Unboxing the $122,000 Smartphone. 🤯

Publicerades den 5 dec 2020
You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 -Samsung Galaxy S21 Unboxing, iPhone 13 etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $122K smartphone unboxing. Thanks to Caviar for helping out! (not sponsored)
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  • Can u give one of those phones for me...? Subscriber here from 🇵🇭..

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  • You forget Blackpink's SAMSUNG phone, watch, earbuds, and more

  • 2:37 I almost thought that my lol client did start

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  • 13:30, "This is an actual fragment of an Apple 1 computer", NO, it's not. There have been several sources that have PROVED that Caviar's attempt at obtaining an actual A-1 board is unsubstantiated and when sources for Caviar where asked how they obtained a genuine A-1 board, all correspondence was cut-off. Even several Apple experts AND former employees tied to Apple's early dev days have confirmed that the pieces of A-1 board on these Cavair phones is NOT authentic. A lot of flash and cash for an item that is NOT AUTHENTIC!

  • I would sell my children for that Evangelion phone

  • I am praying that the phone doesn’t get robbed😇🙏 also I love your videos

  • Love the lol one idkw😂

  • Before watching it, I already know was going to be an iPhone. Always is an iPhone 😉

  • Him: “tells people about the anime” Me: hmmmmmmmmmm sounds like darling in the franxx but worst

  • what do you do with the phones afterwards????

  • bro what do you do with all this phones at the end

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  • Fun fact :- you can't even afford first phone

  • This guy had 1million phones

  • I wanted the s20 plus so so hard but I couldn't afford it😭😭😭

  • Hhahaha in Albania with that money you can buy 100 houses 🤣🤣

  • Your the best

  • Give me one of these phones 😍

  • Me in the shower 3:06

  • TIL collectors phones are tacky.

  • Sell ya kidney phone

  • Raffle the phones bro

  • I work in a high end private school, and let me tell you that while brands like Vertu (Nokia) in the past, and now Oppo bust their butts to make luxury phones for rich people, actual rich people just waltz into a carrier store and leave with whatever iPhone (more often) or Galaxy flavor of the month is. Most of them don't care, and they actually switch when their phones get busted or stolen; or more likely when the carrier itself offers them an upgrade that's included in their expensive plans.

  • Imagine the diamonds suddenly falling off and end up losing it

  • I think he copy's mrbeast so copyright

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  • The first phone looks a lot like the OnePlus 7t

  • Heres a free meme: With $122 000 you can buy: 122 iphone 12 pros Me:ok... 244 ps5's Me:ok Or even a 5 story mansion in albania Me: wait that's my hometown-

    • that’s a bad meme

  • Day 1 just unpack iphone Gold,, Day 2 iphone Gold Got stolen

  • I just Bought Redmi 9 Coz its the only Phone i can afford

  • Imagine you find a completely fake phone inside.

  • Heres the unboxing thank me later 14:34

  • I never heard of BTS outside of this video

  • and it'll be outdated by next month lol

  • Stupid

    • stop calling people your twins

  • Omg it was so funny that he was trying to get the pic as same as Jin

  • Apple: finally a new competitor

  • The Price has nothing to do with the Phone though, I was thinking we were going to see some future tech.

  • Well now we know what the one piece is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I was expecting so many hyped up armys in the comment section🥺

  • Can i have one😂😂😂lol

  • Him: *//Poses like a BTS member//* The song: Feel Special by Twice (a completely different KPOP Group)

  • i love the fact that its almost never clickbait and also the fact that there's a timer on when he's gonna go on to the next phone #goodjobMrwhosetheboss

  • 9:00 yeah, I agree I'm not a kpop fan but I know that people who enjoy the genre and bts as a whole would be in love with that however the photos is a bit creepy edit: got the timestamp wrong

  • What are you going to do with those phones

  • oppo looks like a big tampon😄

  • Does he get to keep the phones or he has to return it? Just curious

  • Imagine just dropping the gold phone down concrete stairs. Big OOF

  • VVS on me now

  • Wow

  • 122 000 apple phone and no airpods ? apple being apple i suppose, and sheep being sheep

  • Too bad the apple 1 one was fake

  • I would like to have seen more about the 'Apple' phone. What it does etc. Tx

  • Haha wonderful

  • You knob, that Apple 1 computer phone is bullshit. That’s not a real piece of an apple 1 board it’s a replica, caviar pulls that crap all the time. They’re scammers lol.

