I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.

Publicerades den 23 dec 2020
6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone - Do I regret it?
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  • 750 comments in the first minute! I legit don't even know how you guys do it 😂 To see why I switched to iPhone in the first place: senewss.info/slow/ZpiZmNOah5e8htQ/video To see possibly world's largest smartphone collection: senewss.info/slow/r7XUmtJxkNfbj7I/video

    • Recently someone changed from Apple to Samsung because in Spoke phones you want create folders... He's utterly happy now.

    • If Apple made cars they'd update - just for the hell of it - the position of the accelerator, brake, clutch

    • What about lynx phones compared?

    • Stupid

    • iPhone, Smasung and Huawei, everything nice and interesting, but the rickroll tho

  • apple all the way love ur vids but samsung is stupid

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  • Well I just moved back to iPhone after 5 years away. Only because I feel google is selling everyone down the tube. I refuse to give my hard earned money to a company that uses people for big profits and does not care about your privacy. Even though they are saying they aren’t doing that as much. I don’t buy it so as hard as it was for me to walk away from android phones and my google accounts, these boots were made for walking. Unfortunately utube is still the best for researching and finding good information. Hope some day there will be an alternative to it. Thanks for your videos

  • IPhone is for those who live on their phone... once you go there you're stuck with iPhone accessories... Android is for those who like practicality and do not live on their phones

  • Another win for Android!

  • the apps are optimized and all worked... yes they are meant for only iPhones so they are made specifically that they would run and google play no because Huawei p 9 lite and oneplus 8t can have the same app as pubg but the difference between them two is about 40fps maybe and way better graphics

  • This is me. I've had one iPhone and that was the iPhone 4 back in 2010. I have had Android for the last 11 years but I'm getting tired of all the bloatware and bullshit UIs and so I'm think about making *THE SWITCH.*

  • No comment on apple's fiasco with privacy security or battery capacity? This video is just an AD for Apple.

  • I switched to an iPhone. This is what i found out: Apple have data about me now that not even i know and my IQ dropped to 50.

  • switched to iPhone - This is what I found out: if you're kids get ahold of your phone and accidentally delete one of your text message conversations, there is no "undelete" in iMessage. The whole thread (going back years) is gone, along with every image in that thread. Why? Apple, why? In Android I'd have gotten my texts back with a couple of taps. Unbelievable! If you're going to stick with iOS: be careful!

  • Everything is gangsta untill their expire date comes and unable to a damn shit thing.

  • infidels should burn in hell! i sometimes wondered if i should use an iphone but I'm too immerse in the android software.

  • Try out short cuts

  • You should have done the shot on iphone meme😂😂

  • A sub to the channel would be tasty *C R U N C H*

  • I won't waste time watching this to find out your answer because it's obvious which phone you prefer from the "specifically fruity" background tire showing.

  • iPhone is simple. Nothin overwhelming

  • We've been rickrolled 😖😫

  • Android is better cuz it's an individual that doesn't use other parts from other companies that I know of I don't want to I Samsung I want a Samsung not a iPhone with Samsung parts in it LOL

  • With Android, port your number to Google Voice and you can answer calls on any computer or any phone as long as you're online

  • Honest Review ☘️

  • There's two major issues I have with apple and iOS not mentioned here worth a mention. One is the app store prices and variety, allot of the apps I want simple don't exist on iOS or if they do are paid for when they are free on Android. One example being emulators. Also apples practise of forcing companies to use their app store they literally have the 100% monopoly on and then forcing them to pay massive percentage of income to apple and yet blocking any competition. The epic vs apple lawsuit hopefully forces that to change but I won't hold my breath. And two every time I've tried iOS I've found it a counter intuitive UI by stubbornly sticking to no dedicated back button you rely on the app to follow convention and despite apple supposedly vetting apps comply more often than not when I've used an iOS app within minutes I'm stuck looking for how to go back or close it cause it doesn't follow the convention

  • What is the launcher in that s20 ultra

  • Wait... You're saying an iphone is supported by more apps on the app store than an android phone on the play store? I find that hard to believe because my backup phone which runs on Android 6 can get almost any app my 2018 flagship LG g7 can, although it might not be able to run it

  • U can't play pubg on 90 fps in iphone😉

  • This is a video for the average consumer not a phone/tech nerd iphones are great for the average joe until they realize they have to charge it every 10 seconds 😂😂

  • 6:27😂😂

  • Apple's motto is more like "if it ain't broke, fix it until it is broke, then sell a solution" This is coming from someone who was an iOS user until the headphone jack thing happened. Glad I hoped off the iPhone wagon when I did.

