Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?

Publicerades den 10 dec 2020
For the last week I've been using 3 phones, an iPhone, an Android....and a Linux phone. Which one is ACTUALLY better? If you do enjoy then a sub to the channel would be...😉
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  • What do you think to the new setup? Trying to make the lighting a little better every video! Also, yes, I realise the correct pronunciation is Lin-ux, not Lie-nux - My Bad! 😂

    • Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    • It’s Linus not Linux 😂

    • after the HELL iOS puts me thru and the lack of droid, im SOLD !

    • I be willing to try your Lie-nix 🤣as a everyday phone for two wks. As a challenge to myself, free from all the social media stuff.

    • fun of sexer

  • the way he pronounces linux makes me want toaster tub

  • I'd pay double for the service and triple for the phone that sends Screwgle and Microshaft to the bone yard.

  • You will be able to see the code , but will you be able to understand it ?

  • Boring and expensive phone

  • Imagine Huawei doing this...

  • You wrong for begin video. Linux is Android. GNU/Linux is Librem, for example. Linux is just the kernel. Also Android is not free software, is closed software. AOSP yes, is free software, but NOT Android. /e/ and LineageOS are free software.

  • I think your wrong about it being too late! in fact if you think about how ads changed everything for movies and music you can imagine some changes involving crypto like maybe the brave browser that makes use of giving back the power of your data and could lead d new direction for people using a more secure device

  • Isn't Android based on Linux?

  • I dont care if they show me ads because I don't have any money) could you use web versions of google services?

  • i wish i could own one of those or anything better than mine.. i only have a j6+ its really bad... for practically everything but im still grateful but it cant even run minecraft smoothly

  • Downloaded ubuntu as the distro feels good

  • 7:07 Hi there, Linus, from Linus Tech Tips.....

  • 5:52 We got rick rolled once more

  • Had to slow it down to see.........7:07

  • Deez nut

  • I don't want it😇

  • Yep it's a good phone for criminal.

  • "stable software"

  • All criminals watching this video: Hmm, interesting 😂😂

  • My favorite part was "open sauce" *opens ketchup bottle xD xD XD dying.

  • #valimaiupdate

  • as soon as you said "line-uhx" you lost all potential respect. thumbs down.

  • Something called LaiNuX

  • I will buy it🤩

  • Open source also means security venerabilities are well known and easy to manipulate if you don’t keep things up to date.

  • Did you just call it Lie Nux?

  • Title: linux killing android. My imagination: penguin trying to kill a robot 🐧

  • I hate adverts! With how much spying big tech does into our lives, I cannot believe they still send me stuff! No I don’t want “SEnewss red” or “supersonic ultra toothbrush” that doubles as a meditation guide. If I could afford that Linux phone I totally would!

  • 5:51 at this point, he just wants to rickroll us

  • 3:27 Missed chance to say *'sausome'*

  • did u just pronounce it linu;-x

  • 7:07 that Linus tho

  • Plz put fortnite on it plzzz


  • Android OS is based on Linux lol


  • The comparison at 5:30 isn't accurate since Apple delays the Side Button response on iOS in case you want to double-press to activate Apple Pay.

    • That's only if you have apple pay enabled.

  • Linux learn how to pronounce it. BY the inventor him self (Linus Torvalds) :

  • Lynn - ux NOT Line -ux Aggggh!

  • Question: Can mobile phone spy software like FlexiSpy be installed on a Linux phone ?

  • This phone is future

  • How would an Open Source Social Network be like?

  • Ugg, Android is open source, uses Apache 2.0 and GNU GPL licenses. You can look at every line of it's source code here This doesn't removes the privacy concerns addressed in this video, but please get the basic facts right.

  • I remember Ubuntu tried launching Ubuntu Touch in 2014. I was excited to try it out, however, the problem was in finding a Ubuntu compatible phone, or one that would allow me to change the OS, but those were impossible to find. I tried various countries, including South Africa and South America, no one had those phones. Unless more phone companies allow an easy OS change or feature their phones with Linux OS, the new OS will never beat Android, which is also Linux...

  • Bruh he stills rick rolls us Wtf

  • Literally opens the sauce ... Lol

  • How did I miss this? this is amazing. Bless linux

  • 5:53 rickrolled all of us

  • I'm sure indians make custom roms for that 😂

  • Looks like you're going to stab that poor phone😆

  • It has an ARM cpu how it can run x86 laptop Linux ? !

