically every single phone ever made and I'm getting fed up with searching through loads and loads of phones to find they haven't got something I want. Thanks in advance if you get time to read this

  • I don’t need to see your feet 🦶 or flip flops 🩴 in a video EVER 🤮

  • again with the stupid iphone, F iphone!

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  • I learned my phone can play videos in 4K from your channel.

  • Getting ready to try and take a nap.Ive been sick for 3 days.I swear it is scary because we haven't talked in a while and.last night I wrote myself a note to give you a call this weekend and then you call.It happens alot.I will call you sometime this weekend to catch up when I feel a little better.Tell Jaime and Beck hi.

  • If Sharp would release frankly speaking I would have gone for it so beautiful design till date it could compete with majority of companies ... Arun you are doing great job keep it up. 4k dislikes makes me wonder why?

  • This phone 📱 are amazing 😍

  • I like this channel but omg stop with the apple. They were far from the first to launch a fullscreen touchscreen smartphone. Lg prada? And several others too

  • Amogus

  • Lol

  • So true 👍🏻

  • Company's known where putt aid😂😢

  • broooooh plz review Realme GT

  • Sharp is literally a vacuum cleaner brand now i have one

  • My first Smartphone was a sharp aquos Phone SH80F. I Loved the 3d screen and 3d camera

  • Actually when watching your comparison it's obvious that while the Nokia sensor might be showing it's age the lens sharpness simply embarrasses Samsung.

    • IKR! True that the Nokia doesn't have great dynamic range or stabilization, but the detail and colour it produced simply boggles mind. It's almost DSLR-like real.

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  • Samuel done sang a song!!

  • Plastic. Expensive. Spyware. Garbage.

  • I loved the nokia phone 📱 , symbian in it's early days was better than other jawa phones..but they failed to acknowledge the rise of android.

  • Wow this amazing. I've never heard of these

  • I still don't forget about the Nokia N900.

    • The first truly Linux mobile. I'd so love to get my hands on one and try to port a mobile Linux OS.

  • Big fan of your channel and quality tech review 😍💯.

  • J1 ace have the best camera

  • As soon as I heard of the Aquos I bought one, then I found out about the flagship I got sad. I loved my aquos though, people would always ask about it, but the cameras were awful and specs left a lot to be desired. Eve. Now the screen still looks pretty

  • I used the Nokia Lumia 1020 with pretty much the same camera tech than the 808 + OIS and I loved it. I think it's still my favourite phone from those I've used. I later used the Lumia 950 which actually took better pictures because of better camera software but I kinda missed the xenon flash and more zoom. My wish would be a Pixel phone with an updated version of the PureView camera and Google's software magic.

    • Nokia's PureView camera sensor is custom built, so it's not going to be that easy. After all, Google is still banking on 12MP like Apple and Sony does.

  • Maybe they saw your video now samsung is gonna add speaker in a82 like what they did with senatra

  • Remember buying an used Nokia 808 to my ex, she truly loved that camera.

  • Okay, so was the Bleeding Edge/Stark juxtaposition intentional or a happy accident?

  • The Sharp phone was nothing short of a tragedy. It’s like a SEnewssr who loses one subscriber and deletes their channel as a result.

  • My Xiaomi redmi note 9 is just 48mp

  • Damn I miss 2005 - 2015 era that every cool phones are available in my country, now it just samsung and Chinese phones

  • Arun : Huawei P 40 Captions : Koala P 40

  • Your experience in photography is close to my grand ma's knowledge in elementary particle physics taking in mind that she never went to school at all!

    • Lol, I see way better people giving better photography with that Nokia.

  • what is the editing software you use?

  • Everyone : oh I remember them Me: I own them right now

  • That 2007 iPhone launch really did shake the entire market and all these companies really felt fear

  • Fact is that back in the 2007-2012 days, iPhone was the only good choice when looking for a phone. Especially in the start, I remember there was the iphone and there was shit like the HTC Wildfire and I don't even know what that shit was called, all I know is that it sucked. Luckily things turned around and now we have so many phone makers worldwide all pushing each other to deliver a better product that's the next guy.

  • I love samsung and have and use s10 but the serenata looks like an ac remote or a remote for an egg cooker from china 3005

  • What about s4 zoom?

  • Umm I now know where you live Lester city uk

  • I was pretty sure the S5 would be on here. It seemed like after the S4 people didn’t care about the S5 but then the S6 had the edge Variant and that took all the focus away from the S5

  • That Sharp phone is crazy beautiful

  • I had this one when I was in Greece

  • I had the crystal! I loved it!!!!

  • ‘ he thicc ‘ Lmaoo I’m dying 🤣

  • Every time I hear iPhone released back in 2007 I just keep thinking wow not that long ago and now we're in 2021 and I'm feeling the samething and just like wow it was 15 yrs ago....