ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Unboxing - So Fast it's Funny.

Publicerades den 10 mar 2021
Unboxing and Review of both the ROG Phone 5 & ROG Phone 5 Ultimate edition, the two fastest, most powerful smartphones in 2021...But, there's a catch.
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  • Yet again, 800 of you beat me to first you guys have one ready to go or something? 😂 To check out my last video on a very interesting smartphone gadget:

  • This thing has 8x my pc ram wth

  • on the paper this phone is just amazing but my big problem is the design. i dont want everyone to see that i have a gamer phone i want to have the features without everyone already thinking that it has them. and the camera design: who thinks that having corners at the camera make the phone look cool or the rgb. i think they overthink gaming a little bit too much. just my opinion

  • He rickrolled us twice! 0:34 and 7:14

  • A beast of a phone for playing shitty phone games 🤣

  • Villager in minecraft be like 1:08 😂😂

  • Is it me or did they skip the 4

  • Nice

  • Durability is the Best

  • This phone worst phone it can break it like your money lost easy in air haha

  • Finally a phone I would love! A high end camera would just bump up the price. I hope they would make phones a bit wider not being the most narrow.

  • Did anyone see that he plays Genshin impact or is it just me??

  • Nice catch And who throw that spunch 😂

  • 👾👾

  • When A Phone Has More Ram Then Your Gaming Pc

  • That was a great review

  • 18 GB Ram Lol Its More Than My Phone Rom

  • You knoe what's disappointing is the price


  • Hmm looks biased, sorry

  • Brother, I live in Bangladesh. Can I have a gaming phone? If it is within 15 16 thousand rupees.

  • im pc is only 60 hz lmaoo

  • I want this phone. But I can't afford it in the USA.

  • Since you are always on my recommendation list I figured I was subscribed, guess I wasn't. My apologies this is by far my favorite review channel. Keep up the great work!

  • Well, someone's having a lot of fun in his studio!😂

  • I dont even care about the camera. Im also not playing games on my samrtphone. Still buying this phone :)

  • Welcome to another episode of I'm watching but i can't afford it yet

  • 4:04 vanishing bottle

  • why put great cameras in it, gamers don't leave their basements anyway

  • pc gamers with single channel 8gb ram: am i a joke to you

  • Most of those options halfway through the video can be done on a regular phone..

  • This is not a review, its a rick roll


  • did anyone else hear the yeet at 6.10

  • I'm already satisfied with my current 8GB ram phone, I think I'll buy the ROG series phone when the 32GB ram model come xD but really tho, nowadays mobile games aren't really that specs hungry(beside genshin impact ;c)

  • You sir, are quite possibly the most entertaining and articulate presenter I have ever experienced. Your delivery is absolutely flawless. So much so in fact, that I am surprised you are not the spokesperson for a major company like Apple or Samsung. You also have an incredibly deep understanding of the devices you review, and you you can articulate that understanding in a way that is highly informative and entertaining. My sincerest compliments!

  • I get wanting to compare cameras on smartphones but it has gotten to the point where that is basically what companies like Samsung and Apple are going so in depth with making theirs better they skimp over what actually matters on a phone. The majority of people who buy a phone want it for it's performance over it's camera imo. If someone cares so much about the quality of the pictures they are taking that they go so far in depth of how their phones cameras works, then it is most likely they have an actual camera that takes better pictures than any phone has the ability of doing. This phone is hands down the future of phones as a whole and if they had to take away from their camera to do so than so be it

  • I would not buy ultimate literary i can buy a high end pc with that money

  • Thanks for criticizing Samsung for dropping charger from the box accessories! That's straight up BS!

  • I love ur explaination

  • It’s a gaming phone though of course they’d be focused on that market alone

  • Targeting that niche is their goal IMO. They don't need to be another Samsung alternative. They're doing their own thing. As long as it's profitable and they keep improving, I'm glad they are waving from the beaten path.

  • I would sub to this channel if I wasn't already subscribed. This channel actually helped me in my last/current choice: rog phone 2 ultimate edition. Still the best phone I've ever owned and I'm one of those guys that only gets flagships and maximum end phones, so I'm no easy man to convince! I got this phone originally for the straight specs for processing and ram. At the time, it held all the records. It's still a highly respectable phone today. Yeah it's got amazing specs even today, but my favorite thing? 1Tb storage. This thing IS my computer! This thing REPLACED my computer!

