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My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏


16:34The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.
The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.visningar 5mn7 dagar sedan
14:20OnePlus 9 \u0026 9 Pro REVIEW
OnePlus 9 \u0026 9 Pro REVIEWvisningar 1,6mn21 dag sedan
14:02Oppo Find X3 Pro Review - wait WHAT!?
Oppo Find X3 Pro Review - wait WHAT!?visningar 2,4mnMånad sedan
10:36A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.visningar 1,7mnMånad sedan
15:33Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?
Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?visningar 1,4mnMånad sedan
14:00Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?visningar 2,3mnMånad sedan
26:1921 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.
13:48What you didn't know about Xiaomi.
What you didn't know about Xiaomi.visningar 2,5mnMånad sedan
13:03The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.
19:35I bought the strangest smartphones ever.
I bought the strangest smartphones ever.visningar 3,8mn2 månader sedan
10:52Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.
Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.visningar 2,1mn2 månader sedan
15:24DON'T buy this Smartphone.
DON'T buy this Smartphone.visningar 2mn2 månader sedan
7:46The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging"
The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging"visningar 2,4mn2 månader sedan
9:53Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone Battery Life Test!
Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone Battery Life Test!visningar 3,2mn2 månader sedan
15:07The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.
13:52Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing \u0026 Review.
Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing \u0026 Review.visningar 4,7mn3 månader sedan
9:45Beware of Fake Reviewers! ⚠️
Beware of Fake Reviewers! ⚠️visningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
10:50DON'T buy a Screen Protector before watching this.
10:12What happened to Beats by Dre?
What happened to Beats by Dre?visningar 2,6mn3 månader sedan
13:21I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.
13:28World's Biggest Smartphone Collection?
World's Biggest Smartphone Collection?visningar 3,3mn3 månader sedan
23:5115 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂
15 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂visningar 3,7mn3 månader sedan
11:19Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?
Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?visningar 4,7mn4 månader sedan
17:09Unboxing the $122,000 Smartphone. 🤯
Unboxing the $122,000 Smartphone. 🤯visningar 6mn4 månader sedan


  • Will someone mention the fact that Android is a Linux-derivated... Just that Android system's database is way more complicated than the original Linux kernel's one.

  • That's what the s22 is going to look like.

  • The Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra is the best phone. It is amzing 💜💜💜💖

  • 7:36 Dang. You must of destroyed some traces or solder joints or something.

  • I couldn't careless about the phones since I just bought a refurbished s10,but this guy's voice and accent got me watching.He is very charismatic.Keep it up young man.

  • 12:16 sus

  • That is amazing news! Since Samsung got far better than Apple, they stopped improving. Now that Xiaomi shakes their empire, they will finally wake up and make us amazing phones again! Can't wait for GS22 and no regret of wanting to wait next year when the S21 got launched! 😁

  • Add free ???!!! Really???

  • I strongly recommended y'all to #77_hackers on Instagram he for em access into my children's device without them noticing

  • I strongly recommended y'all to #77_hackers on Instagram he for em access into my children's device without them noticing

  • I strongly recommended y'all to #77_hackers on Instagram he for em access into my children's device without them noticing

  • I strongly recommended y'all to #77_hackers on Instagram he for em access into my children's device without them noticing

  • I like how a bomb threat rated on the same level of tech fail as a buggy game

  • I'm College girl. "My Father is ill" I have no job and no money" SEnewss also not support me "I got no views also" Pls help🙏🙏😭😭😭😭🙏🙏

  • The video on the TV behind him isn't playing.

  • Step up your game Samsung. Long term supporter here and itching to jump ship for this phone.

  • I swear by Xiamoni , I have a Samsung an iPhone SE 2020 and a mi mix 4 Most powerful? Mi Mix. Entree camera and camera apps? Mi Mix. Fastest? Mi Mix. Most Ram ? Mi mix. Most compatible? Mi mix. It’s just a great phone!

  • bruh rob already did this type of vid u just copied him

  • I like 1G, they have a dominant appearance about them.

  • I am planning into 7G.

  • Durability is the Best

  • Those display specs heart me just as much as you grating the phones 😂

  • Some guys be watching naked things and the back screen will do its job

  • This phone worst phone it can break it like your money lost easy in air haha

  • 14:17 flashing lights

  • Breaking windows on the CyberTruck garnered far more free advertising than the event could have hoped for. Thanks.

  • That's what she said 🤣

  • When he said 1200 euro phone i paused the video wrote this comment and now i'm leaving

  • I just bought s21 Ultra.. Shall I kill my wallet? :(

  • RIP LG. I will wait for your return.

