Poco X3 - The Shady Truth.

Publicerades den 10 sep 2020
Review of the POCO X3 NFC Smartphone, including specs, features, camera test, battery test, and comparison with other phones. But...this phone has some secrets.
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  • I should clarify that, you CAN disable ads in the settings of the phone - The point I was trying to make is that, I didn't like fact that they're there in the first place. What's YOUR opinion on ads baked into the phone? Does it bother you, or, do you not care at all?

    • I hate ads. I hate even carrier specific apps.

    • throughout the vid you made it seem that you didnt know it could be turned off, soooo just admit the lack of research on move on, lol lol lol

    • Welp i can flash the phone so no its not a problem really.

    • Atleast it doesnt cost to remve them unlike youtube ads.....lol

    • @Siddharth Shankar actualy they do.. i'm preety shure they do.. just convert back euro/USD/Pounds to Chinese Yuan Renminbi and you will see they do... this is how you enter the market, as one plus once did.. if you sell 2 times the phones as Y brand for half the profit on each, you still make the same moeny while gathering market %

  • yeet

  • It retails at 178 euros now on amazon... I'm conflicted. How frequent are the ads?

  • I got a great bargain then as I paid £174 for the 128GB version in sept 2020. I agree with Mrwhosestheboss, the extra steps when installing & uninstalling are a pain in the butt but still a great piece of kit

  • Please review more budget and midrange phones

  • I just bought the 6+64GB version for €159. It should be available in the Mi store very shortly for the same price. So much for the 'deceptive' early bird pricing, lol. IMO it's a steal at this price. I just hope I can get used to how huge it is (have a Oneplus 6 at the moment).

  • If you have POCO M3, it will last 2 days of eating and Netflix, not just one. 6000 mAH

  • Just reinstall Android and the ads are gone lmao

  • Then comes poco X3 Pro

  • 4:57 Me and my 145 dollar phone with haptics so bad they sound worse than that ._.

  • I use this phone for a month now, and the battery life is the most perfect feature this phone had, seriously no joking.

  • To turn off ads Open Settings app on your Xiaomi smartphones. Head to Passwords & security and tap on Authorisation and revocation. Look for MSA (Miui System Ads) and disable it.

  • I mean... I hope I have money to buy this phone and I don't really care about the ads if I got this phone with that price... Yeah I hope I can buy this phone next year.

  • The ads would be so annoying.

  • I want poco x3 pro but I don't have money 🥺

  • So the "shady truth" it's no big deal, it is a great phone for the price, even if you tried hard to show otherwise

  • Can you make a review on infinix zero 8?

  • Watching in my new POCO X3 nfc


  • Just use a miui debloter if u have a pc

  • My POCO X3 NFC arrived yesterday. I am already loving it. It's just as good as any Apple/Samsung device. Why pay the high price when you can pay an affordable price for a device just as good as the more less affordable devices.

  • Triggered Indians have arrived

  • I will get one and disable the ads

  • Your SEnewss video has more ads than the Poco X3

  • What would you prefer this or the nord?

  • Slight correction, while the imx682 is not in any flagship per say, the imx686 is, and they are both the exact same sensor, the only differentiation being some video capabilities for marketing reasons, for still photos they are exactly the same.........Sony also did this with the imx582 and 586.….the only reason the photos aren't better is lack of OIS and better image processing hardware due to inferior chip.....try out gcam app, it makes a big difference

  • Bullshit review.

  • It's just as good, or better than iPhone, and its 600 dollars cheaper, what a ripoff apple.

  • "The shady truth: i dont like some details, so lets put all the crap I can... Samsung... pay me the work is done"

  • It's not a sticker it's a temperary tattoo

  • I haven’t had a single ad either

  • I bought this phone as a backup and for gaming.

  • They patched the lag when swiping to the google feeds hehe

  • Why do you edit the bezels of the phone's on your thumbnail's ?

  • On the imx page top right corner poco x3

  • I have 128gb for 220 euro. Yeet

  • It s not a sticker....its a fake tatoo that you put it on your skin and with a wet sponge you soak it and after you pill the paper and tattaaaaaa you ve got a fake tatoo.

  • Currently on sale in UK Xiaomi site for £169 for the 128GB version. Crazy cheap for a still very good phone

  • man I want to buy this phone but .I had read review something about the phone not excexcept phone calls in or out well???? Someone plz how is the phone??? in the usa

  • I have the Poco x3 and I love it it's really nice

  • I like the way you speak... I understand why you have so many subs.

  • So actually you're just mad with the marketing..

  • Cue price nice video

  • I wonder how many comments are about the tattoo 🤔

  • Poco x3,Black dots within 12 days bro.. Worst

  • The fact that it has an 120hz monitor for 190€ (I found it for 185 in greece) is enough for me to buy it

  • Hey, can you do a video on Poco F3? or just share your thoughts. Thanks;-)

  • 6 month later Banggood sells the 128 gb/6 Gb for $199. Now it's time to bye one. www.banggood.com/POCO-X3-Pro-Global-Version-Snapdragon-860-6GB-128GB-6_67-inch-120Hz-Refresh-Rate-48MP-Quad-Camera-5160mAh-Octa-Core-4G-Smartphone-p-1829639.html?cur_warehouse=HK&Mail_mailad442_deal&sc_src=email_4797965&sc_eh=1887163dd093607d1&sc_llid=633617&sc_lid=205022853&sc_uid=pvlrx8Y7Fc&ID=62464446305389

  • EREN Jaeger hahahahahahha

  • Pls do Poco f3 Review

  • The second i see an ad on the ui that phone is going to the shitbin and set on fire

  • Phone looks cool

  • Waiting for MrwhoseTheBoss review on POCO X3 PRO

  • That's my wishing phone since cause my Samsung G a11 Isn't compatible for gaming.

