I bought the strangest smartphones ever.

Publicerades den 7 feb 2021
Buying the cheapest smartphones in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress!
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  • I think I need to stop making these videos 😂 First episode: senewss.info/slow/e7rVpbOGeZyUsNQ/video Second Episode: senewss.info/slow/r9y1j5qYoM6trLY/video

    • What's with the abroadinjapan theme at 15:44 though? Just wondering 😂😂

    • No way! Continue😍😅

    • What's your thoughts on iqoo phones should we buy these phones?

    • Lol😂

    • No, but you made your point in about 5 minutes. I have a lot going on and being concise is a good thing. If you want to make an additional point, saving time is a good one too. Left at 5:36 🏃🙏

  • nice

  • A massive shout out to whoever made the thumbnail

  • The first kung fu master be like 0:38

  • I had beem 2. It was fun

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  • Dude buys 100 phones in has 1 dollar camera

  • 18:30 anyone else trust Pornhub?

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  • I bought the strangest from ever The Cost: 69$

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  • Cant wait to see a vid of your favorite purses

  • I love those Star Wars ones

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  • Hate your sneaky sponsor ads.

  • I like your videos before I watch them, just sayin'

  • Whats song for intro,background,outro?

  • Intresting phones indeed

  • @7:40 😂😂😂😂

  • Me: not knowing anything bout technology 👁👄👁

  • 16:26 scar's music?

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  • “Never gonna give you up” “I’m gonna give you up” * -Rick Astley -mrwhosetheboss

  • am i seeing $69 on thumbnail? or have i seen to many 69 videos

  • surfshark sponsored you with 4k, wow but you deserve it

  • I think everyone was a blackberry user at 1 point bbm hype train lol

  • Bro if you throw away all those phone around 600 to 1000 just send to me I will pay you for shipping +50$ to you

  • HIS FACE WHILE USING THE IQOO😂 the ice coming outlol

  • That Coke phone is just so cute!🤩😍

  • 5:41 "Time you give you up" He just rickrolled Rick.

  • The coke cola phone is so cute

  • 15:45 me hearing conflict nerd intro

  • expressvpn game

  • Especially the iqoo

  • What are u going to do with this phones? Giveaways?

    • I think I need to stop making these videos 😂 First episode: senewss.info/slow/e7rVpbOGeZyUsNQ/video Second Episode: senewss.info/slow/r9y1j5qYoM6trLY/video

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  • He drew Rick astley and rickrolled his viewers 😂😂😂

  • My father also had a blackberry but he dropped it in a waterfall and we never found it

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  • All fun and games until you see your phone on here

  • jesus christ that brick charger is a tank

  • The CAT thermal camera phone is very creepy.

  • 3:05 how is that a smartphone or anything related

  • give your subscribers give away. give me (:

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    • what if they make a speaker with a projecter

  • That's it? You barely showed any of the phones on screen. Couldn't even be bothered to put the pictures you took actually in the video just said oh ill post this to Instagram... like that does anything? And half the vid was shitty accessories that were like 3x the price they should have been from wish. Bro your a fucking idiot

  • Nice. You know whar I meant.

  • He only took the BMW phone. ..

  • 12:34 it is written "xin da ... an" on that "unbranded" phone. when i google "信大*安" i find this page www.xdja.com/ "信大捷安" (xin da jie an) Auto translated page already tells much about it anyway: "Zhengzhou Xindajie'an Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Xindajie'an) is an information security company with security chip design capabilities. Based on self-developed security chips, it develops, produces and sells security terminals and security platforms. Products to provide customers with information security services. Xindajiean has always focused on the field of information security, based on its own security chip, with a cryptographic technology system as the main line, forming a mobile Internet covering mobile police/government affairs, intelligent networked vehicles, industrial control and industrial Internet, and smart city infrastructure. The information security service system in the field of Internet of Things solves the core issues of information security such as identity "authentication" and information "confidentiality" between people, people and things, and things in cyberspace. The main service areas of Xindajie'an continue to expand, from mobile police/government areas such as public security, taxation, procuratorates, courts, justice, and disciplinary inspection commissions, gradually expanding to intelligent connected vehicles, multimedia digital screen media, smart home appliances, smart transportation, Rail transit, industrial control, smart elevators, aerospace and other IoT applications. In the future, the company will continue to be based on the national commercial secret standards and industry technology systems, and is committed to building a national secret cryptographic service that guarantees the country’s critical information infrastructure, building a solid information security protection Great Wall, and building a national cybersecurity information security frontier; Dajiean is to be a leader in the field of mobile information security, a pioneer in the field of cryptographic services, and a foundation of the national cryptographic service infrastructure."

  • Yess Finally, a new section, we want more. From these videos

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  • Wise choice from u to put 69 in the thumbnail

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  • The weirdest thing is these phones r still available in market

  • Plss give me phone for online class plss

  • Wow you have shown me sites I never knew about .

  • Wow, most of your subscribers are verified.... I like your effort in this vid... keep it up... I just clicked on the subscribe button.

  • Hi

  • FLIR stands for forward looking infra red. It's an acronym for the technology.

  • what if they make a speaker with a projecter

  • i can not belive that a cat made a phone bruh cat is a construction company

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  • 6:34 , completely ran out of words.

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  • You appear not to have heard of Flir but it's a very reputable company that makes some excellent products. I was a bit surprised to see their name amongst this ragtag crew.

  • So... You. Bought 2 phones. 😂 Sorry had to make a jab at iPhone. Yeah fk iPhone and androids. The phone I've used is cheaper and better in every way. Rooted to be able to use every cell providers towers. Aka... Pay for the phone. And you don't need a "service". 🤷

  • what is his accent !!!! it's driving me insane, it's like british and american

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  • When your rich-rich "ok, lets get both" 😂😂 can't relate