What happened to Beats by Dre?

Publicerades den 2 jan 2021
Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved...
Do I regret switching to an iPhone?: senewss.info/slow/e9WsqLlibMmtfJk/video
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  • So this is pretty much my first non-smartphone related video in over a year! I'm trying something new, so would love some feedback if anything comes to mind! 🙏 For my last video about whether I regret moving to an iPhone: senewss.info/slow/e9WsqLlibMmtfJk/video

    • I Don’t Have No Type Of Evidence, I Was Listening To Everything That U Said And I Agree, Dre Like The Regular Headphones, So He Decided To Design His Own With Some Help, So Know Apple Have Ears Everywhere And Wanted To Know Who Was The Brains 🧠 Behind These Headphones That Were Raving The Streets And I Feel Like The Reason Why They Bought Dr. Dre’s Business Out From Under Him Was Just Because He’s Black!!!!! Call Me A Hater Say I’m Saying All This For Clout, But I’m Not The Truth, Let Me Explain Why In Two Sentences! If Apple Was Working On Some Headphones, Earphones, or EarPods, Then Now Dr. Dre Just Released His Beats Who Have Been Getting Sued Dre! Because Apple 🍎 Would’ve Said That Dre Stole The Idea From Them Then Would’ve Gotten Sued Bankrupt, Why All Because He’s Black!!!

    • Its a great one...we actually need to know original stuff coz china has come a long way in selling fake electronics

    • I read that Beats basically stole their tech from Monster, after Monster paid Dr. Dre for the Beats branding --- some slim shady stuff right there

    • Love the video, looks like a lot of good research and summary 👍 thanks Aaron

    • cool

  • No. With few exceptions., Apple is all about image and form over function. So was Beats. You couldn't get a more natural acquisition. Barf by Dre. Barf by Apple. People lap it up either way. And people are just too lazy to keep a collection of music files nevermind storage media, which is why subscription services took off. They're a terrible idea. The vendor can retroactively take away the music you love at any time. The only thing stopping them is if they did it to enough customers those customers would revolt.

  • Who got suckered into buying that overpriced shit? No wonder he made more money with headphones than his entire music career, hats off to him.

  • I could hear my Sennheiser HD650s cheering along with your honest description of Beats sound quality.

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  • I am wearing beats right now

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  • bruh anyone remember Chris Pirillo that took me back

    • @Gastón Fuseau same

    • Who?

    • Bruh, I used to watch him religiously every day, when I was like 14. Sad he has so few views now.

  • imagine calling Dre a rapper

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  • Apple happened to beats.

  • I think the beats story is one of the best commentaries of Apple as a company. Acquiring them to dissect and absorb

  • Glad I did not jump in the Beats bandwagon, I always found the headphones too overpriced and the sound quality was nothing to brag about. Personally I don't like bulky headphones anyways, I prefer ear buds because they don't make my head look big.

  • side chick company lmfao xD

  • I haven't seen anybody mention the fact that the Beats Solo headphones had weights put in them, to appear as if they had quality or a "premium" feel. These headphones were retailed at $199 USD in 2015. "A little bit of weight makes the product feel solid, durable, and valuable." "In these headphones, 30 per cent of the weight comes from four tiny metal parts that are there for the sole purpose of adding weight."

  • Didn't beats have a hunk of useless metal to make them heavier and make them feel more quality?

  • Apple are actually monsters

  • Bose is still king.

  • I'm no sure why you continually called them "premium" headphones... they were never premium headphones only expensive headphones. You could charge people 100,000 for a Yugo but it wouldn't make the Yugo a premium car only and expensive piece of shit. That's what beats were/are. As for Apple buying them they have a long history of buying competitors to eliminate them, it goes all they back to software applications back in the 80's and continues to this day.

  • They did the same thing Rolex did

  • I am so glad you said they sounded like shit. I always wondered how this many people purchased the product but then quickly realised Beat had created a "sheep" effect". There is no way I could purchase something so crap and bad value simply because my "hero" is wearing a pair!?!

