The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

Publicerades den 11 feb 2021
Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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  • Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

    • Hi i need some help

    • Hi

    • straight savage

    • I have never used a third party charger, what are they thinking?

    • This is soooo messed up. 1000€ phone and no quick charger that costs 50€ separately! I give my money to who is the least "dishonest". You remember when Apple was like "there is no space for a jack" Then someone showed that is wasn't true..... YT channel "Strange Parts" Same here. It's called up-selling (when you are supposed to get it for free) Thanks for this video. hope you get many likes. #solobyhjm etsy

  • thank you for your information

  • Wow! I never looked at it from this point of view! Well done and well explained !!!!

  • The only green companies care for is money. The green with envy in the other companies are another type. That's why they copy each other. 💚🌎💸🔚

  • I bought my dad the new SE iphone 2020 version for Christmas 2020 (it was his first smartphone because until now he was using the old school Nokia bith buttons and I wanted him to finally have all the benefits smarphones bring to the table) and I was confused when he opened the box the was no charger, just the cable and the cable didnt even have the right plug thing on the end for iphones...??? Didnt know this trend that iphone doesnt provide you the charger was an actual thing

  • Very well done. Just ran across your video and was really impressed with the insight into big business branding and the eco friendly bandwagon. Thanks.

  • "Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger" No problem: I no longer buy either Apple or Samsung products. (yes, really)

  • You guys get free casings?

  • Theyre trying to save money, not the world.

  • Very true , very good points you've brought up . Like many things in the world these days ...morons running companies and governments , they jump before they look .

  • Proud to be a subscriber .Greetings from Egypt

  • If you want to be eco friendly, shut down your companies and stop manufacturing phones

  • What do you have to say about laptops, they should also do what apple did? Iphone is just a company that wants to sell everything including chargers.

  • Samsung first laughed at Apple for removing it, then removed it themselves a few months later.

  • Governments will soon step to correct this abomination

  • And the MagSafe charger is so bulky. Sheesh.

  • Most eco friendly phone, is one where the battery is replaceable, and the software upgradeable frequently, unfortunately that doesn't make these companies money, so glued in batteries, and stopping upgrades for older phones, we will bury ourselves in trash sooner or later.

  • Tell me more about gallium nitride chargers!

  • i guess the real reason is for those phone manufacturer to sell product to it's intended price (higher price) less the production cost for charger.. in short they earn more

  • Wish phone companies watch this and open their eyes and heart

  • Bro plus point I keep all my phones boxes in case my gone breaks and I need my old phone for a while so I don't throw away my phone boxes that often

  • Possibly just make a compact power block? Or a decreased price for no charger. Not too hard to decide, everybody knows it's just cost cutting.

  • For all of you dummies out there: climate change is BS and these corporations know it. That and their removal of headphones/chargers is all about money. Enjoy your carbon tax fools.

  • OK So did you get sponsored by Galaxy Buds Pro? If yes why didnt declare your sponsor?

  • I still use my stock quick charger and adapter that came with my redmi note 8, case is still the same. My older phones, only extra's I bought was new display and battery so I can repair them and sell them for cheap. Now that's ecological

  • Yeah isn't hahahaha

  • I don’t always watch your videos for the content; often I watch because you make really good videos, and you’re British!!!! Blessings.

  • They are simple minded businessmen. They see a opportunity to increase profits. They have no shame. They can say whatever they want. They get paid millions for these basic concepts.

  • an apple a year makes your money disappear.

  • future phones be like: assemble/build it on your own

  • this, this, this, over and over again

  • It just keeps getting worse! Every time he said something and I thought, "that's bad." He's like, "WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

  • 🤣 Apple and Samsung thinking they are doing good things for the environment is like a 200kg person buying a diet coke.

  • You can't just posit your ideas as fact without some real research.

  • I am sorry to see Apple Join the companies whose motto is fuck the Consumer every chance you can.

  • Just to let you know those “akg” earphones are just regular earphones with Akg slapped on. All of the akg engineers moved to Austrian audio

  • Apple:we don’t want to

  • great video!!

  • I've had a pair of usb-c headphones for going on 4 years now. Also, my last phone I used the charger like twice. I have a high wattage USB-C charger from Samsung for my chromebook that I use to charge most of my stuff because its high enough wattage to charge anything I own. I have so many chargers that I get that I don't use. Also as far as the headphones, at least in the US, hardly anyone is using wired headphones. I probably haven't used mine in a couple years. Some countries, it may not make sense to do this, but in the US at least it makes sense.

