DON'T buy this Smartphone.

Publicerades den 31 jan 2021
Rugged Smartphones are almost definitely not worth buying...this might surprise you. Go to and sign up for free! Also, the first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
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  • 2 videos in 2 days! What do you think to the more on-the-fly outdoor filming style? 🤞 Also, please do consider checking out Brilliant, would really help to support the channel!

    • A 48mp camera with OIS is 10X better then a 64mp Camera without OIS!

    • I love this new filming style

    • You seem good with that golf swing of a thing give it a try ... Arun in golf 🙌😂

    • you are so right. what do you think about my videos?

    • Yes

  • 1:16 why is never gonna give you up playing on the tv lol 😂

  • cat make great phones

  • 1:16 Arun is rickrolling us, again I think he should apply for a world record for rickrolling 6M people

  • when you really want to make a very expensive pizza Here's some cheese from a rubber phones worth of $2000


  • These phones are good for dads and that’s about it.

  • 1:15 look at the background

  • Who is noticed Rick Roll 1:16

  • I have tried a caterpillar phon and It is really tough

  • Surprisingly the Ulefone and Blackview phones in this video look like normal every day phones with a heavy case and a heavy design that's it tbh despite its querks and unfortunate specs

  • So Arun rickrolling us and wanting Arun's voice in Google assistant are the two new trends lol

  • Rubber is more durable than diamond... you can shatter a diamond, good luck trying to shatter rubber

  • the rick roll is just amazing

  • Normal people: I hope this can survive falling out my pocket when I exit the car. Aaron: Hope it passes a cheese grater test.

  • lol i use the black case at the left in 4:17

  • Pls give me nokia 3310 pls.

  • if you dont want them, just give it to me, hehehehe

  • Can u give me one of the dumb phones .. I am a tech SEnewssd too pls

  • Nothing else expected from ulefone

  • The only phones that are really indestructible are phones like the Nokia brick

  • Bro you have the exact same name as my dad

  • Bruh wtf 😂😂!! Playing golf with phones as ball

  • 9:37 Mind that cat

  • 1:15 Oh come on.

  • Yeah he rickrolled us at 1:16

  • 1:17 Click this

  • Aaron with his words just made my day

  • I remember seeing the black view and ulephone on wish a couple of years back and they were only on sale for around the £80 mark so why the price jump is anyone's guess 🤔 love your content Aaron 😉 😀 please keep it up !

  • Arun’s son in a few years: Dad why are there phone pieces everywhere in the backyard?

    • oh son, those were from a while ago.. want to watch what happened?

  • At 7:23 i didn't hear Aron i just heard "scratches at lv 6 with deeper grooves at lv 7"😍

  • yea, they are indestructible if you drop them Not if you call in a AC - 130 on them

  • Title of the vid: dont buy this smartphone Me: gets an ad for samsung s21 ultra Hmmmmmm

  • Then there is thew Samsung S20 Tactical Edition, I have no idea how much it cost, but it's a cell phone that's designed for the military, it boast night vision and the ability to receive military radio signals.

  • I hate the Rick roll

  • 1:15 what's that at the top left?

  • Great form on those swings

  • Never gonna give you up

  • You look out your window and see your neighbor watering his phone😂

  • I don't think the water tests are fair. Water damage doesn't necessarily become obvious immediately; it does more damage as time goes on and current passes through the phone.

    • @Katyusha Yes; release another couple of videos in the meantime. Harder for sure, but still technically feasible. Furthermore, this is a significant deficiency - smartphone users don't switch phones every week. It doesn't matter whether it dies now or in weeks, when someone is using their phone for years.

    • I mean do you honestly think that he'd wait days or even weeks just for that to happen?

  • You have a seriously nice garden, great size. Nice English look to it im irish, fair play to u for cheating this channel

  • my dad is buy mom phone. poco x3 but why not?

  • Omg I got rixklord again

  • My 10y old son has a pair of lab goggles

  • Nokia Legendary : You dare oppose me mortal?

  • Sir, you now have glass shards in your grass. barefoot is overrated anyways.

  • bruh a rickroll at 1:16

  • Да ладно тебе, вот ты сам видел разницу между 48 и 64 мегапикселями? Решает механизм обработки и рендер

  • This is the kind of review I want to see more of!