    • And to think that apple purchased the whole company makes me laugh even harder because they are such cheap mofos!

  • beats went fro shit to garbage. they have never been good and i'm happy that they almost died I have beyerdynamics on my head and they are amazing sounding

  • I’m watching this video while wearing beats.

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  • APPLE ........... Still a garbage 🗑️ product

  • Switched to bose. Every beats headphones I bought always broke within a year and always get screwed by best buy on the warranty saying the old ones are obsolete and have to still pay to replace them. Best buy is a scam of a company. Fuck that. Switched to bone. No regrets. Shouldve done it sooner

  • No it was like Apple is ripping people off I'll rip them off too lmao

  • Steve Wozniak was always the true genius behind Apple.

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  • We bought beats because they were Loud, as dj you needed volume and bass not crisp bose like quality, cant believe you dont know this.

  • Dre should have kept his damn company

  • fact, ipods sound rubbish. eehhe.

  • They found out he wasn't a real MD

  • What are the top 3 over the ear wireless 🎧 I've been trying to find out for ever thanks 👍🏼✌🏼

  • The one thing that is missing is Beats in it's early stage. Beats were good when Monster Audio was making them. The Lady Gaga version were the last celebrity endorsed headphones under Monster Audio. Also lets not forget that once Beats parted ways with Monster Audio, they partnered with Chrysler to bring out a series of vehicles with Beats by Dre inside including the Chrysler 300. Going solo is when they began running ads like Target commercials for fall trends. Monster Audio ended up declining after Beats contract was bought by Dr. Dre. Apple did know and said that they were surprised at the marketing strategy of Beats as fashion accessory. Obviously Apple knew they could build better headphones in which they did run a direct ad against Beats with AirPods. If you didn't see Beats, You saw those white corded plugs in peoples ear that really blew up in the days of iPod. Well ultimately you know were I'm going. just thought i'd add umm .....yeah.

  • me buying Beats Solo 3 in 2021.

  • When they first came out, I had green Beats for like a week and the left speaker blew out. They were a complete waste

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  • Apple is like the EA of mobile tech.

  • “Absolutely certain” not “absolute certain”.......

  • Nothing, they’ve always been garbage and always will be

  • I don't remember Dr Dre being the initiative behind beats. Jimmy Iovine had the idea, spoke with Dre about it and because Dre made beats this was the ideal name. Jimmy basically used Dr Dre's street cred to launch a street/hip hop brand and make a killing and the idea was always to sell it to a bigger brand as is the monopoly mentality. Beff Bezos being the king of monopoly killing smaller companies by selling loss leaders. I digress, so yes Dr Dre got lucky because he and Jimmy were good buddies. I like Dre but like beats he is not on the level of others. 2pac will never be dethroned.

  • I always and still prefer the either black or white $20 sony over ears wired. Sounds fine, comfortable, and $20 is a good price for an electronic accessory.

  • "I used the beats to destroy the beats"

  • Old news

  • Good video, but please drop the faux crash zooms.

  • They are still D.R.E.

  • If I saw someone with a pair of Beats on, I knew that person didn't know their arsehole from their elbow about decent sound.

  • mrwhosetheboss: "they need to be good" raycons: "are you sure about that"

  • Apple omnomnommed Beats

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  • I stayed away from Beats strictly because it was endorsed by celebrities. Big red flag to me.

  • i love it when these multibillion $ companies get away with breaking monopoly laws through loopholes like "they technically weren't competitors yet, but they were about to be so we bought them then stole everything"

  • 👍

  • it's a American thing if you can't beat them then buy them out and if they can't buy them out they will ban it.

  • Lol watching this with my Powerbeats pros

  • What they cared for was to kill beats music. That was actually the that all along

  • This is absolutely not the story behind Beats. They were originally from a Korean company called Monster Cable. It was a project led by the son of the CEO of Monster Cable who was maybe not the business entrepreneur his father wished he was. He got the idea to get a rapper on board and after a few declines from them, Dre came up and was down to share his name for the brand. Sadly the son of the CEO got too excited and signed the contract without looking much into it, giving away all the patents and legal right to Dre and his team. In the Audio Industry it’s known as one of the biggest fuck up from an audio company of the decade

    • Actually his story is the real story of Beats... Dre and Lovine were actually going to start a sneaker company, but swapped to speakers instead.

