iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Test Comparison.

Publicerades den 21 okt 2020
Full 4K camera test and comparison of iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro! iPhone 12 pro Max camera test coming soon! To enter the Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
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    • tell me? what to choose? IPhone 11 Pro 256GB or iPhone 12 128GB

    • Iphone 12 camera not good,,, it’s look natural... Nd white like Samsung,, oppo,, Mi,, nd others brand.

    • Can I please get the iPhone 12 cz am the most older subscriber of your channel

    • @M. Rohit why


  • Why won't you speak about over exposure, flickering, stuttering, washed out colours, trouble on focusing? Never going to believe these reviews ever again

  • 7:40 11 pro has flickering of exposure and stabilization issue where picture wiggle from hand motions, most noticeable on a building

  • Who else likes the Fotos of the 11 pro better??



  • I don't always comment. But maybe oneday we can do a video together. I HOPE. But once I am more known.

  • Iphone 12 or 11 pro please suggest me?????

  • where is music video cooming out?

  • You got my like not because the content but because of the quality of the video. Congratulations for both!

  • I live in nottingham

  • How I see is iPhone 11 Pro camera is better than iPhone 12 pro camera

  • In iphone12,pro,max which higher radiation level

  • Please do s21 vs s21+ vs iPhone 12

  • You get old on thumbnail

  • and i still dont know if i should buy iphone 11pro or 12...

  • other than night mode selfie and ultra wide angle night mode I dont see any difference really

  • If only they put the iphone 30 lense they hiding already

  • which camera is he using for recording this video?

  • I think the iPhone 13 is getting the enlarged sensor. I am viewing this video on iPhone 10, and I can see most the improvements you are talking about on my screen. I am impressed things are visually improved.

  • your english is so good

  • Watching this is 2160p is Amazing!

  • 12 mini is better? than 11

  • Good 💖💖💖💖

  • Hello from me too! Once again a great video! I'm between 11 pro and 12 pro. I will get an iPhone for the first time. I would take the 12, but I get stuck in its battery. Does anyone know if I do not play games at all and I am with mail calls and a little SEnewss if it will make my day comfortable? I do not want to look at the battery lest I end up being comfortable and charging it at night. Thank you all.

  • Should I upgrade to 12 or 12 pro from 11 pro 256gb?

    • It's not even an upgrade, you're just fucking yourself over

  • At first I thought is a joke until Clinton hacks on Instagram help me to ship iPhone 12 pro to my address and is working perfectly

  • Aggregation of microrefinements. I like that words man. Thank you, the video is clear and thorough

  • Why are my eyes drawn to the 11 pro's images? 😂

  • Watching this on my iphone 12

  • gracias!!!!!!!

  • Can anyone else not tell the difference between any modern, expensive smartphone camera? For almost five years, I’ve seen hundreds of my favorite SEnewssrs post these videos every time there’s a new iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, or Pixel. I don’t see what you see. They all look good to me. I see MKBHD post compassions for us to choose, and it’s always so random. I’ll just say it, if you’re a photographer buy a camera. For everyone else, your phone is great.

  • Hi for a casual user like me, which iphone i should buy iphone 12 or iphone 12pro? Currently im using iphone 6splus. thinking to upgrade my iphone but not sure which one i should buy. any advise for me. thank you

  • Walaupun aku gak mudeng bahasanya. Tapi aku seneng nontonnya

  • The 12's battery life is crap, thats the reason many wont upgrade and also the 12 series doesnt offer that much over the 11 pro

  • 7:39 I can see the 11 Pro shaking once or twice, almost like it wasn't quite quick enough while correcting and is now overcompensating. But that's just me.

  • Even iphone's leading marketing person can't describe beautifully like this😀

  • I hate iPhone so much 🔍🔍🔍🔍🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️😏😏😏😏😏

  • Reviewers : look at the details and ETC Me: even in 4K in my 12 Pro Max "Looks the same"

  • Hello, can u help me choose I need advice. Will u choose iPhone 12 or 11 pro max.

  • are u Asian???

  • mayn is iphone 12 pro

  • Should I buy iPhone 11 Pro used/refurbished (670$) or iPhone 12 (800]?

  • Would you advise me to answer 11pro or 12 and who is better in photography because I like photography, especially photographing people. Can I reply please and thank you. My current phone is Samsung S7 Edge

  • brain hurts. i cant see the difference except on night mode.

  • Amazing video template , just same image edited with diffirent saturation levels . 😂 light-dark

  • An aggregation of microrefinements

  • Deep fusion?

  • me with iPhone6: confused unga Bunga

  • Fantastic review. The explanations were thorough, easy to understand, and enjoyable to listen to. Probably one of two phone reviews I actually watched completely through without skipping

  • I' ll buy my iPhone12.