  • Imma install sailfish os on my old s9

  • $800 is a bunch for this, but it's what we need.

  • It's not pronounced "LINEux" it's pronounced "LINux" you know, like linen... that shit annoys me so much.

  • I would like to correct you. You can install Ubuntu Touch on any phone if you bake Helium boot image. 👍 As long as you can unlock bootloader and have kernel source you can do it.

  • BUTT

  • 5:36 I heard selfish

  • I would happily swap to Linux device

  • LINUX. LIN-UX. LIN. LIN. There is no E. It is not pronounced like there is an imaginary E like LINE-EX. Its really really easy, just pronounce it like it is spelled. Lin-ux. Not LINE.

  • How in the hell can you review a Linux phone without knowing how to pronounce linux?

  • Mr Whose, I just want to say I’ve really grown to like your channel. At first it seemed like an MKBHD knock-off (you two have surprisingly similar mannerisms. But you have your own unique topics and very interesting ways to present the material. I think you’re knocking it out of the park. Waiting for the 10MM subscriber vid to find out why your SEnewss name is grammatically incorrect!

  • Whos mad he called it L”I”nux

  • I really hope this gets support. Im all for paying more if i get a clean system, that runs fast and private. I just needs whats app and facebook. I dont need games.

  • people who cry about privacy are the same that post every thought and feeling on social media.

  • If this phone went out 10 years ago, we probably have some good phone chip upgrades or something like that right now

  • Well, there is some websites and social media that we can access from the browser (I don't have them even installed on my phone, just the link). I think it would be nice to use in these SO.

  • "Lyenuux"

  • I`m 28 and I don`t have social media, heck my phone is not even connected to internet. The only way he can connect to it is in my home with wi-fi. The only apps that I have are forced by bank and a steam.( Which I also don`t have a reason to use outside of home ) I would say doubt i`m that unique of a person. Soo I mean, if not for the forced apps nowdays I could live with Nokia 3310 just fine.

  • Well me still enjoying stuff

  • Lee nux

  • ""

  • ok, i need this phone.

  • Lynn not line

  • Great loved linux

  • I don't know how to properly say it but isn't it said like li-nux rather than lynooxe

  • If they can make Linux Phones support VoLTE then maybe. Otherwise Linux Phones will be the ones taking a back seat! They need to work with the newer hardware especially the G5 Cellular Modems!

  • anbox is a android emulator for linux.

  • It's pronounced Lynn-ux, not Line-ux My head hurts.

  • Android runs on Linux

  • No.

  • Probably not all your videos usually consist of trying to take a logo and making it seem like it was derived from apple so I think im done watching your videos for good they are no longer entertaining and I will be unsubscribing.

  • Not likely. Same reasons it hasn't killed anything else.

  • I want a phone with removable battery and a headphone

  • But everyone uses Linux....

  • LINUX ❤️

  • In 2030 Privacy data was the most thing we will miss!

  • it will take a revolution to take back our privacy and our voice, but having Linux ready makes it more viable. at a certain tipping point, their could be a large swing away from our submission by omission.

  • please make a video on the criteria to be looked at while buying powerbank.

  • Linux Tech Tips

  • North American pronunciation is correct. L(e)nux

  • Using my data to provide ads is fine *** as long as it is A) fully anonymous and B) lets you opt out of targeted advertising, even if it's not the default option and C) fully allows adblock add-ons. Otherwise, opensource or gtfo with that noise. Also, Kali on my phone would be AWESOME muhahahaha~ evil grin ;_)

  • I don’t think the apps is a problem in fact Linux would be better for apps. There’s anbox for android plus there’s winehq so you can run windows plus the default Linux apps. So you can run both pc and mobile apps on Linux.

  • Fun fact - Android is basically devloped on linux itself.

  • I've always said, nothing is free, if it says it's free, you are the product.

  • Do you get normal apps on this like insta?

  • you can't use a browser on linux to go on google maps or see youtube comments? that makes no sense

  • I remember I used to have a backup battery and whenever my phone died i or wss low id just switch it without recharging and recharge the other battery or just use up the second one woukdve been enough for even till the next day

  • He called Linux Lie-NuX. It’s not LIE NUX, it’s LEE NUX

  • One thing for sure, I really missed my WebOS phones