The Self-Healing Smartphones!

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
Welcome to 6 of the rarest smartphones around, including foldable and Self-Healing Phones, and why each of them failed!
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  • For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!): Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂

  • Rock phone

  • A class mate of me had this phone at #5

  • I think I fall in love with Yota 3+ just because you are awsome. They should hire you.

  • I would prefer anything but a glass back they break so easily

  • Glass on both sides is the dumbest decision ever made. A metal finish would be great, but, as happened with my HTC M10, they can get really hot.

  • Super thin phones now mean overheating weak stuff with trash batteries... Maybe in the future, who knows.

  • I actually really hope that foldables come back, I always loved taking out my phone and flipping it open.

  • Watch a movie while my zoom class is happening lol ... I just go mid when they ask question go by others answers lol seems useful atm lol

  • The worst ever finish is glass, because now 99% of people just use covers for their phones just not to damage them or scratch them. It's so stupid.... I'd rather prefer metal or plastic, but with flagship specs.

  • kevlar/carbon back as the moto droid had

  • Aside from the purpose of professional editing i Don't see a resaon.

  • Metal, I miss my OP3

  • I hate glass, give me a self healing back and front

  • I'd rather have a plastic metal hybrid. I hate glass backs.

  • 8:10 does that phone show light scratches at level six with deeper grooves at level 7?

  • Moto Z is rare? Here in Brazil we have a lot of them in the used market, and relatively cheap nowadays

  • the yoda 3+

  • I miss the good old titanium finish, or even aluminum, definitely not glass

  • Lol GG flex on you (LG G felx)

  • who thinks that the yota 3+ guy in the book looks like Mrwhosetheboss

  • For some reason the shape of yota’s last phone satisfies me 😌

  • He's holding these phone's that it's like equivalent to his life while me holding my phone like a brick while watching this 😂

  • I would love to see a carbon fiber wrapped phone in the coming years, copper antennae inlays for better reception as well?

  • I would love your videos even more if you showcased the outside of the phone more

  • I love all the heart felt designs and signatures they put on the boxes unaware that 99% of us watch porn to break in the new phone

  • My mom had the g flex I loved it

  • I hate glass back phones, it's like having two screens to careful with.

  • where is galaxy round

  • This so cool but kinda sad idk..

  • I don't care about the material in back because i be using my case any ways but like the idea of curved phone it be great for gaming

  • If there was a current phone with e-ink on the back, I'd immediately buy it.

  • to me glass back phones are just asking to be broken i always liked my aluminium case samsung

  • yang

  • c a r b o n f i b e r f i n i s h

  • So the thing about the 2 videos at the same time. You can actually designate which video goes to what bluetooth device for audio. meaning you can indeed listen to one video with headphones and the other with the speaker/ another headphone.

  • carbon fibre finish

  • scratch NOT cut.

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Metals

  • Carbon or glass fiber phone, why not? It could be very light and resistant 😀

  • Hey Arun you should tell us about the dark web

  • It’s vr not ar 🙄

  • 2054 "new iPhone with 17TB storage and covid 52 vaccine in 23rd camera"

  • The better water holoprosencephaly smoke because stepmother definitely complain besides a third siamese. resonant, impolite low

  • Amazing video Aaron, I loved every bit. But it would be cool if you got that closeup hanging camera so we can see when you do sth with the phone from you pov.

  • 1:29 First thing that came to mind was the galaxy Z flip. Thanks Austin evans!

  • I would kill for LG G flex back in time

    • Same goes as OnePlus 3 😭, and now i own an iphone 12 pro

  • Foldable phone helping in online examination 😂😎

  • I get that fold-ables are useless but gaming fold-ables are genuinley really good. Like controlls at the bottom and gameplay at the top.

  • Either glass of wood

  • Acually never understood why glass have won as finish. Alsways found it redicoulos that so many people had expensive iPhones broken glass on the back. So am definetly a fan of innovative materials, even ifvits a special Plastic.

  • I do like that glass but now I have the s21 ultra and the new back feels weird

  • Foldable phones are something I'd love. I use my tablets heaps and try to use my phone as a desktop display for my raspberry pi. My phone is only slightly too small and the tablet makes me just think I should use a small laptop

  • steel

  • 10 minutes of random clickbait, with 30 seconds of NOT-self-healing phone. Thanks but no thanks.