  • 4:06 you just focus and prove that 12pro better , all are same . Updates of Raw image is difference. Iphone 11pro is still in side list with 12pro . 12pro is a old device of iphone 5s . Settle yourself in job or business

  • Wow

  • his voice sounds like an advertiser I can't-💀😭😂

    • His voice is very good

  • Can you do a Davinci resolve grade with Filmic Pro Log profile?

  • the hoodie says JAPAN but at the same time there is Chinese below it

  • can you lend me your iphone 12 to me

  • I am rocking a 6s. Do you guys recommend to upgrade now (if yes, which phone would you guys recommend) or wait until the price drops of the 12 max...? Help.

  • iphone 12 with 2 lens is doing much better photos than iphone 11 pro with 3 lens. Because the 12 is a new model.

  • Great video. Perhaps just hold the still frame comparison shots for more than a millisecond!

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  • Throughout the video, am i the only one who is struggling to see the difference?? 😂

  • its like we are buying phones for the camera.

  • Hi, I have just noticed that when I look at some picture I did and I tap on “modify”, the picture get more bright when I am into the modify menù. This only happens with taken pictures, so not with screenshots or received photos. Do you know why is that? I have an iPhone 12.

  • how much times did he say iPhone 11 Pro

  • Спасибо

  • Hello Aron, 1st I like your T-Shirt. 2nd please if you could make a review for the iPhone 12 mini. Thank you.

  • ahh i love you review my gosh

  • 12 or 11 pro max Plz can you suggest

  • Mind-blowing voice u have 🔥

  • no mention about lense flare?

  • I'm literally going to the Apple store tomorrow to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max; moving up from iPhone 7 will be a MASSIVE jump for me, not the little differences as talked about in this video. I'm so excited!

    • I’m upgrading to the 12 Pro max from a xs max. Can’t wait

  • Apart from better night photos on the iphone 12/12 pro, I think the average user won't be able to tell the difference in photo quality between iphone 12/12 pro and iphone 11 pro.

  • literally the video I was looking for!!! thank you for the incredible on-point review! :))

  • Does the mini have all the features you mentioned in regards to the standard 12 ?

  • the quality is getting better and better but it doesnt look iphone-ish anymore

  • I save money for this I will buy the 12 pro to start my vlogging😍

  • This is the most "I have no idea what's the difference" camera comparison I've ever seen 😲

  • Me:watching a apple review SEnewss:Gives me a Samsung Ad Me:visible confusion

  • this whole iphone 12 is crap. I wish i could go back to my XR. Was a waste of an upgrade. And why not talk about the insane amount of glare on the lens? Oh thats right, cause you get paid to review it

  • omg ur english is perfect

  • Me watching on the SE 2: all of them take great pictures 😂

  • Hi bro can you give score for comparison of iPhone 12 Promax vs iPhone Pro 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro, thank you

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  • iphone still havent fixed barrel distortion on the ultra wide. :(

  • I still love my iPhone 11 pro, still amazing for me.

  • Should i get 12 pro (128gb) or go with 11 pro max (256gb) ? Can anyone help me ????

    • Maybe 12 pro will be a better choice for you,bro.Cuzz it has an improved chipset,improved camera with LIDAR,and Magsafe(Though i think it's one of the dumbest thing),and the identical 6GB RAM. But if you want a better battery life,bigger screen,extra layer of storage within the same price,you may consider IPhone 11 pro max.But i think 128GB is quite enough for anybody,and 256GB is excessive. I told my opinion bro,now it's up to you.OK then,peace🙂.

  • We want the full music video clip RIGHT NOW

  • Merry Christmas

  • hey so on the pro can you make it NOT zoom in for the portrait mode? im unclear if its stuck like this or not?

    • It is stuck like that

  • The phones are so advanced that they can even make Nottingham look good!!

  • the pictures all look the same

  • so... 11 pro or 12? i'm still undecided

  • "0:39" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p o n l c a s h . c o m* i'm making over $1715 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

  • See -Here is the truth. - the senewss.info/slow/r5bFgqmBfpnZeq4/video

  • Bad picture on iphone 12 mini. Yellow cast - the color wihte looks like it has been faded :-(. So as the sun shines ver long time on a white paper. It is a Problem - on the OLED-Display! Test it out. Make a picture with a old iPhone and send this on the new one...Surprise.

  • I am getting a new phone, I have currently got an iPhone 6s, planning to get the I Phone 12 pro and will take that phone anyway. Better camera quality and everything else.

  • iphone 12 Pro is the best phone to buy considering the design and options. There was a gap between the SE and 12 Pro. Adding the beautiful design of the SE to the tech of the 12 Pro was wise and smart. It IS worth upgrading. The 12 Pro is the way to go, and there will be no need to upgrade unless Apple changes the design completely like replacing the cameras with 1 BIG camera at the back and/or keeping the front screen full. Best colour is the graphite: Class! Will look elegant with any colour case!

  • The cameras and the photos are the same. someone sick would only notice it!