The Fastest Android Phone Ever.

Publicerades den 2 dec 2020
Everything you need to know about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G, and the Fastest Smartphones coming out with it - possibly from the likes of OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, and more! (For clarity, at 2 mins 46 secs, the chip used is not an official Snapdragon design, it's a mockup made by myself).
Thanks to Qualcomm for sponsoring this video, all views are my own!
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  • How many bits in vivo V19?

  • 1:49 what's the name of the game he was playing ?

  • 6ghz wifi band. Ah shit, now I gotta buy a new router.

  • 8:51 Iphoney Lol😂

  • What is the first game that looks like the Witcher ?

  • The powerful phone: *exist* Kids who wants a Powerful tablet: I hate you Smartphone Teens playing pc: Haha no thermal cooling and no Cooling and no gpu and vram

  • #What's the name

  • Future OnePlus 9 Gang watching this

  • Fantastic video as always! 👏

  • 888 is a engery monster and super heat generator. They should have TSMC made the chip as oppose to Samsung.

  • Who's stopping anyone from hacking the chip in order to seal any sort of image or video they've been working on manually ? The more I see the security steps on these phones and the AI they use, the more it's become increasingly obvious how easely big brother tech can take all the database the AI gathers and sell them for whatever future project they may have, and in general, steal all data without a problem of ever being caught in court. And if they were to be caught in court, it would take the court to study the technology to the point that the big bro knows it, which can take forever if big bro doesn't want its technology understood by the court.

  • Me watching this video with buffering

  • How is hypervisor different from Android for business?

  • The most impossible thing is to get a hear from Arun. It can't be No one can have it from him.

  • The 'triple-8' will get the chinese throwing their money on it

  • Me watching this dissappointed on an exynos 2100 s21 ultra

  • First AI step Finally....

  • Okay, now this looks like Next gen. Big respect for Creators :)

  • Bro . I am having to watch the whole ad every time I watch your video. That to mostly the same ads. Would love the Skip ad. :)

  • I'm curious to see how what was supposed to be possible in this video is shown to be optimally used in the s21 ultra and s21 as they now use the 888. Did they (somewhat) meet your expectations?

  • Imagin hwawii and snapdragon 888 know this is a must to buy phone

  • dose any one really care i have been buying high end phones since i was 22 i am now 38 i use android and apple so what i am going to say may piss off some but the fact is no matter how new the snapdragon is it will never be as fast an an apple thats an fact, Hell the iphone 11 cpu is faster then then this new 888, This is why i gave up on android , You buy an android phone for 1000 and in less then an year you are lucky you can sell it for 400 with iphones vaule is always top

  • Laughing in *ROG PHONE 3*

  • Now the s21 ultra has it lol

  • I'm the present owner of passionfruit Iphoney

  • I just bought a snapdragon 835 phone thinking it was modern enough...

  • I came here late... so I was watching this with .. "WTF EXPERIMENTAL CPU?!" but as soon as he said "...Snapdragon 888..." I was like "Wait, that's what my phone has." lol then I realize this video was back in december lol

  • 885 : Am I a joke to you?

  • One missing line' The sub to the channel would be - Amazing / incredible / sweet, bla bla bla.. 😅

  • 15 years ago i had camera that captured saved and stored 24 bit color images, actually it was 32 bits, actually 38 for raw. So 10 bits novadays sound amazing. What next? Black and white photos?

  • Passionfruit i-phoney😂😂😂😂😂

  • I keep watching this video.

  • Snapdragon 888

  • Not even close to Apple once again lol

  • 5:38

  • Man, Qualcomm out here making my S20 FE feel way more outdated than I'd like.

  • Now all everyone needs is for Samsung to drop their goddamn Exynos chips FOREVER

  • Nothing less than FANTASTIC. THANK YOU

  • Love your work but would love for you to tell the display size, up front.

  • I'm more interested in 1. Display size. 2. Ram. 3. GB of memory. Camera is way down the line of things I want on a phone.

