21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

Publicerades den 26 feb 2021
From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
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  • I guess you didn't see the footage of the missile exploding as it neared Hawaii.

  • "Whose"? That's possessive.

  • These are what pass as "HORRIFIC" nowadays? Snowflakes.

  • has anyone done the maths there is no chance for this PS5 Analogy

  • 3:07 pretty cool to show you at the end foda-se

  • What do you mean rewind 2020 didn’t happen! Mrbeast made it happen

  • I still can't believe Google Glass didn't find a killer app. I think it was basically the Newton, a 10 years ahead of its time product that will be back in some revised, improved form. I envisioned it running an instantaneous speech-to-text app for the deaf.

  • Your editor fricked up XD

  • 4:10 - 6:22

  • 6:25 "remember the wii right that consle even though it was as powerful as my fridge" XD

  • Im sorry but who want me to forget these tech fails

  • What is wrong with u ? the WiiU was an big invention and u just call it an Fail?!?! And i think i can say as an WiiU User it would make fun even now!

  • LG Chloe worked, she just didn't want to be put in a box and shipped around the world. So she made him look stupid on purpose >:]

  • Imagine that your game sucks so bad that it ranks the same as a false missile warning.

  • Jeffery Katzenberg is the founder of DreamWorks. Not the CEO of Disney.

  • Imagine mentioning the Wii U without mentioning the colossal failure of the Virtual Boy...

  • Bro its SUPER easy to hack the smart home, it scares me.

  • this is a picture of our society using technology failures, this video is truly awesome, thank you.

  • 17:02 did you say the 2021 or the 2020 one

  • I forgot about taytweets!

  • I am playing cyberpunk 2077 on stadia with a 40mbps internet connection, and it is amazing

  • You realize the CEO and the Founder of Seagway is still alive.....

  • Did anyone elses siri trigger on 22:52

  • "Tharanos, not Thanos" Considering it was a coin-toss of whether or not the results of the 'tests' would be accurate, are you sure about that?

  • There should be a microchip that you get and it allows you to basically have your phone in your head and by clapping twice you can access it

  • I have the wii u it’s under rated

  • This is no hate comment but there is the mrbeast SEnewss rewind

  • Cybertruck is not a tech fail tho

  • 15:07 Did i just get Rick Rolled by the title?

  • Tech fails My brother dropping every thing

  • your way of explaining is awesome. you are very handsome also.

  • What about that Microsoft "Milo" A.I. software for Xbox? Or does that not count since it never came out?

  • Wait we got ricked rolled

  • What's wrong with accurate advertising, sure it's kinda weird but it's nice to see things I'm actually interested in and it's not like anyone is looking through it. Fuck facebook though

  • 15:05 look at the title of the video

  • 11:47 Ever heard of a motorcycle? Those things are still around.

  • I live in hawaii and we had to take shelter in the girls bathroom 🤤 lol, to bad no on ewas in there except for us boys

  • honestly if it werent for things like the wii u and other handhelds we probably wouldnt have the switch

  • You left out Nikola and it's fake self driving hydrogen semi.

  • "We definitely don't want a society where there's a camera in everyone's living room." 2020 onward would beg to differ.

  • I love the cybertruck

  • The Wii U is a great console I wish Nintendo just marketed it better.

  • FYI Hawaiians refers to the indigenous people of the islands not the locals.

  • The tech fail you didn't cover is the Duopoly of ISP in Phils. The turtle slow net who were both unreliable and costly!

  • I like how a bomb threat rated on the same level of tech fail as a buggy game

  • Breaking windows on the CyberTruck garnered far more free advertising than the event could have hoped for. Thanks.

  • nice op info funny too

  • Oosan bolt

  • Tbh I hate the generic countdown youtube genre but something about your personality keeps me coming back.

  • but the reupdated the ring


  • I wouldnt call cybertruck a fail, you would still be safe from robbery and by the time they made a big enough hole in the glass the cops would of arrested the robber but yeah I guess..

  • I remember the first time I saw a Wii U at my friends house, I thought it was a Wii

  • I kinda liked the wii u


  • Who's they?

  • I want the fruit bags so not a total fail

  • 15:06 he just Rick rolled us look at the title of the vid

  • How on earth is some cringey youtube video worse than death

  • Hair gel is shining too much....fab channel though...

  • Project Ara by Google need a video on that 🎯

  • to be fair - WiiU with 5/10 and Juicero a 6/10? ...the WiiU is a playable machine up to day and has some games which are (with some minor updates) are also on the Switch... the Juicero is in my eyes a 10/10. Expensive, no use and the juices are way to expensive. Think what you can get for 700 bucks on fruits and veggies and a cheap juicer or smoothie maker!

  • Great Vid Mrwhoesboss!

  • I hate the word "influencer" - so pretentious!

  • Number. 1 tech fail shud be the entire Huawei company

  • fucking rick rolled again damn just stop pls

  • Oh my god, that microsoft twitter AI was hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂 That should have been a 10/10!🤣

  • isn't 16:28 looks like a remake of idol (song by bts)

  • 25:15 guys that is not what Thai green curry looks like

  • I would love to be able to delete the phone app. I never do calls

  • Damn rewind failed 😬

  • Who takes any notice of CNN anyway?

  • I've never heard of Quibits so that means they realy fails

  • 4:01

  • Mrbeast rewind

  • Watch this video with the volume off just to see his movements

  • I love huel hot and savoury but I don't like the green curry flavor you chose. Madras is where its at :D

  • are you muslim

  • #4 is legitimately scary. Imagine a hacked Obama account coming out and telling all minorities to start attacking white people and start a race war? Most of these dumb ass kids would've fallen for that

  • worlds best youtuber

  • Well... I've to say Stadia is actually working and rolling! You can test it out for free on some games, such as Destiny 2. And it works smoothly. I've to say I've 600mb symmetrical internet connection tho haha But much less is needed

  • He did not just Rick till us again. 15:07

  • Input lag is just the smart person term for packet loss

  • 15:05 the title Rick rolled :)

  • So handsome n sexy here

  • 1:27 the runcible looks like a fuck'n discus XD!

  • Even tho the Wii U is bad, it’s still a good console

  • My favorite moment from this “or worse they could have started a war. 8/10”

  • Musk said they had tested the glass on the cybertruck many times and it survived which is why they then tried again with the passenger window, if you say the demonstration failed, then fine, but I don't think it's a fail like the others you describe...

  • Hey, what about Fallout 76?

  • Listen man, I love you and all, but do we need 8 whole Smartphone Fail videos? lmao

  • Wait but 2020 rewind did happen it was made by Mr beast not youtube

  • I just had to come by and say that..you are such a handsome fella!!! That is all lol.

  • "3 Google Fails in 3 Minutes" - Yet you miss what is arguably the worst tech failure of the decade. *shakes head solemnly*. When Google Photos first released the Auto-Tag feature.....

    • can you remind me how that went

  • Agreed that Stadia had a lot of issues, but I don’t know if highlighting input lag is the most important one. Later it confirmed that guy in that meme video was playing over a laggy VPN. Also don’t agree it deserves being tied with Google Glass and the Nexus Q, it’s still around and working fine (though other remaining other issues around lack of games, concerns over Googling pulling the plug etc).

  • SEnewss rewind 2019 whas the best. That is litterly what rewind means lol

    • I don't accept the wrong opinion of someone who can't spell "was" correctly

  • SEnewss rewind is so good i dont get why you disslike


  • I was in Hawaii when that happened

  • Stadia is working well, and I can play on my potato pc.