Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Publicerades den 11 feb 2020
Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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  • But tell me why it is so costly for these simple task. Even the mid-budget phones of Samsung can do this. I am not telling Iphone is bad. I am tell it is overpriced.

  • I dont love phone cases they make my phone look like an _Old phone_

  • The people who dislike this video is probably an apple fan boy and a Samsung hater.

  • No matter how good samsung phones are now... you people always find a way to show samsung a bad phone. And iPhone a good one... thats very partial ...

  • Iphone skipped iphone 9 bcs 7 8 9

  • ultrasonic fingerprint scanner what it kinda feels like the person that named that scan just watched a sonic movie and then he made it ultrasonic because that tye word he remembered from that movie

  • The Galaxy S20 Ultra might beat iPhone 11 Pro Max in some ways because its ram is 12gb and 16gb with 512gb storage, the camera maxes out at 100 times zoom, the storage is expandable here!!!

  • Ur gay

  • i want his sound on google and what about you ?

  • We all new Samsung would win

  • You can compare them that's good👍

  • Samsung 2007

  • iPhone ❤️❤️

  • this guy is such a samsung fanboy

  • You should try telling everyone the phone has crap battery life it over heats badly and don't expect samsung support to do anything about it. These phones are dogs. had for 4 months and don't use because you can't get a day out of it and i need it for business.

  • Had a party for my girls birthday earlier this year, never forget this one dude flexing with his note 20 ultra in a little phone war.. he was all giddy until the 12 pro max came out my pocket to win the day 😂

  • Am I the only one who doesn't have the money to buy one? 👇

  • Long story short. I hate android not Apple. I got my 11 pro max and my phone is way more secure. Android sucks we got blue bubbles and y’all don’t we are just way better. It’s a phone not a flat screen TV in my pocket. Fuck android. #APPLESUP

  • Honestly nothing better than I phone 📱 number one in the world Apple 🍎

  • Have anyone noticed Arun's eyes in thumbnail 😂

  • it would be good if you compare phones like S21 and iPhone 11 pro / 12. Always Ultras and Pro Maxs which is bit annoying.

  • Samsung's largest battery is on the Galaxy M51, 7000 mAh.

  • I get a 20 ultra these days and I am so happy

  • I am just here to buy the 11 pro after the 12 released

  • Does Samsung phones have built in virus protection like Apple?

    • It been had that it's called Samsung knox.

  • 3:23 the wifi name is "Foldy things"

  • 1:29 my money would be on my insurance cause i dont want to drop my phone and break it lol

  • Samsung👍

  • Plz make Samsung s21+ vs iPhone 12

  • Samsung is better than apple

  • Arun is the KINDEST criticizer :)

  • 15:13 "CONLUSION"

  • Thanks for the video man. Even non-technical people like me can learn a lot by watching your videos. Not only are they informative they are interesting and you say it in a way that even I can understand LOL. Keep it up man, I appreciate you much. Thankful in Columbus Ohio!

  • I'm watching on my note 20 ultra

  • My Huawei Y6P battery is 5000mAh. Storage:64GB ROM, 3GB Ram and No Google Play. The color is Emerald Green and the fingerprint scanner is fast. The keyboard is Microsoft and I can write in any language I want. Example: 나는 화웨이를 사랑해요

  • Call me old fashioned but I don’t see the point of above 1080p on a display below 10”. My 32”tv is 1080p and I can’t see the pixels even from a meter away

  • Samsung just copie apple

    • Tf are you saying?

  • Does anyone think that the s20 ultras camera is super ugly

  • You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

  • To be Honest, Im a little silly because I personally DONT like Iphones just because the battery life is kinda bad in most devices. Also the Samsung model is larger and it works for me as someone who has large hands and hates small spaces... but I have an Ipad... so its like ??? I am the kind of Girl that likes BOTH -shrug -

  • My iPhone 6 - 16gb internal storage This Samsung - 16gb ram 🙃🙃🙃

  • What ever samsung does "apple will always beat the shit out of it by its sleek specs and so in order not some bunch of buttons and so in disorder" 🍎 much love

  • I phone no lag Samsung I need😋

  • Samsung : not so optimized bunch of randoms apps you cant uninstall Iphone : Very well optimized and will make the battery live longer

  • Conlusion 😄 lol

  • there are budgets midrangers flagschips end supersonics like the s20 ultra

  • I’m literally watching this on a iPhone 11 Pro Max figuring out how good it is because I’m too lazy to research

  • I don't care how good these phones are, even if you offered me one for free, I wouldn't take it with no headphone jack. It's always been one of the most important and most commonly used features in any phone, it still is.

