if smartphone commercials were honest.

Publicerades den 8 okt 2020
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  • Me: Can I get a new phone. Mum; You can have the phone at home. Phone at home: ROUND 2 is finally LIVE: senewss.info/slow/rMPIncKdgrSygrI/video

  • When he said passionfruit, I thought next was going to be, because passion is fruitful!

  • I want take that phone. Plz give.

  • 5:26 it would have been even funnier if you clipped it just after passionfruit

  • Rob!!!

  • Man youre the best tech reviewer and my fav youtuber please makemore vids like this!!😇😇😍😍🥰🥰


  • 😅😅😅

  • Why do you say dollars if ur from the uk?

  • 69 in antutu🤣🤣

  • Arun getting a call from TIM COOK: Animal crossing sounds..... Tim cook..... Tim cook....... TOM NOOK!

  • 3:54 the Airpads Max buds looks like a hairdryer 😄

  • ..


  • That iPhone 24 Max Pro Plus 5G Fold...

  • 6:08 and if you like an batter beep

  • This is honestly one of the funniest things I've seen in a while... Hajahja ...omg. I can relate so hard... I got beat up a week ago and had my phone taken... I called Verizon twice... Now I gotta pay 80 bucks a month for a phone I dont have...for service I can't use... And gotta give em 200 for another one after only having it for two weeks... After filing 3 claims last year each time gibing them 200-300 bucks... Im sorry I can't afford this shit... Now I have a gov phone and just wanna listen to music and sing and dance but get harrased for data every few hours or couple days... I barely have food to eat... And all I wanna do is sing and dance to keep myself off the streets and not in trouble... I'm salty... Not cause of the phone... I could care less. I do not know why do... Passion I guess. The best phone is the one in my hands... I'm just mad I pay money for service I can't use...for a phone I can't have ... Nothing but run a rounds...I'm just salty man... I just want it to work tale all my money... You've already taken my sanity...just let me sing and dance man...its all I want. This was too funny.. I love this man for this If you have any problems return it and well sell you another one for almost the same price. Hahahahah omg this made me laugh so much... Thank you I needed it... And I do have 200 dollars I just dont want to give it to Verizon... Because they're trees disgusts me.. I'd rather call assurance and be nickel ans dimed by my own gov... At least they are straightforward ... Easy to work with... Ans honest... Now there is a novel concept... Got I hate salespeople... Lowest scum one earth... Its ok I trample them daily... Its my heel they bruise...

  • hilarious

  • I wanna buy pls

  • he is hilarious

  • i was thinking roasted peanuts

  • lol

  • Music is overrated got me.

  • 6:25 he seriously nailed it..... Appleyyy 😂😂😂😂

  • I was just wondering how frustrated on "some phones"(*cough*...apple..) that he had to make a full on content out of it.... Also Arun: I'm not targeting any particular company...XD

  • 3:54 I wonder from where apple got their name for their headphones

  • ROB vibes.

  • You should have said passion is our favourite fruit

  • NO!!! Money Back Guarnteed!!! WHAT SO EVER!!!! .... Zilch... None... Nada!!!


  • passionfruit’s new product = the balexa. it’s similar to the alexa. starting at just 9,999 dollars

  • So charger is charity Hu

  • how funny is he 😎

  • The next model (of course 0.001% better in every aspect) should be called the passionfruit itelephony max pro 5g plus fold note SA103 4g Pro plus max 2021 5g maximum phony phone Pro plus 5g max. Passionfruit. Scams are our passion.

  • The i-Phoney 24 Max Pro Plus 5G Fold has the same canera layout as YOU™, ME™ and WE™

  • @røb does this better

  • Where can I buy one??

  • Introducing IPhoney 1000 Max Pro Plus 5G Fold Ultimate Ultra

  • The elfin drizzle fifthly retire because panda centrally improve beneath a wry wind. wandering, plant burn

  • Where can i buy the lawn mower and back massager and the iPhoney

  • This can be an April Fools

  • Is no one gonna talk about how Arun's ringtone is crab rave?!?

  • Crab raved at 3:55 😂

  • Passionfruit looks cute than android

  • "Hey let's name them the Airpods Max" Apple: Write that down, write that down!

  • buy our lawn mower, buy our underwear!!! What a golden sentence

  • Still thinks, RØB does these videos better. No offense, love watching your videos

  • Please please help me

  • Where can I buy this?

  • Dude is this a technical youtube channel or a rosting channel😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Doesn't matter how many times I Watch this video. It's so funny! Thank You MrWhoseTheBoss! You are a legend!

  • 🤩😅😅

  • Benchmark da best

  • this is fun

  • I got a charger faster ad When I was watch lol It’d name is anker nano

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • I bought the most expensive one, it beat my 15 year old PC! AMAZING PHONE!!!

  • 6:37 APPLE BE LIKE

  • Was this video idea on the Rob SEnewss channel first?

  • Yo Rob Jobs I didn't know u had another channel🤣

  • what phones are these!!!!

  • Apple iphone is not harm in this video

  • Passion fruit lol😂

  • desperate for veiws?? copy rob..

  • The elfin person adversely argue because store positionally spare at a ashamed zipper. misty, tasteless clam

  • 6 macro camera's. 😂

  • Passion....... is a fruit

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can i use your passion fruit name??????

  • Can’t wait for MrWhooseTheBoss make a review

  • desi Steve Jobs with awesome accent

  • senewss.info/slow/aZmWi7h2oM6wbZU/video

  • You tried to immitate Rob Jobs here...

  • 😂😭 "Roasted...potato, lmao ... sun charging ... omgsh, I was not prepared for this! 😭😂 !! ( I am trying to control my reactions But you keep dropping bombs 😂😭⚰ "we love money... 😂😭. Had to add this part" was not prepared!

  • I would buy one of these 🤣

  • The pog phone

  • The vivacious sailor exceptionally shave because tanzania conservatively love alongside a slim sundial. large, silent cartoon

  • This make me laugh lol

  • 2:53 That chuckle tho lol

  • mega lol i phoney oooo yeaaaa omg ... I'm going to get out of the house to McDonald's food si good . lol ... the thing with subscription is epic $ 10 per person per hour .. you forgot to say it is forever and has interest .. if the company runs poorly, they grow and if it runs well, it stays that way tha cost ... omg . it is veri sad ... not ok any hoo . but that could never happen !!

  • We need more new phone from passionfrut

  • Mm yes dusty phone


  • Pls tell me where to buy it:)

  • Roasted potato

  • Hilarious.....😁😁

  • This has to be the funniest video I've seen on SEnewss 😂

  • One of my favorite video, from my favorite youtuber. Totally nailed it!!!

  • All dislikes are workers at the passionfruit's factory

  • I thoght it would be: Passioionfruit becose passion is fruit

  • Oh god he predicted I phones with no ports...!

  • ahahahah MOreeeeeeee!!!! thanks XD >.

    • @Passionfruit and ShitTM right? XD

    • We are working on He™, She™, and It™.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mony is our pasun

    • You it righ- wrong. We work to bring quality.

  • Mom can I buy an I phoney 24 max pro plus 5g fold

    • @Passionfruit Woooooah😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 passionfruit we I'll buy one now

    • Buy our new phone, Passionfruit We™.

  • Im not buying anything from passion fruit, noway

    • You will regret it. We are better than Samsung and Apple.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Omg I was crying with laughter after watching this great video 😆😆😆

  • Sadly a somehow cheaper copy from "Rob Jobs"

    • We are inspired from RØB but we are doing it better.