Oppo Find X3 Pro Review - wait WHAT!?

Publicerades den 11 mar 2021
Unboxing and Review of the OPPO Find X3 Pro, an extremely interesting 2021 Flagship Smartphone!
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  • 3 videos in 3 days! Nearly a record 🎉 To check out the ridiculous ROG Phone 5: senewss.info/slow/j5PWeaensJLbn5U/video

    • lkllkk

    • give me that phone!!!!! seriously, where can i buy this phone???

    • All you did is fucking complain. If they upgrade that phone so much, the price will go up. It is great for its price. Would you fucking spend over a thousamd dollars for an oppo? Probably not because of that china brand stigma. BS video. The target market of oppo is a phone that is so great for its price. Oppo isn't a premium or luxury brand. It is not apple. Apple was dubbed or recognized as a premium smartphone brand but it is just fucking expensive while lacking so many features. Even a midrange oppo or other android phones will destroy apple smartphone for its specs.

    • You r the most reliable and interesting reviewer on SEnewss for my opinion Can you please test the S20 fe again and compare him to other devices I bought the s20 fe a 3 months ago because everyone was saying(Even you) that it's a good and powerful device but it feels to be only fine even he have the SD865 and 120h is not good for gaming and i never use the 120H because it make the phon warm and lagi in gams and bits the shit of the battery life Will even everyone recommend him is a good budget phon i dont think that he's (especially for heavy duty games)

    • Galaxy A72 ❤️❤️ waiting

  • Arran, loving your videos chap. I'm spilt between s21 plus or this oppo find x3 pro. Out of 10 what kind of rating would you give it? Thanks

  • 4:54 rickrolls us

  • This phone is not durable don't buy this

  • That camera bump style makes it look like a preschool toy phone.

  • Here I am trying hard not to buy the s21 ultra..

  • Why Aaron doesn't unbox realme smartphones ?

  • 11:10 In this sense, (imo) Xiaomi is getting better than any manufacturers. They used to struggle with their confusing Mi 8, Mi 9 series where they started jumping into the high-end flagship market. And then we have the Mi-Ultra series, which goes like 'everything that you want on a phone'. It seems Xiaomi is the only Chinese manuf who is ACTUALLY putting their effort into making a flagship feel 'flagship' (I'm not mentioning Huawei)

  • Lg v30 had the best idea of the finger print an home button on the back of the phone

  • I wonder if arun ever hold a shuriken 😂

  • How about giving away the phones that u dont use?

  • The idea of paying to see someone's twitter posts is absolutely ruhtardid

  • The two stacked empty boxes are literal telling of Oppo "Find"

  • After rewatching this like 5 times i know realize he rickrolled us.

  • Very funny design🤣🤣

  • Great video , if this three phones had the same price tag which one would you choose : OP9 Pro , Oppo Find X3 Pro , Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro ?

  • I have today a 2 years old model Oppo Reno. The pros- - sturdy, not easy braking the screen due to a fall - Software realisable - Excellent Interface - Easy settings. The cons: - camera isn't very good (picture quality) - camera settings difficult. - cable charge port it seems frail but so far is ok. - Takes a while recharging the battery (obviously it depends the apps in the background). Difficult camera with automatically fill flash. Nevertheless, my next mob will be an Oppo. I am not very fussy with the camera quality.

  • Bud can you answer a question i cannot find anything on this.. So the XFind3 Neo has the Sony IMX766 the Xfind 2 Pro has the IMX 689 Exmor RS...what does the XFind3 Lite have, i am struggling to find out...They have the bonus deal thing happening on Pre-Order which ends in 2 days in Aust..

  • I wonder how many takes that intro took

  • I agree, the phone looks so ugly

  • How much

  • Good to see the smartphone market gets more and more competition

  • To quote a great Australian nugget himself, "Inside the box you will find a box, and inside that box you will find a box, and inside it you will find another box! Why so many boxes?"

  • senewss.info/slow/qpSXncl0ip6opcg/video

  • Who still using LG right now

  • Hi

  • We should all unsubscribe until you make a video squealing with delight. I'm sure going to be using that as a ringtone LOL

  • In unbox therapy unboxing this they got cases inside the stacked empty boxes. It Oppo's fault Me after seeing that Arun didn't get the cases " Oppo you had one job "

  • A 10bit panel on a phone is more than useless

  • It’s also a 5G phone 😂

  • Trying to set 1 of these phones up for someone everything is double tap can't scroll down in the settings page of go to the next page on the main menu so far this phone is terrible

  • It's a shame it didn't start with 512GB storage like the Find X2 Pro did. Still, it's a really nice device.

  • “The selfie camera isn’t great” good I’m not a 12 year old girl

  • Smooth catch

  • i like the "OPPO rturnity " .

  • Nice voice

  • Soooo... when a phone company does things different with each phone, its bad? But when a phone company makes just gradual small incremental changes, thats bad too because in my mind its super boring and we end up with phones all looking and feeling the same. I like that Oppo's phones are different.

