20 Next-Level Inventions you didn't think were Possible.

Publicerades den 4 maj 2021
20 Incredible Tech Inventions, from smartphones, to gadgets, to tech gifts up till 2021. If you enjoyed this do consider subscribing! 👊
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  • Trying something completely new with this one - would really love some feedback if you want to see more like this! 👊 To see my last video on the most expensive phone I've ever seen, held and unboxed: senewss.info/slow/r6arY9FogLPBb5k/video

    • IF you can include which country and where you most probably could buy these from?

    • Loved it!!! MORE...

    • Bro i love your videos❤ Do you have a (video)review on Samsung 31?? 679🇫🇯

    • Awesome Idea and execution keep it up.

    • Nice one

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  • As far as replacing plastics and more, there's a natural source that very few know about. It's called Hemp. You can make car bodies, houses, clothes, replace plastic anything and so much more. We have most of the answers in nature but money still rules the world.

  • 3:36 what if there’s a baby in between..

  • Biski and criminal ... Oh yeah dhoom 2 😂


  • Enjoyed my day to the fullest after watching this in parts... It is like having the pleasure of eating two chocolate blocks a day

  • Too bad the world's most powerful people aren't this creative

  • Pdos

  • how is the bumper 6out of 10??

  • did my guy drive on the river with socks on?

  • so baiscally a roomba for tennis balls

  • Imagine playing fallout 4 with the VORTX

  • Thought this will be boring but it's kinda cool.

  • The rating sucks, what does one have to do to get a 10/10 from you?! Dear gosh

  • Imagine if they used the drones to rickroll everyone with a different qr code instead.

  • i liked it

  • 1:44

  • rickroll in the sky

  • can you review those transparent TVs that look like glass

  • 9:02 so its a smaller tazer.

  • Congrats, you've earned yourself a subscriber! I love your voice!

  • Fun fact! Bio-degradable only breaks down into tiny tiny pieces of that object and if you have a biodegradable plastic bag it’s actually worse for the environment! Isn’t that crazy!?

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  • 2:28 Proof this guy is an utter you-tube idiot. This invention is perfect. It solves a problem and does it perfectly. Therefore the score should be close to 10 out of 10....

  • But the speed bump company is now closed so I don't think this idea will go to production. Daily dose of internet posted about a few years ago and said that the company is closed. So good idea, never gonna be used.

  • I can't help thinkng Motorola when I see that M....

  • I Love Arc Lighters! Amazon promoted one for 10$ one day. Go for the more expensive dual Arc model though!

  • Improvements : 1) more time / info per item. some were quite interesting 2) less jokes , seriously jokes with everything? sounds cheap, tacky and done on purpose... Which they were. So do less. All the jokes and comedy blurred the focus of the video. 3) your please sub request always feels awkward, even when you change the last word per video. maybe think of a better way of doing it...is it even necessary? 4) I should get paid for this help 🤔

  • this dude is a 100 lvl phone master

  • 10:33 oh boy, I can't wait for the autonomous skydio uprsing. All hail our robo-overlords! 🤖

  • Lol I've never used a washing machine ngl


  • Bikeski would have been useful to aamir khan few years back haha

  • No murica or something but the American Navy got a laser cannon on one destroyer to shoot down drones. Maybe another level to the SEnewssr.

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  • You thought it was a drone, but it was me, DIO!

  • Where do you make your intro/outro at the end?!

  • Smart glasses sounds like the next Google Glass.

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  • There's this channel DIY Perks where this guy teaches how to make that sun pannel very cheaply. The only difference is that his sun doesn't move but if you go through the video there can be a way to actually add that movement.

  • 9:12 taser time

  • awesome video.

  • He could buy all of the gadgets on the list as he earns that much money

  • I'll have to sell my room to buy the roof! 😂

  • "yo could ya pass me some water" "yeah man one sec just gotta peel it"

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  • a silent vacuum cleaner????

  • this as awsome arun you should continou this searies

  • List of things I want to buy when I get rich 15: cowa robot 12 11 9 8 7 6 5 4

  • Cyberpunk :-}

  • You can DIY the Coelux Panels for fairly cheap, there’s a really cool tutorial on Diy Perks’ channel!

  • Love this series'....please more

  • Use kilometers

  • The more I see technology evolving the more I remember the movie Wall-E.

  • Imagine using the VORTX with a vr headset that'd be so call

  • Moaaaar!!!!

  • wow ew

  • I love these kinds of videos. I wanna be an industrial designer. Great inspiration for me

  • The No 1 product is completely stolen idea from. DIY a person did on SEnewss.

  • I am pretty sure half the stuff you said is from Brightside

  • Mrwhosetheboss: 'What would happen if you took a laser and cranked the power dial up a bit?' XKCD: It's on.

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  • Keep em coming it's great

  • that bag video looks like badly edited lol.

  • still here

  • WhatsApp +923051520183

  • Check out DIY Perks for artifical sun

  • 1:14 bro- i feel heat from my computer *everytime* i play something XD

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  • Those Arc lighters... I wonder wheres the danger of using it. Reminds me of tazers haha.

  • Imagine biski can fly

  • Enjoy the feeling of opening the blinds & being blasted by light? Ugh! Blinding! No, thank you. The darkness is far more soothing. 🕶️

  • "cyberpunk" 🤭

  • loves the sun, lives in UK..... 😬

  • Just found this channel, liked and subbed 👍🏾

  • U are hard to please i saw a few 8s qhen u said 5amd 6

  • Loved this vid

  • You should do more of these types of videos I liked this one and watched it all the way through

  • The arc lighter is basically a taser.

  • Last gen notebook 😇

  • Can't believe no ones talking about the Smart Glasses. They literally scream "THE FUTURE"

  • MAKE IT BETTER buy listing stuff we can buy wile still working at McDs

  • In the future people will litter

  • Yeah man i love the video

  • Loved it man!

  • Anyone else got that amazing "MINE" Personal data protector AD in the beginning?😄

  • wow

  • "and you eat your water" i dont want to eet water

  • fun series! continue

  • Liked it. U made a better version of those “top ten blank you won’t believe exist”. Your background info makes it for me.

  • Nah liquid speed bump is 10,578 times better than hard solid speed bumps, it deserves at least a 9/10

  • Love your accent

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  • Reminds me of a bug's life with the water droplets

  • "Did you know....". . . We love your videos! They make me feel tech savvy. 😁

  • Can you make retainers with the formbox?

  • North was purchased by Google in mid-2020 and subsequently cancelled production on the Focals by North smart glasses. Expect to see Google rebrand it as Google Glass v2 sometime in the next 12 months.