  • While your conclusion is definitely correct in companies being green as long as it suits their wallets (or rather the shareholders’), i think you slightly miss the shipping point. What is reduced is not the space in the final delivery van, but containers on a ship. Also if you don’t own a charger you’d probably get one while buying the Phone, no need to order it separately via Amazon. Even if you do, now you have one and can use it with the Phones you’ll buy the next couple of years.. hopefully. Companies may paint an overly green picture, but in my opinion you are doing the exact opposite, Reality might just find itself somewhere in the middle.

  • This is such a profound and informative delivery. Thanks Mrwhostheboss for informing us of what is really happening in the industry.

  • All they want is more profit. you need to keep buying the extras

  • Let me guess there not gonna include the phone next

  • If these companies really cared about the environment they wouldn't be promoting so heavily, headphones/earbuds with lithium batteries in them and all the extra junk wireless stuff need. That's why the removed the headphone jack, the more gadgets they can sell the happier they are.

  • Dude you are so right

  • a single video that can change how the world work in the future..#respect

  • I really don't buy the idea that these companies actually think about being eco friendly. In my opinion it's just a big trend of today coupled with an natural dooms day crazy theory and everybody wants to be eco until it actually bothers them. I surely believe that we need to take a better position in not destroying the world, but the way we see big companies and even countries doing it feels just like trying to ave a good critic. Paris agreement is just as flawed and everybody went crazy when the US got out of it, as if it changed ANYTHING to get back. hahaha Same thing with companies. It doesn't really to be real, just to look like they are doing something. On the other hand they charge the same price to send us less things. Isn't that great? hahaha

  • Your awesome man

  • People don't buy products. They buy ideas. Nothing about rational thinking

  • I'm upset I don't have audio jack. My car doesn't have Bluetooth .-.

  • I got a charger

  • if phone makers want to be good for the environment, they should make parts of phones easy replacable (like batteries)

  • If they really wanted to be more eco friendly, they would get rid of all the plastic bags and fillings and replace it with more eco friendly alternatives. Its not like they wouldn´t have the money to do it...

  • Apple is fooling & looting and idiots are buying 😂 So dumb🥺

  • Hi, I am not sure if you know, when you buy mi 11 in China, you have 2 options , phone only or phone + charger bundle and they are same price.

  • If they actually cared about the environment, these companies wouldn't be producing out dated technology and fragile phones

  • There are already other devices not including a charger, for instance, power banks, bluetooth speakers or rechargeable blood pressure metes. They all assume you have a USB plug somewhere... and if I got a phone without a charger, I'd probably not buy a charger, but connect it to my PC or USB hub to charge. My father ended up using the USB plug supplied with a digital camera to charge his blood pressure meter (and the charger supplied with an older digital camera to charge AA batteries for other devices as well).

  • The AKG headphones are mad decent too. Next time my carrier is trying to persuade me to upgrade my phone I'll be demanding headphones and a charger from them. Ridiculous that I'll be spending upwards of $1000 and then have to go shopping for the accessories.

  • I like how he explains everything, while we already know apple and Samsung are trying to be cheap

  • It's rubbish. They just wanna be able to charge us more money. So disappointing.

  • Please send this to Apple!!

  • Worst part is they taking things out but charging us more. Like wtf?

  • I am not protecting what apple did. However, the people decides to do these actions are business owners which means they firstly think of making profit as they suppose to. As a customer, we should be able to choice and decide whatever we feel doing. We think we are aware of the situation but pointing out the problem does not mean that you are solving it!

  • Wait! Since when did anyone ever include a phone case?

  • "wow samsung what a hero for our planet" apple does the same thing "fuck you, give me back my charger, next thing you'll be selling empty boxes"

  • Yeah fuck eco friendly, I will die in less than a 100 years, I don’t fucking care about the earth

  • Keep the charger, and remove the user manual.

  • There is a few problems with the cardboard packages of delivery, for example if you already know that you don`t have the headphones, the charger and the case, you don't order them in separated purchases, you'll get them all in one, so, thats minimices de problem of 4 card boxes to one, maximum two. The other thing is that the problem with the cardboxes of amazon or third party delivery services are no think (maybe it should) for apple, samsung, etc. Because they focus in the transportation for they product to the manufacturer fabrics to they warehouses.

