Huawei Mate 40 Pro Unboxing - WHAT.

Publicerades den 22 okt 2020
Unboxing and camera test for the 2020 Huawei Mate 40 Pro Smartphone, and a comparison with iPhone 12 / 12 Pro, but there's more to the story...To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway:
Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing:
Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison:
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  • Yoooo! October's getting spicy! Another pretty big video dropping tomorrow! 👊 To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: To check out my unboxing: Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison:

    • You voice nice

    • @YT HiTz ✔ .

    • Global Version HUAWE Mate40 Pro+ Smartphone 7.3 Inch Full Screen Deca Core 6000mAh 12GB 512GB 4G LTE 5G Network Mobile Phone

    • Tri the app youtube vanced 😉

    • Please visit my channel 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hi sir really you are doing amazing

  • Since Apple is being left behind in terms of innovation and Huawei r setting the bar high, US destroy them.. Goodness🙄

  • Camera donut 😂😂

  • The simplistic museum briefly scream because australia electrophysiologically curl versus a damaging advice. terrible, old ukraine

  • why its so hard for android phone manufacturers to come up with good default background image

  • It would be cool if they had filled the camera donut with a big sensor or a fingerprint scanner or a flashlight for better night videos - photos!

    • For the sensor, it has the largest sensor of any smartphone, and yeah I thought about a fingerprint sensor in the middle of it

  • you can use there internet app to gget an apk that is abble to doload google apps

  • thay should have MADE THE stockwalpaper the same has the back off it

  • Imagine iphone and android company combine their phone a14 processor , low price ,gaming mode and 90 fps

  • Are Huawei phones available for U.S. carriers like AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon?

    • unfortunately no because of the u.s. ban. only available in special stores.

  • Chunky boi go brrrrrr

  • My first impression wow it’s such a fingerprint and grease magnet

  • Where is a goddamn playstore?

  • Waiting for harmony OS.

  • I can play standoff 2 every thing at max graphics and its 50fps and i am playing on my 2 and a half year old smasung j6

  • I hope google allows huawei again... I miss the phones... will quickly leave my s21 ultra behind.

  • New subscriber 🥰 From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • i still use iphone 5 lmao

  • Just curious as to why google services aren't available. Is it only certain Huawei makes that don't have google services? I have a huawei P30 and it came installed with Google playstore and maps and I have had no issue in using these services on my phone

  • Such a shame, I love to look of it. I'll continue using my p30 pro, I still get amazing photographs of it.

  • I'm on Huawei phone and how am I watching it

  • Haha interesting

  • Can't wait to see mate 50 pro🔥

  • i hope huawei survive

  • With that idiot gone with his lunacy, we can hope that brings some good news for Huawei in terms of using 'made in USA'. Huawei deserves it.

  • If this phone was able to produce in the US and have google added I'm pretty sure it'll blow the competition out of the water.

  • one can googlefy it, there is an apk called googlefied and it supposedly works

  • "good lord its big!" thats what she said

  • Huawei will win one day

  • Huawei Heroes

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  • 40 better than 30

  • One day Europe will ban huawei phones also

  • SEnewss --> bilibili

  • i just got my mate 30 pro, i use google service on it. the way to get it on there is just a little weird.

  • 6:48 I'm one of it🤣🤣

  • Still got my Huawei Mate 20 X, best phone had,despite what's happened will still be sticking with Huawei.

  • Try youtube vanced

  • What really happened is that USA got beaten at its own game in the free market and decided to play dirty instead of competing in technology. Effectively attacking capitalism economy.

  • Sadly due to the restrictions... This phone seem to be stuck. Limited accessibility (without Google) in a powerful phone.

  • This looks like s6 edge plus

  • This phone's battery life is close to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but its score is also abnormally low due to its more efficient hardware inside this phone and its maximum capacity can be 4750mAh because 4400mAh is just the nominal capacity, but the capacity may be slightly above or below the nominal capacity which has a minimum of 4100mAh capacity but up to 4750mAh capacity, but the charging speeds are abnormally high because it has 57w because if the phone is too hot or too cold, it cannot reach 66w, it can only charge at a maximum of 55w, Huawei has a wrong rate, do not buy this phone due to Huawei restricted to produce in USA, now!

