A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.

Publicerades den 9 mar 2021
The insta360 GO 2 is one of the most curious Smartphone Gadgets I've ever tested: www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?insrc=INRMMYI
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  • If you've watched the full video - Curious what you think to a future where everyone's recording everything 👀 For my last video discussing sponsored videos, earnings and other SEnewssr stuff: senewss.info/slow/rbTWidJno7yVfaY/video

    • i suppose if your saving directly to the cloud, it could be another level of security for person or property.

    • We out here

    • I cant wait to video life's key moments with this

    • @SRVG7 Galaxy s21

    • @SRVG7 Galaxy s21

  • Put the lens protector on!

  • permanently filming everything, reminds me of that emma watson movie, the circle. if i had an audience i would stream a twitch stream called "twitch plays mortophobe" where the viewers get to make my choices for me xD

  • 2:22 - "...not feeling like holding the phone in front of my face to capture what's happening" 6:50 - "The best way of recording is via your phone" 🤡

  • Is it waterproof?

  • Good Genuine "OOH SHINY"

  • The thing is its 300 usd

  • Dose mrwhostheboss always where shorts 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • But is still 360° ?

  • Where xan i buy it. Sign me up

  • This made me fall in love with this product. Sponsored content win.

  • anyone knows what chair is it?

  • senewss.info/slow/ibKcrKWerJyof5k/video

  • SOLD!!!

  • This thing could revolutionize porn, just saying...

  • 1:44 what ants see before death.


  • spy gadget

  • Well i don't need that but I'm still considering buying it💀

  • Yes i watched the full video and yes it looks like a great camera,would love to get one...

  • I love watching your videos,keep up the great work...

  • Very clearly explained.

  • You killed me with the 300

  • Hi

  • 😂 [Sad Arun Noises]

  • Arun says it´s 299 but on the webpage, the cheapest is 420...??

  • You are the boss brother. Always love your videos ❤️❤️

  • 4:44 ft. michel scott

  • And it will get to my Country in 2040, LOL

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  • yo boss you a true habibi

  • I love this. I've been looking for a way to record my live performances and being able to see (have a view finder) in case there are any issues. My front facing camera takes the better footage, especially in lowlight situations; but my selfie camera often gets used because I can see what's happening. I'd like to see how advanced their camera will become and how it performs in lowlight settings. It's very versatile, so I'm definitely going to look into it.

  • I actually rewinded at Go too...get it? No, again please

  • It looks amazing🙀 great review as always 😊

  • That's what she said😅

  • Bro could you tell me some best gaming phones under 300 dollars

  • Because your skin is like light brown

  • Is the tripod deployment shot played in reverse at 3:35?

  • What's it's storage capacity?

  • im too broke rn to buy one, but I'm definitely getting the 3 if it gets this big of a jump

  • "Go 2" I laughed, it was funny.

  • No word on Battery Lifetime? :-(

  • You can Stick it anywhere - That's what she said 🙂

  • 4:43 cheeky XD

  • 7272551573% im gonna lose it

  • Me watching the video on my LG phone like: 👁️👄👁️

  • All those features are amazing, but you did not cover the "How long does the battery last per charge" thing. I have an idea of 15mins as you said but how long until it drains?

  • DIY gastrointestinal cam if you swallow it

  • SUS

  • Thank you for showing me what it looks like in a washing machine I was about to go in myself to find out

  • Hi sir Am from Philippines I need your help Just old phone for my duaghter Because she need phone to study she is now kinder she need phone for online classes Thank you and god bless

  • I spent all my money on one of these good choice. I had a go pro 4 but lost it in the sea this is awesome thanks arun

  • *Hahaha ad videos are in "excellent" quality for some reason. But users' videos are lousy!*

  • I'm damn tempted to get this one. One worry is the battery life. My gopros are like 8 years old now and original batteries are dead, its not as much of a problem because spares are widely available. This has small battery glued inside, worst case. Maybe it won't last 8 years but battery degradation will get in after a year tops, then it wont be 30 min, more like 20 or even 15...

  • Did you talk about the battery or did I miss it?! That's kind of important for such a small device.

  • Can you view live footage from the camera from your smartphone screen?

  • WHere is the head strap ? i dont see it in box description or in the accessories list.

  • punpun gadget in the thumbnail

  • It's actually made for mms or Exposé purpose....

  • My legal Einstein

  • Only records for 30 minutes when in pro mode :(

  • This is NOT a smartphone gadget. This is a gadget that Arun is finding every possible way to connect with smartphones. It's still a good video tho.

  • "Go To/2" I thought the same thing and waited for someone to speak it out load 😂 Thanks

  • A perfect gadget to spy

  • Oooo! This is everything me as the average consumer is looking for in a camera for POV. Quality footage, easy upload and to be able to see what I'm pointed at and not record my feet or the sky. I think the price is reasonable and the fast that it comes with all the perks in the box and is waterproof offsets the unfavorable audio. Super impressed, thank you for sharing this product!

  • Can tell you've been paid by them. This is insta 360 one camera it's solid. Wrong!! You know if a new phone's camera was even twice as good you would still slate it. It looks shit you know it's shit but because you've been paid it's solid. SELLOUT!!!!

  • I enjoyed this review and if you can continue to do sponsored reviews that allow you to speak your mind, go for it. By the way, how much memory is built in to this gadget?

  • s21 ultra vs mi 11 ultra camera comparison

  • Really cool

  • Mr boss😅😅

  • So the camera can't record audio, only videos without sounds??

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  • 4:43 We saw that

  • Now this guy has teaches us how to make sponsored vedios 🖤 (Pro level)✌️

  • *”The camera man never dies..”*

  • Haha take my moeney

  • Don't stick it on your shoe!!

  • He likes the big i like the small Literally I have megalophobia so even my laptop is a mini laptop

  • 4:53 nobody noticed the drone version of this product as it was there just for a single frame. (use "" on your keyboard to find it)

  • Nice review

  • GoPro: **chuckles** i'm in danger

  • to expesnive for a mini plastic camera with a magnet should be only 50 $ thats it

    • theres a cheaper one called Akaso keychain although thats at $99

  • I like your video

  • This the future of cameras and yes we might be moving to the point where everything is recorded .This camera resembles the camera that used in movie - The Circle

  • I would consider this if I wasn't a broke highschooler

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  • You're so stupid with this stuff it's great

  • i have 360 go1

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  • you record with a camera of several thousands of dollars ? wow is tis how all youtubetrs do it ? i always thought a camera of a few hundred would be just fine... i personally still record with my oneplus 7 pro and i must say, the footage is GREAT on that one... i have no problems editing the colors of its footage or really anything else... my oneplus nord is a whole other story but yea if this is already so good, why a camera of thousands of dollars ???

    • @Beauty Neytiri yes lighting and setup is all you need. currently it doesnt look professional enough. all the best

    • @truth seeker yes i do want to change things up with the lighting and stuff. Thanx !

    • simply because they can afford. your videos are good. keep it up. get a ring light infront or the side of you.

  • At this point, I'm not sure if I would want a GoPro camera.

  • HmMmM what was that at the top left at 4:43 (;

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  • another trailer of black mirror : entire history of you (gadget wise)

  • i wanna buy one

  • I'm kinda nervous now that I was expecting the Rick Roll and I think I missed it. Also, this would be cool if it wasn't so expensive!