  • I switched few months ago also from android. I know what you mean. My ocd with specs and customization just stopped. I finally just use a phone for what it is now . Plus your right the pictures are great. Everything just works. Interface so fluid. I love it, will never go back.

  • The External customization is greater because they can sell more stuff to you.

  • Gift me your one phone to play games

  • If you want to see it as an economic model then Android is a Democracy and IOS is a dictatorship. It's freedom of choice vs no choice. It's monopoly vs free market capitalism. It's Bitcoin vs Fiat.

  • Try switching from Apple to Android. That's the real nightmare lol. Android is more open source and in my opinion more customizable and Apple at this stage is more like a cult due to the closed nature of the system but the small collection of Apple devices it can interconnect with. Switching someone to Android when they came from Apple is like trying to teach a child how to walk or getting someone who grew up on Consoles to build a PC. Also the updates to Apple are a cult wide thing because they are one single manufacturer. With the wide range of differences in non Apple devices it takes other manufacturers time to alter the Android OS to fit the phone it was made for.

  • Android users are too latched onto manipulating their devices like toys. Apple is looking at more efficiency, integration, functionality, ease of use and reliability. Hence, more people who care about those things rather than moving wallpaper or silly customizations that amuse teeny boppers will appreciate their iDevices over the Android ecosystem.

  • Here are my honest thoughts as a long time iPhone user. I think the most annoying part of both are their fans. Apple fans are ignorant and use an iPhone just because it works. Android fans are always jerks about the capabilities of their phone, almost to the point of overcompensating for not being associated with the 'premium feel' or simply not being a well-known phone. In my opinion, there's really no big difference when you use their flagship phones, aside maybe from key new features. Most comparisons are apples to oranges, no pun intended. Apple fans use a $200 phone once and think android phones are sluggish, but totally ignore the performance of their very old models (which are on par with the price of budget androids). On the other hand, not a lot of android users know about the iPhone's app optimization so they think they're getting lesser specs and outdated hardware for the price of a flagship (though, to be fair, I do agree that Apple products are extremely overpriced). I guess what bothers me the most about Apple is the fact that they can sway commoners/non-tech enthusiasts into thinking that their phone is better just because it always works and the premium pricing somewhat justifies that. But I can assure you, a 4-5 year old iPhone is just as sluggish as a 4-5 year old android. Plus, many iPhone users don't use the latest iPhone. They just like to stay in the ecosystem because of social status and what-not.

  • The effort you put in to rickroll us😂

  • Khm khm pubg mobile 90 fps ???? Iphon go lobi

  • Android its the world of smartphones and iOS just for one brand. I have oneiu 3.0 on Samsung in terms of shell quality several levels higher than ios. customizable side panel, dual mode for using two applications, a whole separate mini menu for screenshots and these are just some of the features. And no need to talk about updates to ios. we all know what these updates are for , on all brands. 3-4 years of updates.😬🤣🤦‍♂️ why do you need a smartphone 3-4 years, if now even flagships come out every year🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • 0:15 I thought he was gonna say "will u marry me?"

  • I'd buy the iPhone if it had the headphonejack, would support Micro SD, was more customizable and all Apps would be available (I use some everyday that are only on Android)

  • This guy keeps rickrolling us every single video :D

  • Sounds like you became complacent.

  • On android you can set your backround to whatever

  • ONLY thinking holding me back from iPhone: no back button/gesture 🤬

  • I switched a year ago and yes.. i regret the change. Hoping to jump to oneplus in march with the new device

  • Can i have your old iphone 11

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  • iPhone sucks!

  • Hi arun

  • I wish I have a studio like yours 🙂

  • In the end it's just another smartphone with all the same essential features. Maybe there's people who constantly want the best new gadget or the absolutely latest phone, but in the end whatever you get is just gonna be good enough and that's fine.