  • I just got my s21 ultra without a charger. For a first phone, this was kind of hard to not have a charger...

  • Lets be honest..... Its about bottom line and they think your stupid.

  • Corporate greed

  • Having an old charger that is 20, 30% even 40% slower than a brand new one is still ok. Only time i actually use a proper phone charger is overnight... btw, want to be less "environmentally correct" keep your phone as long as you can. :)

  • It only works wtih Apple because the people who buy and iPhone buy everything else Apple releases so that means they don't really care and then other companies think it works with them too so they do it and everything goes wrong. So basically Apple missleads people and companies

  • Master Brain 🧠 You are the best!

  • Just don't buy the flagship phones. This kind of bullshit usually happens to flagship phones. I always buy mid range phones.

  • I could not agree with you more. Packaging is a huge issue. Not just Amazon - for obvious reasons they have pre-defined sizes, but stuff these days is packed into so many layers of packaging, where just a tiny bit is actually necessary for protection of the item.

  • Oh wait he did say it lol.

  • I think we live in a world filled with fear... I'm here waiting to here this super intelligent person say this is a scam so they can make more money it has nothing to do with the environment because what they claim still won't even help the environment not even 1/2% if they can get you to buy a phone because we are sheep's and then buy a charger separately then double their profits.

  • I think the most eco friendly thing smartphone brands can do is not release their flagship phones annually...

  • Why isn't any technology reviewers pointing out how each time they remove usfull features and items in the box saving them millions in manufacturing and engineering costs they also jack up the price of the phones by 10% to 20%? I don't think people really understand how much they actually save removing the headphone jack or SD slot. It's not just a port but also the engineering behind putting it in there, the DAC and the socket itself. For the SD the controller chips for it is no longer needed. My S9+ just died and this S21 Ultra is a worse phone in almost every sense. And the included cable is USB-C both ends.... like WTF!!!!

  • @Apple

  • @apple

  • Whatever the leftists and liberals say about anything, including all their claims about environment, gender and race is bullshit. Period!

    • You think these companies are Liberals. That's Cute...They just pander to the largest market that is ignorant sheep echoing buzz words that get given a positive reaction to on social media. These companies couldn't care less about the environment and their customers, their mental illnesses or delusions. They say what Liberals & Conservatives want to hear to sell their products. For Leftists it's identity politics and Environment. Conservatives it's ease of use and privacy features.

  • Next they will sell only box . And u should buy phone separately 😂

  • Modern day plastic is made from corn so it biodegrades into dirt

  • There is known environmental pollution at all biodegrades it is made from substances such as cardboard, so it becomes dirt.

  • I wonder how dumb you have to be to actually swallow a lie from a major corporation presented this bold.

  • The only channel I like to watch the same video again and again because of clean presentation and quality

  • Sexist!!! "It's fair to assume that you have a pair". 3:22

  • This is starting to get more and more ridiculous... in a way that its just plain stupid to continue buying these products😵

  • “Its always suspicions when someone take something from you and they tell it for your own good” People who vote:we didn’t hear that

    • I actually am not sure what this comment exactly means

  • I have an old MacBook air, my charger for it has at least 24 breaks on the rubber outside of it (edit: I just counted and it actually has 28, sorry), I can't buy that charger on apple anymore, I need a new one, they should 100% keep the old chargers for things on their website

  • A $1,000 or better for a phone and they won't include a charger ? Profit , in a word ! Saddest part ? We will keep buying their products and they know it . :/

  • *Take notes mobile companies.* 🙄

  • I gave middle finger to "Apple" 👃👆 long ago, F U APPLE , who doesn't have Job's vision anymore

  • Loved the video 👍 Awesome logical explanation

  • Imagine you take your phone to warrantee services and they claimed your phone is damaged because of your charger we didn't give to. So warrantee is invalid. This is a clever business model. - More sales in accessories (charger, Headphone etc) - Less transportation expense due to reduced size and weight - More revenue (they didn't reduce phone price) - More warrantee rejection option - More business affiliation opportunities with Charger/headphone manufacturers - Save the planet campaign PR The Apple employee came with the idea is genius.

  • Nothing can beat my Iphone 4 that I still use hahahahahah

  • Apple should watch this video

  • or instead of buying everything from amazon separately just walk to your local store and buy every you need in one go?