  • can i plz have it my sis damage my only phone plz help a fan

  • Ooooooooooo Legends oooo😍😍😍😍😍😍👑🤐😵😍

  • Him: so we’ve some of the most limited smart- *skips to end*

  • Evanjelion

  • I posted a comment during an ad

  • Its quite interesting to note, that BTS limited edition, does not have 1. BTS inspired sound. Phones lack on the Sound. Equalizer, Dolby Sound, Surround Sound etc. More of a smart phone budget goes to camera specs. 2. They should have included all of BTS songs /albums. 3. BTS screen saver. Anyone with comments on smart phone Sound?? or more features for sound control? Also why does one has to pay more for a brand name mfg for sound. Like Herman Kardon sound. Samsung should use there own pro sound on there phone.

  • i have a $299 phone and it works good my battery last for 1 week i just saved $$$$$$

  • absolutely worthless product that over shadows humanity value except for those who live in their bubble and think that they are beyond average people.

  • 9:09 special 🤣

  • I literally love this man 🥲

  • Damn I'm so jealous of that oopo ace, tried to get one and failed miserably

  • 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • That’s actually really awesome from Oppo, 600-800 for limited edition phones that’s actually really nice

  • It costs as much as 244 playstation 5... Yeah sure, as if they exist Oppo's are the best tho

  • I was enjoying the phones, right up until you showed that pinnacle of disgustingness...trash. they call themselves that, which is even more toxic than themselves.

  • i thought u were American until i followed u on instagram

  • I heard that the actual pcb that they used in those phones, are donor boards and not real the original ones. Honestly kind of infuriating and its gives me Escobar Phone vibes.

  • That is not a piece of an Apple 1 on the Caviar case. Genuine Apple 1's are extremely rare, can cost as much as $1 million, and nobody would be stupid enough to cut one up into pieces and make phone cases. The Caviar case is a scam and that circuit board piece is from a worthless Apple 1 replica. Think about it this way. A real Apple 1 sells for at least $200K. Those Caviar cases are $10K and there's only 9 of them. So they can only make 90K with them. Why would they cut up a priceless antique, to earn only a fraction of what the original is worth?

  • *8:38** He is little confused 🤷🏻‍♂️ at this time*

  • borahae Mrwhoosetheboss !!!


  • Most of the people on earth 🌎 think the way to earn money, on other side, the people think how to spend money.

  • 122k iphone: *comes in gold and diamonds* also 122k iphone: *drops 30% of battery randomly after a year*

  • The case 😆

  • The gold phone is sweet, opps dropped it! that gold would be soft but never mind the gold, you'll be loosing some diamonds too lol

  • big joke

  • Diamonds with infections? lol! Fungus infection? It's inclusion. Edit: Also that phone seems to be a rip-off.. Those diamonds seem to be 0.1 or lesser carat VVS diamonds - 55 do not cost a crazy amount. Plus 18k carat gold case, not entirely sure how much gold is used, but in my opinion - $122k is a total rip-off!


  • senewss.info/slow/f62Xg65xaanNh6o/video

  • I've only started watching your video recently and I have enjoyed the way you present and the subject matter. The only thing I don't like is the channel name. How can someone who sounds as posh as you write whosetheboss rather than whostheboss?

  • bro that phone is worth the cost of my surgery for my testicular torsion/ testical surgery/ them removing my fucking testical whilst i am unconcious and cant consent

  • If I owned that phone, I'd never take it out of the house safe. People have murdered for far far less..

  • Can we buy a six bedroom house in Albania?😳

  • I am honored to you in my modest channel, welcome

  • How do u know how much does costs a house in Albania? 😂 And how is it possible that u know about my country! Anyway big respect ✌🏼

  • Sell your kidney phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Just wondering. Does anyone know if he gets to keep any of the phones?

  • From where do you purchase all this

  • Oppo is doing such a good job tho

  • Bro I'm so in love with the neon genesis oppo phone 😩❤️❤️❤️

  • Firstly, how the hell do you get number 1 of 9 Caviar iPhone 12? Is it bought, a gift or loaned? Its weird to make rare and expensive phones, that will go out of date, but I would put those caviar phones into a display case in my room.

  • what a waste of my time. he obviously made the $122,000 phone seem like it was that much because it was higher technology but its only that much because some rich people popped some gold on it.