  • If phones today were self healing, the phone companies won't be able to sell as many phones they do!

  • At the end of the video you asked what we would like to see the phones made out of that's your dad gum slippery I don't like glasses just slide right out of my hand I would like something that adhered to the hands of the wooden stool I write out some some specially made that would grab your hand like some of that sticky stuff that you put on the walls with your phone I really like what you do that what you all the time I'm running out of things to watch

  • The G flex phones were op...I think they have far better displays than the galaxies of today I remember I had a gflex 2 and was enjoying watching Hollywood movies in 720p format

  • Bokia vs Nokia

  • Imagine thinking how much the glass on the back makes the phone feel premium with over 99% of people using cases on them 😂

    • Yeah and you have to use a big rugged case to protect it from fall damage, what a dumb idea

  • 00:50. GALAXY S6 EDGE was thinner, as for me, due to edge screen

  • i used to have the moto z but the screen broke twice :(

  • Nertherite Phone

  • ideal smartphone cover... is one that i do not have to buy a case for. I have never understood the big emphasis on making increasingly thin phones or phones with cool covers when everyone just has to conceal them in some dumb case.

  • Favorite finish would be: solid gold

  • My heart needs that material

  • 9:54 - The Samsung galaxy S6 did NOT have a glass back, it was aluminium. The S6 did not have Qi charging due to the aluminium back not allowing wireless charging to work. The S5 had Qi wireless charging and the S7 onwards did too. Additionally, Samsung also removed the SD card, IP67 water resistance, removable back cover, removable battery, Qi wireless charging, air view among other things that were awesome! I was going to buy the G-flax back when it was new but bought the S2 when it came out instead! Also, Samsung had a curved screen phone too, but it curved the other way than the LG Flex did!

  • Am i the only one who came here to listen to his voice because it is satisfying

  • I don’t know why, but I would prefer to have a plastic frame for a phone. Like if you’ve ever seen the nophone. It’s basically just a piece of hard plastic that is like a fidget toy. I want that frame in a real phone. I thought of actually buying a 3d printer and making a case like that in which I can just slide the phone. I think I’ll actually do it. I just like having things that have flat sides. Wallets, knifes, keychains. I would also do it for my tablet. I don’t care that much about wireless charging. There are phones these days that can fully charge in 20 minutes. I guess it’s cool having an adapter in the car and just placing the phone down to charge, but I can live without it. I would also love to have one of those old MacBook magnetic ports in it. Or like the back pins of the moto z. I’m surprised that trend didn’t take off. Having all of these modular things like: a video projector, a speaker, a camera lens, or a extended battery pack. It would have been cool if other major brands implemented these things. At least we still have the moto z lineup that got them.

  • Those who watching live hololive streams wants that dual screen phone

  • He -self healing smartphone " wow" Nokia- really? " I am unbreakable"

  • The ZTE axon m is the predecessor to the Microsoft surface duo 😀

  • A phone made of self healing from cracked screens... or a self healing battery... smth lije that...

  • "7.5 on a good day" 😂

  • God I hate glass phone backs


  • Copper

  • Your voice activated my good assistance

  • I dont like your accent though

  • Nothing lasts forever.

  • I think some company should try building carbon fiber phones

  • I can use that for zoom and roblox :))

  • Idk why it's it's satisfying to hear and watch him talk.. hope this doesn't sound weird

  • A rubber finish so it could in theory take more abuse and not get damaged

  • Flocked smartphone

  • LG G4 with leather back was probably the best phone i had in terms of feeling in your hand. A gentle curve of the display actually helped reaching things on top of the screen.

  • I love my Samsung but I would Gladly go back to plastic if A: we got removable batteries back B: they "healed" them selves

  • 07:58 save your time

  • emmmm what about carbon fiber?

  • Maybe a phone made from vibranium...🤔🤔🤔

  • Haha #kurzgesagt spotted!!

  • A carbon fiber phone would be sick

  • Companies needs your phone to be broken ,so they could cell more phones

  • i need self healing wrists

  • you look like "Vijay Deverakonda"

  • Nokia phones are hulk

  • There should be a foldable phone that can transform from phone to iPad and back to phone

  • They make them self fragile

  • Ideal phone finish? Chunky industiral-feeling metal. I'm tired of slim and streamlined phones. Give me something that feels like it came right out of a gritty cyber-noir film.