  • That review is so on point. Good job!

  • The nimble bridge intriguinly share because workshop previously wail for a paltry bat. panoramic, oceanic beautician

  • Jeez, that has more ram than my pc

  • This is a gaming phone, not a selfie stick. I'm so sick of cameras being a focus on phones. As someone who has a Note 20 ultra I'd rather a bigger battery over the dumptruck thats on the back of my phone. I use my camera maybe once a week and never on myself.

  • The healthy arm intriguinly pop because cave interestingly release times a past trumpet. milky, lavish chime

  • Exactly what u said why i skip ROG⁵

  • the game was designed to capture the best gaming moments possible from a portable device, not to capture images?

  • i have the 3 best phone ever

  • How I wish I have this😖

  • You either die a Hero like LG or live long enough to become the villain like OnePlus

  • Price in dollars Rog phone 5: 950,87 Rog phone 5 ultimate: 1545,91

  • i want the accessories more than the phone, like legit i would rock that hat, and builld that logo XD


  • You made me chose a phone that i cant even afford


  • Samsung needs to take a few notes from them on build quality- like these days you need a minimum of 256gb storage on flagship models and really for the price you pay they should have 512

  • Wait will this work in the USA and can you buy it there? By the way I appreciate all the details you go into, I wish you had time to go further into the cool features

  • 3:15 Wow I absolutely love how the box comes to life when you look at it through the phone's camera!!! That's so cool! If only samsung did that. Those really awesome fun features make such a big difference I'm already really impressed so far, and the rest of the specs you mentioned are extremely impressive, especially the ddr5 ram

  • 7:13 Look at the top right

  • I've heard the bigger amount of watts isn't always better, there's actually a happy medium, an optimal amount which is around 25 unless it's a different number, but I know it's below 50.

  • Summary: huge performance with 144hz refresh rate, suitable for gamers, but has an average camera

  • Bruh this phone better than my pc

  • How much ? -- just for the other box ??

  • I've just fell in love (L)

  • Can i have that rog 5 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

  • well that was ROG for? republic of gamers

  • Where buy

  • No, cameras are ok... Pls dont spend more for ur cameras.. actually, if u can put only 1 cam module and cut the price lower, that would be soo much better.. azus dont Go to that camera battle corner, let other brands (specially samsung) go and join the gaming phone battle.. 😊

  • You have to compare it to the Lenovo Dual 2

  • When does it come out

  • Jerry rig didn't approve the phone so not buying Rog 5. Rog 3 is strong .

  • This phone is better than my pc that i dont have lolololol

  • 7:13 look at top right

  • Every time I watch a review i remind myself why I gotta make money...

  • Fav part of the video 6:21 😂

  • I don't give 2 shits about design if the phone performs better than a pc

  • frick u

  • Dude can I have a phone for my online class pls 😅🥺

  • This phone's RAM = 4 x My PC's RAM + 2 GB RAM

  • At 7:14 he Rick rolled me

  • Are there ggdhskow

  • this phone has more ram than my internal storage

  • ight you rickrolled me gg

  • How do I buy the rog 5 ultimate ??

  • You look a little bit 'Desi'... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 am I right???

  • Asus listen to their community.. Sure, and black collor issue with rog 3 is still not fixed 🙃

  • dam this dude is really nice about asus

  • Wonders like these make me wondering why people still buying apple products

  • I knew waiting to get this one over the 3 was worth but now all I need is a place where to buy it before the 6 comes lol

  • 1:47 when she send noods without you having to ask😂

  • They focused on gaming aspects and this guy expects it to fly

  • Why is everyone complaining about the camera lol 99% of the people will use the phone for gaming only no one will use the camera

  • Just 7:12

  • Yes i heard that sound 6:17 eeeyai 😂

  • Your video

  • Great hardware, but does android have any PlayStation 4/5 type games, most game available on android look like they were released in 1990.

  • I really love the calm and classy music in the background. Please someone tell me what it is lol