"Smartphones are Boring now."

Publicerades den 28 nov 2020
Smartphones are NOT boring, here's just 9 reasons why!
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  • Next time someone tells you smartphones are boring, send them here, I think there's a lot to be excited about!

    • true

    • Lol

    • At the end of the day, what I need from a smartphone is reading mails, taking pictures, social media and callling, so smartphones are definitely boring,...a smartphone from 4 years ago still checks all that I have mentioned above.

    • You should make vids about facts like bright side ur rlly good at it

    • Man nice clickbate title

  • OKAY, this video was more informative than I was expecting.

  • Cameras need to be able to zoom in and out of the casing without a " camera bump ". Larger screens and rolable is very exciting.

  • Rolable phones is an innovation!!

  • Most of it is innovation from Chinese companies, and then the U.S.: "The Chinese are stealing our technology and it threatens U.S. national security, and we're going to ban them!"

  • 3:23 we got rickrolled once again

  • I love the rolable idea but how the hell are they going to make a case for that

  • breaking news: guy who doesn't do anything other then phones, thinks phones are boring

  • The people who say phones are boring are the people who buy iPhones or Galaxy's

  • 3:24 You just got Rick rolled

  • I hate cellphone gaming

  • The oceanic mexico electronically deserve because equipment hisologically answer off a equable girl. left, false familiar famous drug

  • whatever phone you take the same face you see. What matters is that is decent, a cool phone can do the job. Focus on battery

  • Due to the pandemic I really wish for a phone integrated into a face shield or full face helmet. Complete with AR view.

  • please stop saying anyways, its not a word.

  • I folded my Xiaomi k20 pro for fun, and now I regret it :)

  • Apple: "What the hell are we going to do?"

  • Smartphones are still boring to me. Every new model just improves what is already there, make it faster, lighter, or more advanced, but basically, nothing is really new. So some phones will get screens that can bend.... not sure that is all that interesting.... nitpicking the bezel sizes and where the selfie cam is positioned...... Does anyone remember the crazy phones that Nokia used to make... some very impractical, but they were interesting. I loved it when Sony put dedicated buttons for music on the side. There were tons of different keyboards and screens. These days all phones look the same, especially once you put it in a phone cover... no one even knows what you have. Where is the innovation? Can anyone please make one crazy impractical phone? I am bored with the current form factor and not even interested in upgrading anytime soon... Still, I really like this channel and reviews.


  • If graphine is that good why not have a battery that you can keep when you upgrade and just slot into your new phone? I can't see it being very recyclable if it's that tough so just an idea. What about having a camera strip on the back of your phone thats attached to the display so you could just roll it out to use as the selfie camera ..like an alternative to the old swivel cameras ? This way you get the same awesome quality for selfie as you do the back camera? As for mobile gaming you need a flagship grade GPU for the best performance so maybe Nvidia could come back in some way because they destroyed Qualcomm chips when they had the tegra series. On android there's only cod mobile that's got decent graphics and worth playing..there are other high graphics games but none have pulled off what cod mobile achieved and not everyone can afford a high-end phone which is one reason we see such garbage games on mobile

  • Am I to old or why is it that I don't care about any of those "revolutionary developments" ? I'm perfectly fine with the almost not existing bezzles of my S10e, I don't need anything less that comes with compromises in durability, or at least makes the phone more expensive. What do I realy get from that tiny bit of more screen size? Ok, graphene batteries rely sound to good to be true, that's a thing I realy care about, longer battery life. But my experiene tells me, that it will get screewed up again. Phones won't get smaller and lighter and they won't last a week, instead the companies will find some useless ways to waste the extra energy. Maybe this will be better with smartwatches, they realy need longer battery lifes to actually be usefull.

  • love your voice...and explaination

  • samsung already similar camera technology long back in there S4 zoom and Galaxy K zoom phones

  • 11:08 who else noticed the xbox notification sound

  • Can we not have funny phone but low cost phone of high quality?

  • 3:23 Why u bully me?

  • 3:59 Are there really losers out there that dream of bar phones?

  • The whole world would be 62 chessboards.

  • You are most likely the only person I don't mind getting rick rolled by

  • This is why I have a Fold 2. The only phone that has yet to bore me.

  • Am I the only one that likes bessels I love my iPhone 8

  • I think Arun has rick rolled me more than my friends

  • I would use the detachable vivo camera like a go pro

  • I am binge watching the entire channel using mi4a with a dead area in the centre and the possibility to type in itself.(it's gone crazy).

  • 3:07 what is this xiaomi ?

  • No bezels will make a phone less usable you will accidentally touch the screen all the time (iam not sure i said bezels right)

  • We got rick rolled without realizing it😂😂

  • 3:24 I like how he has the Rick Astley's Rick Roll wallpaper LoL!

  • i miss bezels .. great tiems when you could grip your phone and slightly wrap fingers around the front hding it tight. you do that now you activate stuff so you end up pinching the sides so as to not touch slightly over the front edge

  • The only phone which has lost innovation n its the boring phone as well n that is iphone, but strange its ur daily driver n u praised it like a God's phone. So i m asking u that y ur standards get change when it comes to iphone. Ideally u should criticize it most because of lack in innovation, but shockingly u start praising it even for adopting its 4 year old design from iphone 5. I mean r u really a youtuber atleast a real one.👎👎👎👎

  • oh yeah rollable phones are better.. well sir wait until jerryrigeverythinng gets hold of it. i doubt it lasts long lol scratches at level 2 deep grooves at level 3... lets try the bend test when its rolled out. hell there will be a new item on his show. the compess test. pushing back against the expanding motors.... haha

  • some people: smartphones are getting boring. Arun: splish splash your opinion is trash

  • You make it sound like all of this will happen overnight

  • 1:32 And just like all the other optical zoom phones released over the past 15 years, the reviewers will hate it.