  • Switched from the S20+ and Op8Pro (and 5years of other flagship androids) to the ip12pro in graphite. And gosh, do I keep ogling at the design! IMHO a 1000$+ phone should have a gorgeous design, and S21U trypophobia inducing, weird camera bump certainly is not beautiful. Iphone just feels amazing in hand, and there is no fear of dings in the bezel, as it is made from steel.

  • Omg. Bye.

  • Samsung : Am I a joke?

  • Send me the old ones

  • Nice video 😄

  • 4:57 it was really funny🤣🤣🤣

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  • You get a lot less phone for the same money. And Apple tries to charge a dime for every single thing you get or do. Fuck apple forever. I will never go back.

  • What will be your reaction when you broke your 1.iPhone 2.Android

  • Iphone - Quality over quantity Android - Quantity over quality

  • 4:15 what game is that ?


  • I appreciate the insight of this video, but ironically it's made my decision to stay with android more firm. There are android only things that I absolutely love and adore (plus my Samsung camera I use for work all the time), but it was good to hear your reasoning!

  • I love Android but they are really shooting themselves in the foot by following Apples lead and removing hardware options from their phones

  • Who else saw the rick roll 6:26

  • you can change app icons using Shortcuts

  • iPhone is good for talking in group chats since most people have them

  • 6:26 Rick astley?

  • What game were u playing at 4:15? It looks rly fun

  • Apple got Rick rolled

  • As an iPhone user I don’t use my Home Screen for anything. If I want to open an app I use spotlight search and type what I want

  • What happens to all his phones

  • noone talks about the 43k emails

  • The only real issue i have with Android is how companies don't pay instagram/Snapchat/tiktok/etc to have a better (true) camera quality like Apple does. Android cameras are amazing but social media apps make it seem way worse than they are

  • Android on Pixel phones is just as good as iOS on an Apple device, in terms of updates, responsiveness and the overall experience.

  • 6:26 FRICK the background

  • iPhone... Should be called iPretentious

  • Try Samsung galaxy 21 ultra , wait you did .

  • 3:33 *yet*

  • The instagram thing, has to do with how instagram processes things on iphone vs android. Look into it, it'll make you pretty angry.

  • So we not gonna talk about the Rick roll

  • Okay so u are saying the camers are boring well fuck u these are the best cameras out there and btw no one or most of the people don’t even use 100x zoom or astro photography so whats the purpose u dumb ass ...

    • Boring not as bad, but boring as in lack of options

  • To change your wallpaper easier, go to a picture in your Photos and hit the Share button. Then “set as wallpaper”

  • got rock rolled twice in one video :(

  • Great Vid, How did you manage to Move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone ?...

  • nice rick rolling there

  • 6:27 Love the rickroll

  • This reviewer is so brainwashed. Within a few minutes from the start of his video, he listed how bad the iPhone actually is. Then he makes excuses as to why he's willing to use a iPhone that is obviously not as good as most other phones on the market. Amazing.

  • 0:55 Customization is spelled as customisation

    • @Sam :\ idk

    • @Anonymous In the U.S. and Canada, it’s customize, customized, customizing, customization, customizable, etc. Outside North America, it’s customise, customised, customising, customisation, customisable, etc.

    • @Sam Wdym

    • Depends

  • Hi guys! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you!

  • Haha, mostly ppl going to ios

  • You can set a wallpaper from a gallery since... forever

  • Before people was punish when they was lying now the people get paid when they are lying

  • Ha! I ordered the ROG 3. Mainly because of the awesone kickass front facing stereo speakers. If there weren't better than the ones on the ROG 2, I would have gotten the ROG2. It still has a headphonejack. And doesn't has a 5G antenna. Am absolutely not interested in the military weapons grade 5G.

  • Apple is trash!!!

  • Well, I have switched from Samsung (Galaxy S9+) to iPhone (11)..and I have to say there are really good features on iPhone, but there are features on Samsung that are so much more practical there that iPhone is left far behind. But undeniably there are superior thing on iPhone as well. So it really boils down to personal preference.. The rest is just hype, marketing strategies and naive people...

  • Great video mate 👍🏾 🔥 IPhone vs Notes should be the minimum testing standards... As to it's usually more or thee most polished galaxy phone and a pro variant equivalent to the apple line... Me watching this on my note 10+. Happy you happy with your decision as you should be!

  • Tech apart. He is funny as fuck.