  • It's too high key. Knowing rapper dre created em made them feel like it was a thug product, even after he sold em to apple

  • Love my beats studio 3. Nothing sounds and look as cool. Everything else looks like boring.

  • Wow, I had no idea this is what happened to Beats. I was wondering how they were disappearing but this makes a lot of sense. Great research and analysis. Loved the Smartphone videos but this was also well done!

  • im using my old beats headphones right now =P

  • Samsung headphones are 5 fold better then apple headphones.

  • Don't forget the original and somewhat forgotten JVC , forgotten about and deemed as "cheap" but the original audio pioneers and still make brilliant clarity headphones that are very affordable. If you know your audio and the internal they are still a winner. People just became snobs about the brand.

  • I loved beats 🎧 but I honestly believe that it is getting left behind as a brand by apple and is fading away in relevance.

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  • They were targeted to idiots

  • 6:25 "..beats are out....", you mean "beat it"?🤔

  • Good video, would be better if you cutted the sexual content.

  • :D I got vModa from Italy, they are awesome, who really wants to look like lil Wayne?

  • Beats was a marketing company that happened to sell headphones.

  • i saw beats, shrugged and kept using my sennheisers lmfao still using senn and still shrugging at beats

  • Beats never been any good. Senheiser, Bose, or Vmoda all the way.

  • V-MODA!

  • .#modi_rojgar_do

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  • Yes one I got the same headphones for $20 they are put under the name sonixx BTX ones or some thing and they are basically the same thing

  • My friend once owned one of the Beats Headphone. He always mocked me for using the Sony XM3, until one day I let him try my headphone. He bought the XM3 on the very next day and never talked and bragged about his Beats anymore.

  • They were excellent headphones but now it's just missing something.

  • They were bad and people finally stopped buying it for the name

  • Beats have never been anything but 90% promotion and 10% product. You couldn't pay me enough money to actual use a pair. As a DJ, it's always made me cringe when I've seen other DJ's using them.

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  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X anyone?

  • Just an example how the sheeple are hypnotized by celebrity endorsement... The Democrat party took note and mastered the application.

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  • What's his name

  • There was a store that actually let you try them on, so you can guess why I never bought any

  • Beats chose the forbidden apple

  • I had a pair of beats, stopped using them after replacing the headband 3 times. It always snapped in the same exact spot.

  • Smart move on Apple's and Dre's side. He sold his product off and became a billionaire, Apple took out a competitor. Record labels do the same to musicians that form a threat to artists in their portfolio.

  • Ah apple, selling overpriced hardware scamming in literally every single ad ruining entire companies removing useful/necessary features removing useful/necessary hardware more overpricing either unfixable or high cost to fix products scamming people with " Removing the charger so we save the planet " , in order to sell 20 dollars slow chargers with tons of plastic, plus making every phone they make unfixable - so even more wasted materials ( as you have to buy a new phone , instead of replacing a 50$ screen, but hey, apple with fix it for you! For 400$-600$.) And something we can even see in this video - after buying a prospering company , ruining everything they ever made , then sell like 1% of what they did, on a hidden tab of their page, without any ads... And make 20$ worth headphones sell for 200$+ . Yeah, great company I see. Bet there's gonna be Apple fanboys still protecting them in the comments Edit : 20$ worth headphones for 300$

  • Sooooooo apple is a business-seeing evil company buying away all its competitors.

  • They had great bass! I don't care about ear piercing mids and highs. I love when reviewers complain about "too much bass" or "it drowns mids and highs," I love headphones with big bass. Right now I have the skullcandy crusher headphones!

  • on the thumbnail instead of oh dear you should have done oh dre lol

  • this reminds me of the story of juul

  • Apple is Evil

  • Skull Candy Crusher Evo

  • I would take beats over Raycons or air pods any day