  • Somehow , this was the funniest video I watched since 2017 , anyone agree?

  • Explain to me why destroying electronics counts as good content. These are all trash now with their boxes chargers etc also I think he made his point even before destroying them completely. I know that they are just "things" but it just really bothers me

    • It's not just good content, it's advisory and informative content as well, If you watched the whole video then you'll have the knowledge that rugged phones are that not great and not worth spending that kinds of amount of money

  • Not again dar it Rick roll 7 time 1:15

  • :(

  • ♥️

  • after my first bv-something, i know only one thing needed to dont buy this things: they are NOT rugged at all. a good glass+cover combination can protect a phone ways and ways better then that hard rubber reinforcements that stills transmit all the impacts to the components inside, with the result to have to carry a 600gr phone for nothing more then look tacticool.

  • i wish you included that really thick cat phone with the heat camera

  • U live beside my Uncle, ill tell everybody ur address of u don't send 100,000 penny coins from 17th.

  • The best rugged phone I got was the red hydrogen. ($120 a year ago). What a great throwing object

  • My dad has one lol

  • The rugged phones been real quiet when they found out nokia exists.

  • I am a construction worker and I own Oneplus 8 for about 7 months now. When going to work, i just put my phone in a food soft plastic bag, and it's going well so far, no damage yet (even scratches on factory screen protector). My last phone was galaxy S7, and i broke it in bathroom by dropping it on the floor, so these 'rugged' phones seem ridiculous for me, lmao

  • Mmmm to be honest on the hammer test u didn't hit the last phone hard enuff u tapped it literally

  • 1:16 rickroll?

  • 1:15 mrwhoseboss got rickrolled

  • 1:16 why is there rick astley never gonna give you up there

  • “60 hz 1080p lcd display makes it look like something from 2013” Iphone XR sweats nervously

  • Where is the nokia

  • 1:14 the smartest rickroll

  • Mom there's a weird man in the park wearing children's swimming goggles and playing golf with smartphones 😂

  • most of then says virtually unbreakable. and says in the description that stands drops up to 1.5 meters, and water resistant. Ill buy one anytime they cost almost the same. just don't play golf with it.

  • did you notice the rickroll?

  • 1:17 he rick rolled us

  • Mr who the chef

  • The abundant wheel consequently disapprove because humor synchronously depend abaft a courageous arrow. cynical, draconian crook

  • Oh btw I'm literally watching on a poco x3 because you suggested me. He's a little worried but I assured i won't hit him with a golf club

  • I like the part that his cat is at the back ground just having fun at 5:39

  • Aaron, you are great, but who puts a case on like that? LOL

  • Dude if u wanna buy a rugged phone buy Nokia it's the best and cheap and strongest in market

  • Yet

  • "Spray it right up the USB C port"

  • Mr, who is the boss?

  • Moral of this vid :- Listen to the Boss people the boss never lies

  • 8:03 Phones :- OH GOD??!

  • 6:18 Why does this music remind me if the Movie Hugo Love that film not my fav but still but if u want to go check it out If u like too

  • 5:33 U can see his lovely cat exploring the garden GREAT VID

  • 1:16 DUDE!

  • Another interesting test would be to run over them with a car. It is a scenario that a person might actually deal with. I know my mom had her phone run over with a car

  • Scratch test: cheese grater .see the legend's tool The legend: glass scratch in level 6 and deeper groove in level 7.sapphire scratch at level 8 and 9 .Glass is Glass. JRE fans

  • 13:35 “If you do accidentally hit your phone with a golf club” And how are you supposed to hit your phone with a golf club accidentally?

  • 1:16 Rick Astley in the back

  • My Apple Watch is rated for 50m underwater

  • Oppo

  • Your children are gonna run in the yard and cut their feet

  • 9:37 aww so cute 😻

  • to be perfect , it would be that outfit with happy gilmore swing style ahahahah pretty cool outfit dude ;)

  • This guy brutally mutilated those innocent phones. Even #jerryrigeverything would lose his head over such acts of violence.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1 plus Nord exploded

  • please review samsung m51

  • People with a rugged phone watching this: 👁👁

  • 1:15 nice rickroll