    • They are all good. Both help improve phones

  • Me and my friend's assignment 🤪

  • 2:44 me 💞•Love•💞 slow mo plsss, °·❤️·♡Τнäиκ чöü♡·❤️·° u make my day. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • when you wath it in 4 k it looks like samsung is better (no hate pls)

  • Hi sir Am from Philippines I need your help Just old phone for my duaghter Because she need phone to study she is now kinder she need phone for online classes Thank you and god bless

  • Who else loves to watch smartphone review, planning to buy but can't afford one of them?🙋

  • The military motorboat analogously precede because romania disturbingly tire aboard a adjoining fire. wrong, luxuriant feet

  • What oneplus 8 pro vs find x3 pro

  • He's Unboxing an oppo smartphone wearing a OnePlus t-shirt 😂.

  • That unboxing video is one of the most smoothest pillow of all the way to the end ya

  • am I the only one who noticed the onplus and Maclaren ad in in t shirt😅

  • Its a phone

  • Ok so how many times did you double tap to watch that intro again? #MrSmoothOrWhat?!

  • Hi, what is for today the best smartphone camera.?

  • I think Find X series is meant for experimenting

  • s21 ultra vs mi 11 ultra camera comparison

  • will you be reviewing oppo find x3 pro? I'm stuck between 2021 flagships

  • .

  • That 10 bit thing is like what Sony used to-do with its Xperia lines. The Bravia engine makes the image pop within the phone but once you send the photo to someone else's phone the photo quality just drops. Too little support for it elsewhere.

  • introducing the whole new oppo but wearing oneplus shirt ahahhaah just tot is funny

  • Copy and pasted ugly

  • I think they forgot to give you the extra phone case. i saw other reviewers got 2 extra phone case in the 2 empty box you got.

  • You might be cool, but you'll never be 'catching a phone on queue without looking or dropping and keeping a straight face' cool

  • What was that under the table feature u liked? " Sometimes killing features that people actually liked"

  • Does anyone know if the UK version of the phone comes with the snapdragon chip because I know that Samsung ones don't. Also how much better will this phone be than my Samsung S20 plus.

  • Wait- there's rick dollar? Pause the video and go to 4:54 and see...

  • testing all these new phones but 12 pro max from october last year still your main phone 😀

  • Reviewing an Oppo phone while wearing a oneplus hoodie haha

  • You're comparing RM2k phone with RM4k phone. Double the price obviously the expensive phone Samsung will win

  • 3:25, Not the first smartphone you forgot about Huawei Mate 30 pro ,please do correct . No offense🙏

  • Math Teacher: Find X 3

  • Can you please do a comparison review on One Plus 9 pro and Vivo X60 pro Plus

  • It’s because Oppo is trying hard to be like Apple while at the same time experiments with new features every generation without improving their previous efforts. They’re lost a little, kinda like how Huawei was before P10 and it’s zoom camera focus. Being the first at things doesn’t mean you’re the best

  • Oppo is finding its direction, short harm, better in the future

  • Nice to have a choice of something different, away from same same same...

  • MrWhosetheboss: "I'll squeal even more" Michael Scott: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!"

  • So bias to iphone and apple product.

  • I really like how it looks. No stupid leather, no stupid cheap bright plastic colors. Just clean mate finish.

  • 4:00

  • 4:01

  • I want those Rick bucks

  • OPPO ...pls take notes !

  • "The narrative kinda hits me." I literally LOL

  • Which is better? Find X 3 Pro or VIVO X60 Pro Plus?

  • Oppo X3 Black is Darth Vaders mobile phone.

  • Good damn oppo you copied iphone 12 pro max camera module but the camera is in the left

  • This Guy is the best tech reviewer

  • Oppo-rtunity 😂🤣. Alright sir, you have my support 🙂 subscribed.

  • Anybody noticed fake money

  • Okay you got the throw ins falling on you, but You forgot the Hipster ironic jokes. Maybe a scratching record stop. The 1990s are back in fashion you know

  • Oppo unboxing wid OnePlus shirt......great😂😂😂😂

  • 13:18 Its onlyfans bro

  • Arun : while i use this phone i kinda feel like that i am beta testing features. Oppo's ceo : note that down , note that down .

  • Will/does it work in Canada ie . Telus etc.

  • 6:50 But the Xperia 1 ii has a 10-bit display in 2020

  • This phone is worse than my S20 Ultra in almost any way other than CPU, but is more expensive

  • iPhone 6 to iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2, 3 all the same however there is not much people complain about it?

  • Oppo reno 5 prosenewss.info/slow/g6vGqLGUmNzYgrY/video😭

  • Pramod 😂😂😂

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    • Please help me to choose between 1+9pro, mi11 ultra, oppo find x3 pro. Need 12gb ram, ltpo. Maybe you could to propose alternative model? Wireless charge will be good.

  • I want that micro camera in every phone!

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  • Never expected the word "shuriken" to show up in your elegant, gentleman-like utterance 😂😂

  • Oppo find x3 or vivo x60 pro Plus or one plus 9 pro which is better for camera

  • Unboxing OPPO wearing OnePlus's jacket xD