  • I was tryin to find a cheap alternative for my broken a50 RIP a50 2019-2021

  • 4:57 LMAO BRUH- 😂🤣💀☠️👻

  • It has 6000 mah battery bro

  • 6 months later, there's Poco x3 pro, which is the same price, but better chipset

  • I bought it yesterday for €175

    • And if the phone was €229 then I got it for a seemingly less price for,€175

    • @Kunal Raj I had a budget of 15000 only

    • Why ??? You could have gone for pro varient.

  • The best review of my life. I think you deserve a 100m subscription with millions of dollars. But since my English is not good, I can not translate your words well. How can I activate my note 8 pro mobile subtitle?

  • Nova 5t is better thx

  • Watching this rn on the poco x3 pro lmao

  • Please review poco x3 pro

  • I was nearly caught out by the lure of Xiaomi, having had a Huawei P smart bought in Dec 2019 which after only 2yrs has stopped communicating with the sd card and simultaneously it's not able to use wi-fi reliably. I have to kick-start downloads or programme launches by switching on Mobile data!! and then switching back to wi-fi once engaged. WHAT is going on??? You have NO IDEA of how much time I've spent trying to find out what on earth was causing the problem and applying all sorts of (non) fixes!! I do sometimes wonder if some of these companies are doing software 'dirties' like Apple did with their false battery life limiter and Volkswagen's infamous pollution test results which has damaged that company for ever; financially and in reputation. I'm in my mid-seventies and I'M SICK (nearly) TO DEATH with the MEANESS of businesses these days. It was a race to the 'quality' bottom and now it's a race to the 'morality' bottom.... sickening!! I'm not at all surprised by what Xiaomi has done in the light of the above and fortunately people like yourself (you do GREAT reviews BTW) coupled with my deep, pre-purchase, research has protected me from this. I still don't have the nerve to buy because, even using the hacks to remove adverts, I worry that with the constant monitoring of people and equipment, by media of all sorts, Xiaomi could REiNSTATE their adverts. I don't need another battle at my age!!! :) Even SEnewss (my life's blood) is being pushed to the absolute limits of tolerance my the increasingly and unpleasurabe MAD amount of adverts combined with the HIGH cost of a payed-for system which they are clearly trying to force us to do. I don't have a massive pension and have to be careful. Anyway thanks again for all your work; it is much appreciated. NoAxe

  • @Mrwhosetheboss What do you think of POCO X3Pro ?

  • I have that phone, the Ads are annoying but easy to remove, the Cameras are very damn good with Google Camera, an everything is insanely impressive for 200 euros which is an amazing value

  • Please make a review on the poco x3 pro

  • My only problem with my new Poco X3 is..it's quite hot?? Or this is just the first??

  • Why is it that mrwhosrtyeboss make every phone look good😂?

  • Brother Now You Review The Poco F3 Midrange Phone

  • Kurzgesagt!!

  • Do you had done review on vivo S1 and S1 Pro?

  • I booked 💯😘

  • Its very easy to turn ads off

  • As he says baking ads youtube slaps me with an ad

  • I am using it right now and this vid has convinced me to keep it. Thanks android.

  • Or you could install a custom rom into it. I am even sure there is already some custom roms available for it now.

  • I have just purchased this phone 128gb for my son 202 euros. Big problem is it won't accept SMS for verification codes which is now becoming a problem. Everything else is fine for a cheap phone. Wouldn't buy again if I'd know about this problem, that I can't seem to fix.

  • The shady truth is just clickbait by him - which is far worse than what Poco / Xiami did. Because the ads, you can just deactivate them, and they are gone. Its just 2 clicks. So it is "Mrwhosetheboss - The Shady Truth" maybe. Also, I bought this phone for 175 Euros, brand new, in March 2021. So what.

  • Please do a POCO X3 Pro.. and it's shady parts too..

  • Nice very very 💯 THAT WHY I CHOSE MR.WHOSETHEBOSS whenever someone asked me about tech reviews for the reason the I found satisfaction in these "Truths" honest opinion or rather say FACTS!

  • You spent half the video talking about ads you can disable yourself and comparing it to flagship phones that are 5x the price

  • If this phone has a self made curry feature it will be a god of all phone now

  • Ordered squinting through an a71s that I dropped and shattered *doughnut * 200quid its nothing, I'm not after fancy phones as its going on my bike , happy days 👍

  • Half a second is a fair bit of time? Seriously???

  • What about ads as an update for a game launcher that's built into a samsung phone?

  • Plz review poco X3 pro also. It comes with Snapdragon 860 for just 19,000inr which is dope😍

  • Right now its 264 eur for the 128gb in latvia ... so idk about the early bird thing still cheap

  • Got mine last week for £170 for the 128gb version. Had all ads removed within the hour (sorry not sorry Poco) Couldn't be happier.

  • Poco x3 good performance gaming

  • Who else is here after 6 months???

  • Watching this with my poco x3 pro

  • The app scanning after downloading it actually saved my phone 4 times from a virus.

  • the fact that the poco x3 costs 1500 brl (the minimum wage in Brazil is about 1000 brl) seriously makes me want to k1|_|_ myself

  • Whot check out the new x3 pro same proce!!

  • To be honest I have bought this phone at €275 for the 128gb model, it's an exceptional phone for the price, and they have released updates and solved most of the lags you have mentioned here, I would say, you should review it once more.

  • You can install a custom ROM

  • I managed to get the 128gb version for 150 during their sale. Super happy with the phone, for that price frankly I couldn't ask for better. I never had a problem with the ads (having used Xiaomi before i just automatically cut all that off) so it runs smooth! Good review =)

  • every time i type poco x3 in the search bar youtube turns to Spanish for some reason

  • This guy give me chill wow...