Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.

Publicerades den 10 jan 2021
Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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    • Aren't 90 percent of the things software wise on the samsung

    • Mi 11 is value for money

    • Thank you for sharing

    • I like icons on miui

    • Can you send it to me 🙁😬 Yes =like my comment, no =comment on my comment

  • Hi Mrwhosetheboss, in my opinion most of these phones that give lots of value at lesser prices end up developing issues out of nowhere after a year of usage, so it's like just buying a hardware that will still need to be paid up for again to keep it working...it feels like scamming.🤷

  • Xiaomi is dominating right now I got the mi 10 t and its price and specs are unbelievable

  • Did everybody forget that Harman Kordan is a “Samsung Company“!

  • Xiaomi loves making a big impact somewhere with their smartphones whether it'd be the US or China for example

  • I Really WISH Samsung would bring back ir blaster!!! :)

  • Nothing looks better then my Note 20 Ultra 5G.... it is Media Marvelous!!!!

  • in germany its price is euro 899 mean 1100 dollars

  • He rick told us 3:33

  • FYI there is no gravity. It's called buoyancy.

  • Xiaomi makes value flagship phone Apple : plans to remove in 2024 phone to save *the earth *

  • You can clearly see everyone being rick rolled

  • Every otaku gamers when we see his apps i- theres genshin impact omg-

  • I had the MI 10 and I love that phone like no other phone, but I had to let it go because I live in the US and the phone does not has all the bands to work properly with GSM networks💔 current phone the oneplus 8T and it's aight

  • 3:23 Jokes on you,I enjoy that shit

  • You can be a really good marketer man The way you explain has made me a fan of this phone

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  • Redmi k40 pro is OUT 😝😝

  • Mi 11 released in Malaysia just hours ago. come with 55W Gan charger. 8/128 for RM 2799 (~693 USD), 8/256 for RM2999 (~743 USD)

  • Sound like paid review. But OK.

  • Mi11 is a real value for money

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  • Stop rickrolling

  • 13:21 bruhh

  • Please do a comparison between this phone samsung s21 ultra and iPhone 12

  • Hi does it have front face speaker with Dolby atmos?

  • Can somebody tell me all the music he used, i make my own vids so i kind of need them

  • His accent😫 What Country are u from

  • When it comes to value for money, nobody does it like Xiaomi

  • 5:03 amogus!1!1!!

  • Shut up and take my money !

  • Well there's a heating issue in Mi11 Right??

  • i'm going to wait.. It looks great the 10T pro is cheaper than a samsung SE for me on amazon and i'd personally choose that over the samsung but i'm just going to wait for the pro model and see what happens there. I'm on a S9 and im not rushing to upgrade yet but i dont fancy buying a samsung phone to have the gimped exynos version instead..

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  • How does this compare to the S21 Ultra? I'm about to drop the money on an S21 Ultra, but if this is better, I could save a few bucks purchasing a Mi11 instead

  • You can see rick astley in the back

  • That Fricking tv in the background

  • This is the only new phone I'd buy to upgrade from my LG G7 if I had the money.

  • is no one going to mention how we were getting rickrolled all throughout the video...

  • I love mi11, but I'm contented already with my pocox3nfc.🥰

  • wow you just had to do it look an the left screen in 3:28

  • waiting for the camera test!

  • Who else thinks the camera on the phone was a little bit inspired by the iPhone 11?

  • 3:29 look 👀 closely on the left screen I think this has become a mr who’s the boss’s legacy

  • 3:25 look in the left TV. Ur welcome

  • 3:24 look at the left screen

  • 3:27 AAAAh! I got Rickrolled again!!!!

  • I don't have the phone but I'm finna delete all the apps 🤣

  • Seems like the phone is already irrelevant

  • my family is very poor. need a mobile phone because to read online. If I study get a job, I will be able to take care of the people in my house. help me, i live in Bangladesh.

  • anyone notice the rickroll?

  • 3:23 left background screen: get rick rolled mate.

  • Where in the UK can I buy this phone please. At 68 and disabled, I'm not what you'd call "tech savvy", and I see poor reviews of some sellers and wouldn't want to risk, what to me is, a large wad of cash and get ripped off. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks to anyone who replies with helpful info.

  • Man, what a Beast!

  • Help me please

  • 3:29 you got me

  • I got rickrolled

  • I am a huge apple sheep. But I honestly believe that Xiamoi makes the best budget/best value phones.

  • Why is never gonna give you up going on in the back

  • Ok my next phone.F*ck samsung and apple.They all are stealing us.

  • you rickroll us too much mate

  • Do comparison b/t iphone 12 pro n this phone

  • The day you run out of words to ask us to subscribe is the day I unsubscribe. 🙏🏿

  • ❣️

  • 3:36 did any one see rick on the back XD

  • I saw the specs and was like: “I can afford this?”

  • 3:23 look at the left tv screen he just rickrolled millions of people

  • Best phone i ever had so far is a Red mi note 7 !

  • Crazy phon

  • Idk its just me or anyone But the way he speaks kinda ROMANTIC and SWEET at the same time Ifk how to say but I realy like how he talks and explains 🥰😌😌

  • Love you bro from Pakistan ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • 3:23 he is de rock roll god

  • So basically a jesus phone

  • This is why people hate on China. China is slowly making better and better products than stuff US or South Korea make. China is taking over the market slowly. “Made in China” soon no longer means cheap and low quality, but rather cheap and high tech and good quality.

  • GGwp Xiaomi Apple 👎

  • Wonder how this works on genshin impact... That one makes phones struggle lol

  • I bet samsung is watching now

  • 3:30 what at the TV on the left

  • is comming with google play.?

  • Note 20 ultra ( i can find it for 700-750€) or mi11 ?

  • 3:24 Never gonna give you up...

  • Get this guy to 10millions subs

  • Aussies sure got fucked on the price

  • Where does these phones go after his reviews?

  • 3:23 did he rickroll us look at the left tv

  • 🖐🏽Team Xiaomi !

  • Like Floss Carter will say this is a major major Major Go. Plus imagine what the ultra and pro will be like

  • Donate a phone please

  • 750euros here in France

  • at 3:22 the left screen has a code of a 50 dolars Apple Store gift card written on it!

  • Love the rick roll thooooooo

  • Anyone else see the Rick roll?

  • me: *notices something move in the left tv* *realizes i got rickrolled*

  • I was Rick rolled

  • 3:23 Look at the TV Never Gonna Give You Up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bro.. luv your videos, but come on why would you even mention the price at $600, when clearly your specifying the price for china??, then you dont mention till the end of the video? You have tons of excellent content, Rigby.this is just some constructive criticism from a loyal subscribed viewer, but don't even mention it like that please, keep it out of the video, i wud pay $800 for a phone very few people have with awesome specs

  • No charger, no I don't have a charger at home?

  • Who rickrolled me at 3:28??

  • I might say goodbye to Samsung...