  • Samsung ❤ 👑 🇬🇧

  • nice op info funny too

  • Watching it on a huawei phone and my wife has a Mi. My bro owns an Oppo. My mom has a Qmobile. I am never gonna buy a samsung or an apple.

  • Imagine running into this guy putting a phone behind bushes and next to a pond just to shoot it. Lol. I like youtubers

  • S21 ultra so best of mobile love for Samsung ❤

  • This whole video is just “ Samsung can do this, but Xaomi does this better.”

  • Xiaomi: You and I are not so different

  • Then stop making phones!

  • Halo Mr whosetheboss....can you please talk and compare the latest huawei smarphone with xiaomi's please?

  • 5:03 and 5:01 Get rickrolled people Very creative

  • 💙

  • I got my s21 ultra today.😃

  • Oosan bolt

  • Does it have a headphone jack? Does it have expandable memory? If it has none of both, then it still feels like it is relying on marketing rather than practical features. You want it to beat Samsung? Then have those features.

  • i want to know where do u plug that charger box in?

  • Looks like paid campaign

  • Mine is OnePlus's Glass Mate Finish that they put on there phones.


  • For people who want wake up allarmy is great app to it let set youre allarm but you make it so you have to scan a qr code or barcode to let it stop ringing you have other feature's to but i only use that one

  • Damn, I almost thought I heard LTT's theme at the end. Lol

  • Finally a phone I would love! A high end camera would just bump up the price. I hope they would make phones a bit wider not being the most narrow.

  • U have earned my subscribing to your channel today

  • Only if they fixed the gawd awful compression on their audio recording....until now it's been garbage for musicians.....and there's a LOT of us out there

  • What??? is anyone going to talk about does it support properly international cellular bands?? Trust me if it does I will be the first one to get it but if its like huawei which I used to before then nope sorry!!! even though Samsung is compared to the Hardware of Mi 11 but dude does it works with the cellular services in America or other countries if not then this is a dumb argument put as just like = Android is far better in hardware then Iphone... Does android have a infrastructure build like imessage? or icloud proeprly?? the answer is NO!!!

  • the watch time subscriber ratio is so good. even though it might seem like it isn't but look at other SEnewssrs. mine is 91% unsubed and 9% subed. lmao

  • In the future, the whole phone is a camera

  • He is so cute u didn’t hear that from me

  • I watched Marques's video, but I don't feel like it killed Samsung. Yeah I know that it has 120x zoom and all that, but when u take photos at 120x zoom and, it's a cursed photo. Apart from the camera, it just seems like a normal phone.

  • To be perfectly honest people often change their phone every year and have several chargers. I don't see what the big deal is.

  • It's strange how this is the only battery test which scores the S21 Ultra above the iPhone 12PM. I wonder if this is a outlier, or whether battery tests conducted by others are all flawed in the same way.

  • i think that the theory that robots will take over is a little farfetched. machines eventually break down and while they can be made from materials that are really strong, it'll still eventually break. the mechanical/physical imitation of a machine is something that needs to be assisted by humans. even if the ai learns how to diagnose and fix those issues when they happen, there is the material side of it. eventually their resources would dwindle, and they couldn't replenish. i think that the time it would take for ai to figure out how to create the materials, and use those materials to fix themselves would take many many generations of learning, far more than they are capable of surviving. going from absolutely nothing, to fully functioning ai capable robot is astronomical, and while i don't doubt that it's possible for them to do it, i doubt they'd be able to learn it on their own without first breaking, or some major assistance from people.

  • I really want to ask u for one of those phones

  • Tbh I hate the generic countdown youtube genre but something about your personality keeps me coming back.

  • F*** Samsung

  • This is exciting! Phones have gotten so boring lately especially now that we don't have LG switching it up every now and again. Hopefully, we can get back to the age of 'what the heck' tech.

  • i cant imagine people can watch a video like this and not subscribe

  • Why didn't you just do a bunch of drop tests? These have no real world meaning what so ever.

  • 😳😳am I the only one who got a Huawei P40 pro add at the beginning

  • 0:57 😂

  • Wowww

  • The problem with the solid battery is that theoretically it's impossible to be charged...and if it's possible, it will need about 150 times the voltage it actually produces

  • 5:01 you...

  • The camera looks like a Go pro

  • I'll take a Google Pixel 1, 3, 4 or 4a5G any day over any of these two.. Especially the Mi11 or any Xiaomi or any Chinese brand phone.. Don't buy em.. don't support the dystopian surveillance state of the red..

  • Subscribed 😂 so now it's balanced na?😂😂

  • I still have the samsung s6 its so good even after like 5 years

  • Then comes poco X3 Pro

  • Spring loaded event April 20th

  • But Samsung is already dead since the s 10 series for me xD