  • smartphones are good, but I love phablets

  • Me watching still using an iphone 7.

  • It’s not that smartphones are boring now, it’s law of diminishing returns. We’ve become used to all the basic features that used to amaze us. An amazing camera, high processing power, smooth UI, great display, etc are all taken for granted so any further improvements will seem small as the basic use of a smartphone has reached its limit.

  • 3:23 I can't belive you've done that...

  • Bruv what about broadened it does the same things as Graphene but better

  • Solid state batteries and more internal memory, anything else is a gimmick I can live without

  • 5:33 did anyone remember ice universe cat

  • All phones are made of glass. So they are all garbage. So yes all phones are the same. Even red maguc and black shark moved to glass for no damn reason, just to ruin thermals.

  • Me to apple : Why your phones have a dumb notch at the up ? Apple : that's our *big brain*

  • they can be as fun and foldable as they want, it's not like I can afford them anymore, for me I have 2 options, import an interesting phone or buy a slightly under flagship but not quite midrange samsung

  • All Im asking is cheap and reliable phone that's not bloated with 3rd party softwares. How hard can it get.

  • Vivo having a removable cameria from the Smartphone would be a dream. as Samsung and most other smartphone brands love to spy on us. and having a hidden underneath camera display is what they would love most. as no one would know if they are being tracked.

  • I had 10 years ago Samsung 810 - a phone with 3x optical zoom and the camera didn't came out of the body of the phone. :)

  • Mobile gaming is terrible without a Bluetooth controller

  • Dude that one plus and McLaren shirt hell ya. Super fire

  • Here is a suggestion on the earphones built into the phone. Make them speakers when they are charging or connected to the phone, but have them switch function to earbuds when wirelessly paired. This would optimize listening quality by 300%, a made up number, but place the price tag at $800 and iPhone might shake in their boots. The one phone we are missing right now is that of music production and this is occupied by Apple. We need a music production lane to knock Apple off their tree of knowledge. I am tired of terrible sounding music unless I bendover to the core gods.....

  • Best tech channel on SEnewss.

  • Hell no to the gaming phones, lol you lost me on that one

  • Peugeot uses that monochromatic window changing on their high end cars since 2004, and experimented with color changing paint, OR "mood" changin paint

  • He is rick rolling us in every episode

  • 3.28 why does he have rick ashley in his wallpaper?

  • 3:24 did anyone else see the Rick and roll wall paper? XD

  • The big problem with the Oppo X is it is a concept phone that you can’t buy yet?

  • if you ever were getting shot at hold up your graphene cellphone up for protection.

  • Wouldn’t it be possible to make a phone that has 1 extra side with folding and a rolling side, so you can turn your phone into a decently sized tablet

  • The number of subscribers is increasing every time i watch a video. Amazing content

  • I don't get this no bezel thing, i hate accidentally tapping my screen while watching SEnewss etc

  • NoKia days are more exciting than Modern Smartphones nowadays

  • Number 7 edgeless phone me has an Samsung j7 2016 and vivo v5 lite:*Sad human noices*...Read more

  • If you can't afford +700€ of phone yes, smartphones are boring black glass rectangles. I need you to realize that not every person on the planet gets payed a lot of money to review smartphones, some of us have to make due with 100 bucks or less worth of device.

  • I am seriously watching on fold 2🤣

  • The phone is Rick roll

  • i agree

  • Roses are red pandas are white smartphones are boring tablets are good

  • Hey yo the ultra music kind of fire turnt up you know

  • If mobile games werent shit now, i would get the Fold 2.

  • Asus did the zoom and zoom 2 a few years back. Not a new concept.

  • 7:46 You can play the game for free, but not really since you have to pay for Apple Arcade.

  • 3:17 plug it inits almost dead

  • iphones are boring

  • Journalists to every other phone: “SO BORING booo don’t buy bad” Journalists to apple: “BUY NOW THEY ADDED PINEAPPLE COLOR IT’S MY FAVORITE”

  • I have a Iphone 4 do you want to buy it

  • Oneplus, vivo, Realme and Oppo are actually owned by one Chinese company called BBK

  • Talks about AMD. Shows RTX.

  • Calling it now, the wireless in phone concept can work but you'll be carrying around an accessory anyway that they pop into, so they fit ears properly because they'll be too slimline to fit in the phone. Extra deep: they'll give you a set with the phone but offer multiple sizes to buy to cater to all ear types and make more $.

  • imagine the rollable phone and the retractable camera all in one package.

  • Fun fact: that "cat" shot didn't use a cat and the sounds were fake.

  • Let’s bring back the Blackberry phones with physical keypads.

  • I love mrwhosetheboss videos so so much, been 'wowing' me since I bumped on one of his videos last month❤️

  • 5:33 if i had that phone i would lose it the instance i put it down

  • I'm genuinely excited for the RDNA cores inside a smartphone. Seriously, if smartphone can get a laptop iGPU level of performance, it would just open up a huge option for devs going forward.

  • Hmm lets see how much subs i can get Currently: 12

  • Aw no phones what i have a smartphone do you wanna destroy my phone

  • Boomer quote " SMarTPHoNe ArE BORiNg nOw ".

  • Foldable/rollable smartphones are a dumb idea no one asked for or really needs

  • 3:53 I just love the iPhone notch 😍😍😍