  • everybody comparing RAM. but why small RAM in iphone equal to big RAM in ay other devices??? same way with their camera pixels,, whyy??

  • Why didn't i enter this giveaway when i first saw this video 😓😓😓

  • compare it yourself which one is better: samsung : iphone:

  • Both phones are great why are people still arguing over this-

  • Im the one person whos ganna miss the cool edge. I mean every time i look at my s9 i kinda dont want to upgrade just by looking at the curves.

  • Ur so bias

  • The Samsung S20 Ultra has more RAM than some phones have internal storage😂💔

  • 13:45 LOL

  • The best performances for less money. The best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The iPhone 11 pro offers you the best of technology. The best camera with a lot of memory really looks perfect.

  • pls sir

  • pls give me a phone

  • the conclusion wasn't surprising at all

  • 12:17 the iphone 11 pro max looks like an iphone... 😂😂

  • You just like apple so your taking apples side

  • 1.5 TB storage 🤔Lots of study materials in coming....

  • I got a fucking Samsung a10e and I'm happy

  • idk why they comparing a 2020 phone to a 2019 phone. Do it again now that the iPhone 12 came out

  • Iphones are the most boring looking phones on the market + it has ios which is shait


  • apple:lets just take the iphone 11 and put a nother camera and sellit for 1 billion times the price samsung:lest make this phone the crazyest phone on the univers apple: ;-; me: yas samsung go and deafet appel apple: 👁👄👁 i hate you so much samsung

  • Mrwowistheboss-super phone me-ultra phone

  • It is actually fun to watch such kind of comparison when the supposedly new Android flagship has failed miserably and Apple has been laughing to the bank with train loads of money. :D

  • I have the 11 pro max thinking about switching to the s20 ultra or note 20 ultra

  • IPhone is nice

  • iphone fanboys

  • We all know iPhone 11 pro max is better Why are we even watching the video!!!

  • Here's the biggest thing that puts me off Samsung their OS it's just soo ugly it's like AI or a robot made it whereas apple hired a famous artist to paint it with 3D paint on one of their iPads and you stare at the OS 90% of the time. If Samsung changed their OS to look more fluffy and eye-catching and animations where more colourful and funy to play with I would 100% buy Samsung.

  • if u are interested in getting the samsung galaxy s 20 through amazon click here.I personally have it and i highly recommend it

  • When you actually hold the phone/phones for the thumbnail instead of just photoshopping it in: Mrwhosetheboss.

  • s20 is much better than the iphone because games lag a lot in the iphone

  • Why is his eye purple on the thumbnail?

  • My dream phone S20 ultra

  • conlusion !

  • I was an Apple user for maaaaany years. Now I moved to S20 ultra. Believe me it works wayyyyy better than any Apple device. ( I started with iPhone 4 and bought iPhone 7 when it came out. I then moved to 11 pro max. Then I moved from iPhone 11 pro max.)

  • “Samsung adds about 5% more height and almost 10% more thickness” Damn boi that’s thiccccc boii

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Oie boss Aryan ! Good video! S20 5G ultra that I loved !

  • iPhone wins?

  • You can compare s20 ultra with iphone's come in 2025😆 Dude come on 120 hz vs 60 hz, put samsung at 60 hz it will last 2 to 3h more than 11 pro max! Dont forgot to compare s20 ultra when iphone 20 comes out!!

  • IPhone + Samsung = whalaaa!!! iSampung

  • People say s20 ultra destroys iPhone 11 pro Max but don't forget iPhone 11 pro max is a gaming beast none phone can beat iPhone 11 pro Max in gaming . I have not said it . It is said by official gamers and I have also experienced 😁

  • iPhone is for gays.. samsung for straight men

  • One thing left in the review. Can ultra 20 easily come inside the pocket? 😅

  • Thanl you arun. I AM Gonna sell my iphone 11 pro max and buy a s20 ULTRA

  • I loved both ,but i wish the iphone , i wanna try him

  • Who else has a samsung galaxy s20 ultra and iphone 11 pro max?

  • Anybody notice that even arun's eyes are matching the wallpapers of the phones on either side on the thumbnail.

  • IPhone 11 pro max is best!📱

  • iPhone could be better if: Drop the damn notch! Make the frame not square! Better resolution cameras! Smaller (by that i mean tiny) bezels, or even a little bit of water fall display (just a bit, so i don't trigger people)! Bigger battery Fast charging(like atleast 30W

  • Its sad how they always compare samsungs latest flagship to apples previous year flagship

  • I have an s20 ultra and I prefer iPhone

  • the back ground music is to loud