  • Huawei has a best camera among all phones Iam very glad to tell iam a Huawei user

  • I love Huawei, I've had my P8 for almost six years at this point and it still works perfectly. No planned obsolence here like in iphones! I'll probably buy the latest one once the US sanctions are lifted.

  • Can p40 pro take zoom enough to take dynamic pictures of moon 🌙

  • Who wants a camera donut

  • Can u do a giveaway of mare 40 pro because i am using a broken galaxy s8😥

  • We can watch SEnewss videos from web browser in this phone?


  • Love ❤️❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Getting Passionfruit iPhoney vibes from the background music 5:15

  • Does anyone have the name of that theme 2:52

  • Gorgeous looking phone!!! 😍😍😍

  • he read it as' who are way' and i read it as 'who are we' XD am I stupid or am i blind

  • To me this is just US being afraid of being beaten by the Chinese!

  • Damn dude 6+ million subs, you hiring? 😁 I'm a front end developer. Love your videos man keep up the good work sir🙏🏽

  • 2:10 Running out words? Bruh .. this show is like sesame street. I get to learn new English words to use

  • Phone without google apps is like pizza without cheese...😂😂

    • There's a way to get GMS installed separately, no worries about that.

  • Normalize a centralized camera back! Please all of manufacturer!

  • The moment Huawei has Google, I'm selling my s21 plus for huawei

    • @Not Claptrap yeah I know, but you can get an equivalent of SEnewss called "SEnewss vance" on Huawei, so I can mannage

    • @The Red BlueBerry no google means no youtube

    • Well, I'm not sure if that is going to happen or not, but Huawei's services are slowly but surely getting better and better, so if Huawei doesn't mannage to get their google back, then their own in house services might fully replace it, and might even be just as good as it.

    • @Jason Stimson are dumb they are working on it

    • That'll likely never happen 😭

  • they really disappeared in western market this year, i started using Huawei from Mate20Pro and P30 Pro and i feel like every new release is packed with generous upgrades.. But what a shame bcs of political issue and GMS taken out of their devices really pulls customers away.. Hope US would consider to ease on them and bring GMS back to Huawei and I'll start buying Huawei again, imo much generous and proven upgrade compared to Samsung (which i am using now, kinda disappointed considering the hefty price tag)

  • Bro I love your all videos 🥰

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • bro can you review in huawei mate 40 rs plzzzzzzzz

  • Thumbs up man

  • The performance of the Kirin 9000 lies somewhere between the A13 and A14 and fairly close to the latter. In short its an excellent chip!

  • XD The camera looks like a Donut (camera donut) and IF I FLIP MY IPOD, IT TURNED INTO THE HUAWEI MATE 40 PRO LOL

  • Did you really play standoff 2 if yes pls gove me your id

  • W

  • Save Hauwei!

  • This is really bad pohne

  • My family phone guys 🤔 I watch lag ya for high graphic Fortnite 🤔 You have to increase narrows 🤣👍🏿 One plus due my family guys 🤔

  • SEnewss: Who are you? SEnewss Vanced: You, but better *2020 Huawei users know this*

  • It's shocking to see how much influence Google has...

  • Use SEnewss vanced 😁

  • I'm fan of you.Your video always come to my suggest from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • “ chunky boy “

  • 8:05 bruh Shopee

  • hope things will change after biden's administration.

  • Not me suffering here with the Huawei Y3 Lite 😫

  • Is this paid ?

  • Looks like he is making commercial for Huawei. *I mean seriously, cause actually he always took something out to make it look less good,* but here on that Mate 40 Pro..... *Nope!!!* And that Huawei Screen in the Background....*Suspicious!* *But still, I love his Videos*

  • Who cares for google if the country man living in is not supported by google?

  • What is the best phone camera you know?

  • ❤️ from sri lanka

  • Will the new US president change the Huawei Situation?

  • Hopefully with Biden in charge something can be worked out;-)