  • Gpu Mali g78 24core on kirin9000 is more powerful than adreno 660 sd888👎

  • I love Android

  • 0:03 😂

  • 1:46 Its Genshin Impact! It can run Genshin Impact its not a potato phone

  • Yet Samsung keep making flagship smartphones with Exynos chipset for International market.

  • I love this channel. No ads

  • 144k likes=144hz

  • Less than 0.2% of WiFi Routers currently available even use 6GHz... So that's pretty useless.

  • People play mobile games?

  • soo you mean mobile games still doesnt use my phones 90hz screen? okay

  • This doesn’t aged well

  • Do u know what u say in ur all video..u just an advert work for money. U r 🐏🐑

  • Every 6 month there is a "new" most powerful phone ever

  • What phonen it is?

  • Iphones????

  • Hypervisor , along waited thing from Linux if used properly this would be DOPE

  • T

  • What is that game at 0:45 ?

  • Wifi6

  • POG

  • _Has literally the most powerful device ever in his hands_ _plays chess_ 1:46

  • I cant help but love your outro

  • 8:49 😂 8:50 😂😂 8:51 😂😂😂

  • Smartphones are retro. old phones or no phone is the new modern. Get used to with it. Girlfriends with smartphones???? What a loser...

  • Hypervisor feature was present in Lenovo phones since K4 note from 2014/15

  • I call bs on the 60 fps highest settings (insert graphics intensive game title here).

  • Me watching at a $100 phone: 😥

  • this proccesor lets u jumpbridge on mcpe (phone) connected on a controller/keyboard mouse i wish i chose realme :(

  • Haha cool

  • Must be nice

  • wasnt the Galaxy S8 able to send Bluetooth signals to two separate devices?

  • I wish you give me a phone God bless

  • Xiaomi mi 11 has the Snapdragon 888 too

  • Please send me that phone

  • My bionic chip is crying right now

  • What about mi11

  • How about Huawei nova 5t?

  • "The Fastest Android Phone Ever" - so, the The Fastest Phone Ever? Its not like there is a faster phone

  • One problem if you buy this phone is you can't see tips in a game's loading

  • Tldr faster, more AI, can connect to more than one bluetooth device, can now run Virtual michines

  • gift me a ROG PHONE pleaseeeee 🙃😞

  • Does Asus phones come with chipset of snapdragon 888 or higher in future.And also I want to know about s21 ultra performance and battery back up.

  • I saw genshin impact

  • New subscriber here i love watching good unboxing/review (for me) coz i love cellphones who got a high procesor (coz i love playing games heheh ) love to watch eventhough i dont have money to buy phones hahaah love from ph take care :)

  • Iphoney :)

  • People are worried that the 'Dumb Blonde' personas will be like yesterday's Tech. That is the concern with AI.

  • Snapdragon 888? With so many eights in the name, the Chinese will be snapping up phones, based on this chipset, in no-time. 😊

  • At this point ever since they made the "if smartphone commercials were honest" they have been showing the i-phoney in a lot of vids

  • When you saw the phone is faster as your pc

  • me watching on snapdragon 439: 😮

  • How does this 888 chip stack up against iphone max 12??

  • That number 1 feature is literally what I do to my phone lol

  • Fast paced.. cat videos

  • I will stick with Huawei until the Americans ban the Samsung phones. The reason they banned Huawei is that no other phones can compete. I have owned Samsung phones in the past, they are excellent phones.

  • The future's bright, the future's 10 bit colour.

  • I C genshin impact


  • But Bluetooth 5.0 already allowed for multi-sound-device-simultaneous pairing, samsung phones with BT 5.0 had it, though there was usually some asynchronous issues, one speaker would be slightly delayed.

  • Did you forget your line: A sub to the channel would be......

  • From your example with the hose and water flow. You are saying that Gigaherts, is like your prostate. The bigger the number, the smaller the prostate?